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Essay: Teens use of modern media

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In the video clip from BBC news Dr. Diana Rhoten kind of defend teen’s use of the modern media. At my age you often hear ‘why can??t you put that phone away and be a little social’ but we are being social, what do you think we are using it for? As said in the article and the video clip, kids born and living in the twenty-first century own a lot of modern technology ( like Apple Computer, iPod, Sony’s PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox game console and of course an iphone) and that is just a fact.
When they talk about kids using their computer many hours at day, a lot of adults forget that teens actually use their laptop for school- and homework. Now a day school actually demands that you have a proper computer for school. When Dr. Diana Rhoten says’ They are actually learning a huge part of what it means to be an adult and particularly an adult in a digital age’ I have to agree with her. You can??t have a high educations level without modern technology, actually I don??t think you could have any education at all without it because it contains all the basic knowledge of this new ‘digital age’. It has become such a big part of our lives, that we do not even realize all the things we use technology for. We simply don??t see it because we grew up with it and our parents’ generation just didn’t.
Also the social networks, has many other possibilities which is available to the average teenage consumer. For example there is 17-year-old girl named Monica from the BBC video clip. She is a hopeful author and she enjoyers seeking critique from others, and who wouldn’t say that this isn’t a good educational thing? Like that many teens often go online to find some instructions and help yourself videos, they therefore seeks information on their own in their spare time (educational!).
The article says that about 70 percent of all teen??s (13-18 years old) have a profile on some kind of social network like Facebook and MySpace. This could mean that we are better at keeping in touch with both new and old contacts. This is a good think but it must not overcome our ‘real’ lives. In the video clip Psychologist Michael Osit points out that teen??s are going to miss out on the real life??s social skills (face to face time). Well I think that they worry too much. Even though some kids use the modern technology in the proper way, I am sure that they get some kind of wakeup call once they reach the age about twenty. At that age most of them realize that they have to build a life for themselves and get a prober education.
Smartphones has given us the opportunities to go online almost anywhere on planet Earth. All this represents that our everyday life is getting more digital for every day that goes and that is just what we grew up with. The basic knowledge of the social media and modern technology is no longer just helpful but a necessary part of many educations. Many adults now need to know how to use computers for their workplace. The modern society is quickly getting digitalized more and more for every day, so the teens need to be our front figure.
So can??t we all just through the paper and pen away and replace it with modern technology?

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