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Essay: Problems caused by the growth in population

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Millions of years ago life started as an organism and today it has reached its most advanced form of evolution- Homo sapiens, a Latin phrase for ‘wise man’. But this species started increasing in a way that could not be controlled. As we can see in the graph below, population remained constant around the middle ages that is B.C. But After A.D. there was a rapid increase in the population and that too in the unit of billions. This had a great effect on the environment and also on our natural resources.
After the year 2000, lots of our resources are being used and at a very fast rate. Many of them are at the verge of being exhausted. This is all because of the rapid growth in the population. The biggest effect this population has caused is the increase in rate of unemployment. Lots of educated people are losing jobs and many aren’t even getting jobs. And also this has caused higher cost of living. According to the survey the population is increasing by the rate of 1.8% every year and if this figure doesn’t go low then it is estimated that after 780 years 1 person will occupy 1square meter of the earth’s place in order to fit and after 2400 years the mass of the earth will become equal to that of the people’s mass. This will impact on all the resources plus it will cause a lot of pollution on the earth causing a lot of contamination.
To provide education has also been a recent issue. Due to growth in population it has become difficult for schools and institutions to accommodate children and because of that many of the children, willing to study do not get a chance to study. Due to increase in the population, many governments all over the world have made strict protocols in order to control the population. Like in china there is a rule that no more than two child are allowed in one family and it is compulsory for the family to send one of their child to the military. In Canada there is a rule that the government will pay for the needs of children only if there are two child in a family, if there are more than 2 then the government will not pay for the rest. And it is only because of these protocols that the population growth has stopped to a certain extent.
Now the only solution to this problem is that all the governments from all over the world meet and together decide about the development of the world keeping in mind that what are the resources we have and how efficiently we can use them in future for sustainability, and hence diffusing the time bomb of over population.

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