Animal testing

Every year thousands of animals are tested on for human safety and die of agonisingly long and painful deaths. Animal testing is a valuable asset in scientific research, drug development, health and medical research and cosmetic manufacturing. Animals are frequently used as a test subject since their body are very similar to the humans and … Read more

The Negative Effects of Animal Testing

While animal testing for both medical and cosmetic research has long been accepted, there are many downsides to it. Animal testing can have misleading results, in which drugs that passed animal testing had entirely different effects on humans. It is also a cruel and inhumane way to conduct research. Animals can suffer just as humans … Read more

Justifying Animal Use in Scientific Research

The use of animals in scientific research especially biomedical testing is still a controversial issue despite the benefits realized from it and the lives saved from the same. Society is sensitive to moral issues. Therefore, the interests of scientists in biomedical research using have indicated clearly that the use of animals in scientific research must … Read more