Essay: The challenges of technology with society

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  • The challenges of technology with society
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In the modern world, technology and society can hardly be separated. Technology itself can be described as an appliance of science used to clarify dilemma. Humans nowadays depend on technology for almost every aspect of their daily life and their need for it keeps on rising higher and higher as they use it. People use technology to do so many different activities, like the basic profession and as well as to live a comfortable and relaxing life. Like many other things in people’s lives in this modern world, both advantages and disadvantages are expected and that includes the use of technology. Technology has become so successful to an extent where the majority wants to establish something new or develop a new program to make life easier and that has led to the creation of pointless innovations, which may tend to harm the society. Majority of People may argue that the advantages are more than the disadvantages, but this is not the case taking into the consideration the ethical issues that come along with these technologies. This essay will examine the ways technology has contributed to some of the new challenges faced by the society like the abuse of technology in agricultural and transportation sector and its possible solutions for example, going green, control of pollution. etc
The exploitation of technology is one of the major controversies when it comes down to it. It is difficult to analyse how each new approach to technology has distressed people’s lives in the society and how it will affect people in the future. Technology impacts nature, people, and the general population at large. This essay aims to evaluate the ways new technology has contributed to some of the new challenges faced by our society giving reference to possible solutions. The way people exploit it proves regardless of whether its belongings are sure to people in general or antagonistic (Ramey, 2012).

One of the many issues imposed by technology is Social Isolation, which is on the expansion, individuals are investing more energy playing computer games, figuring out how to utilize new current advances, developing informal organizations and they disregard their genuine living. Innovation has supplanted our old method for cooperating. On the off chance that a client can without much of a stretch connect with 100 companions on the web, they will want to go out to make new companions which at a later stage can prompt dejection. Current development has supplanted various human occupations; robots are doing the livelihoods, which used to be done by individuals. Various squeezing firms have used robots on age lines to fabricate creation and capability, this is elevating news for associations since it causes them benefit and serve customers, yet it is horrendous news for laborers since they may end up tedious. Thankfully impels in development have bolstered security, regardless, due to these advances, everything is related with the web some way or another. Our money related records, our photos, our cars, mobile phone everything touches the web in the long run. In view of the arrangement of general contraptions and systems, various have fallen prey to a character criminal, hacked accounts by some mischievous software engineer. The road to recovery from these sorts of attacks can be to an incredible degree long and watchful. Introduce day advancement has been the rule help in the growing of boundless wars. It helps the gathering of current war weapons. So when these weapons gain under the power of criminals, they will use them for their whimsical reasons. To incorporate, these weapons often to a great degree hurt the trademark earth, making a couple of districts horrifying. (Ramey, 2012)

Likewise, rancher’s path fictitious manures that inflate the amount of muck and increase there merchandise advancement and authorises them to convey fantastic harvest. Nonetheless, evidence shows, that unreasonable dependence on monoculture cultivating and agro industrial inputs, for example, capital-escalated innovation, pesticides, and synthetic composts, has adversely affected the earth and provincial society. Engineered fertilizers can moreover advance towards getting to be air pollutions, and have starting late been associated with the pounding of the ozone layer and in an overall temperature modification. Substance manures can likewise progress towards becoming air poisons, and have as of late been involved in the devastation of the ozone layer and in an unnatural weather change (World Agriculture 2017). Their inordinate utilize has likewise been connected to the fermentation/salinization of soils and to a higher frequency of creepy crawly nuisances and ailments through intercession of negative wholesome changes in edit plants. (agrotechnomarket, 2011).

It also has a major disadvantage in terms of transportation to the society for example used motor oil, rubber tires and other partly recyclable or parts that are non-recyclable segment from vehicles consistently end up clutter yards and landfills. Additional disadvantage of modernized transportation is the maintenance cost. For example, for long separation ventures air or ocean transportation might be required. Sending out and bringing in merchandise on holder ships is across the board and is by and large a financially savvy choice. This does not cover the entire of the adventure be that as it may, so another vehicle mode is be required when the load achieves arrive. Sending products via plane can be costly fiscally and ecologically and there is awesome worry about nourishment air miles. While transporting merchandise by street might be helpful and adaptable it can likewise be hurtful to the earth, causing clamor and contamination. Utilizing rail is all the more ecologically supportable, however this can be costly and courses are restricted. (Tess, 2011).

A few things the society can do to help with these problems are; going green that is one of the greatest manners by which technology has changed transportation and advanced biological preservation is through energy component vehicles. These are zero outflow autos that can keep running on power or hydrocarbons. Energy unit fueled vehicles utilizing hydrogen likewise have the upside of being zero emanation. Mass-market energy unit vehicles offer a range and comfort missing from diesel and gas fueled autos. Thinking smart, machines have been detracted from vast mechanical production systems and GPS innovation has empowered the utilization of apply autonomy in precise farming. Robots are being intended to be effortlessly programmable and handle fabricating assignments that are extreme for human workers (Shethna, 2015). Makers need to confront genuine difficulties to remain aggressive in the sustenance business, Making items more helpful, guarantee nourishment security and data straightforwardness, ensure the earth, battle against sustenance squander and be receptive to change in buyers utilizations. Environmental pollution should be controlled (lactips, 2008)

Transportation authorities should monitor the use of transports in case of and accident or other crime activities.

In conclusion the essay Examined the ways new technology has contributed to some of the new challenges faced by our society. Suggest possible solutions to these issues. Which we did research and found out the ways it has contributed to the society and challenges. And also found the solution to the problem people are facing with technology, which is really helpful to the society, and any individual or companies that want to create new technology should create its solution in scene of any problem. And the way people use technology should be controlled.

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