Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason: gender identity

The definition of gender is usually based of social performance. Gender doesn’t exist but it is the result of a practice. It is “continually produced, reproduced, and certainly altered over common performance of gendered acts, as they project their own claimed gendered identities, ratify or challenge others’ identities, and in various ways support or challenge … Read more

The gaze – a significant tool of Charlotte Bronte to construct new masculinity in Victorian society

The gaze is a significant tool in the hands of Charlotte Bronte to construct her new masculinity in the Victorian society in general and the Victorian literature in particular. The gaze plays a role in the power dynamics between men and women; between the gazer and the gazed. The gazer is considered the subject and … Read more

Bronte: masculine dominance of the Victorian society

The Bronte sisters are of literary origin. Charlotte, Emily, and Anne created fantasy worlds which created the starting point of their ventures into fiction. Anne Bronte teamed up with Emily Bronte and developed the idea of imaginary country called Gondol. Charlotte and her brother Branwell created an imaginary country called Angria. Charlotte Bronte struggled to … Read more

Dickens and Brontë – childhood / pillar of identity

The use of hindsight within the first person narration is an effective technique in both novels. In addition to providing distinctly clear detail surrounding events, it also presents a perspective garnered by maturity that a child would not have had. In Jane Eyre, this maturity is demonstrated through the language and the complexity of the … Read more

Charlotte Bronte’s interpretation of love in the novel Jane Eyre

The concept of love in many movies and novels is very conventionalized. Charlotte Brontë’s interpretation of love in the novel Jane Eyre is exemplified differently than others would perceive. The love in this novel is never simple. The various experiences that Jane goes through with her various relationships, romantic or not, help her to grow … Read more

Masculinity in literature

Masculinity is still a new and fresh field to be ploughed specially in the field of literature. Many researchers have done abundant researches on femininity. Yet, masculinity has never been studied fully neither as a concept nor as a movement. Terms like masculinist or Masculinism are still rarely to be found in daily used dictionaries. … Read more

Jane Eyre

The final location Jane inhabits is Fearndean, a place we also find in Charlotte’s life under the name of Wycoller Hall. Fearndean is believed to have been pencilled after this location built by the Hartley family in the latter part of the 16th century. On her way there, Jane describes the places she passes by … Read more