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Pakistan, although being a democratic country, doesn’t bring into consideration many of the troubles within the society. One of these problems is child labor. Child labour is when a child is kept and forced to do other work than attending a school. If a child is found working for a person and the child’s age is 5-14, the would be illegal and the person would get a consequence. The majority of child labour in Pakistan is agriculture and the majority of the labourers live in rural places. Child labour had started around the 1960’s around the world and Pakistan has been doing this since then. There are 3.3 million children who are working and 73% of that are boys and 27% that are girls. 76% of children which are aged from 10-14 work on agriculture, 14.6% are working based on service and 9.3% are working on industry.
The labours that children do are brick making, carpet weaving, agriculture, glass bangle making, fish raising, coal mining, farming, domestic service, begging, prostitution, use of children in smuggling arms and rugs and use of underage children in armed conflict. Pakistanis are trying their best to eliminate child labour. The FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) have tried tracking down human traffickers by spreading groups around Pakistan. Mostly girl labourers are used as servants and some servants are killed by their boss. Children also can be used by the Non-state group. Non-state group kidnap children, persuades parents to give their children to fight, spy and die. Also children as young as 12 can be trained by the pro-Taliban to be a suicide bomber. Girls who are sold are forced to marry and also to use as prostitution. Children who are disabled are sold or kidnapped and are taken to Iran to be a beggar.
‘Children should have pens in their hands not tools’ ‘ Iqbal Masih. In this quote, this young boy, Iqbal Masih is trying to tell us that children need to study and learn but not be a labourer and work for people. So the message that is conveyed here is that education must be valued as a part of the children’s life, and nothing else but family must be valued more than that. The children are required to be at least graduates if they have to enter proper university and it will only work if they are given more chances to learn. The Laws state that children must be employed at a proper age, which means not too early nor late. They also state that violence, pornography and other inappropriate matters must be banned,

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