Should schools provide Guidance Counselors for high school students? (argumentative essay)

High school is a time of altering transition into adulthood and the real world of hard work as students separate from family, explore their independence, and build their own life. At this point, they’re looking for a place to belong to; the perfect fit. It is crucial that students have access to counselors during this … Read more

Millennials do not know how to provide true hospitality (Argumentative Essay)

Hospitality in its early definition refers to any businesses and services whose primary objective was serving people out of their own home (Barrows, 1995) which constituents generally agree that it is a large, fragmented industry with its own set of challenges that can only be counteracted with enough training and education to work in such … Read more

Technology in the classroom hurts students more than it does help (argumentative essay)

Ever since the creation of the computer, technology has had a major influence on the lives of many people. Without technology, society today would not be as advanced as it is. Researchers use technology to problem solve when developing new medications to treat diseases. Engineers use technology to create when designing and manufacturing new commercial … Read more

Should Medical Assistance in Dying be allowed for Refractory Mental Health Patients? (argumentative essay)

Should They Allow Medical Assistance in Dying for Refractory Mental Health Patients? This paper intends to use the principle of a utilitarian to conduct an ethical argumentative essay on the decision made by CAMH that the federal government should refrain from amending the MAID legislation for people who are mentally ill. The CAMH argues that … Read more

Argumentative essay on a topic relating to both Japan and Globalization (draft)

This will be a minimum of 9 double-spaced pages, not counting the required Works Cited section. You may include graphics if you wish (e.g., charts, graphs, illustrations, etc.) but the total of the text portion not including those graphics must fit the minimum page guidelines. Write an argumentative essay on a topic relating to both … Read more