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Starting college life is something that many people have to do, and then new responsibilities come. In addition, there is something that almost anybody thinks about it, but this is always there, and it is ‘Doing laundry.’ Doing laundry is something that everyone has to do, but no everyone knows how to do. It can be confusing and stressful at first, and most people don’t find it fun, but it has to be done. In fact ‘Follow these basic guidelines and you will have clean clothes to wear tomorrow.’
First of all, learn about doing laundry is really easy. Checking care labels information procedures will be obtained. Labels indicate that clothes should not be washed or need to be washed in a different way. The international clothing symbols tell everything needed to know about how to wash each item.
Second, place the duty clothes into different piles, each of which will be washed separately. For instance, separate dark colors, light colors and white colors. Even, separate heavy clothes from light clothes to obtain a better washed. ‘To reduce link, never wash lint producing fabrics and lint attracting fabrics together!’
Third, select a laundry detergent and read the directions. Detergent bottle tells what amount should be used for each wash load. Select the appropriate water temperature. Colors are washed in cold water, and whites are washed in warm water. Add clothes into washing machine over without charge, or the clothes will not be cleaned well if there is too much laundry in it.
Fourth, after the clothes are washed, shake them out to dry easier. Check lint tray is clean and, place separated clothes by fabric type in the dryer and choose drying level shown on its label.
Finally, take clothes from the drying machine, and fold them. In fact these are some steps to make people’s laundry easier.
In conclusion, doing laundry can be confusing and stressful at first. And it could seem difficult, complex and very complicated, but it is not what it seems. Learn how to do the laundry everyone can extend its clothes’ life. After all, doing laundry is necessary and essential, and almost nobody is exempted to do it.

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