Hamlet & Death of a Salesman: external surveillances as a method of scrutiny & control

In the theatrical tragedies, ‘Hamlet,’ and ‘Death of a Salesman,’ the writers engage with both external surveillances, as a method of scrutiny and control, as well as a characters’ own internal surveillance of their sense of self. Hamlet is imprisoned in the Danish court, and the quotation above comes from Claudius’ observation of Hamlet’s melancholy … Read more

Arthur Miller’s themes analysed

Arthur Miller is best known for his famous timeless plays. Some examples include “The Death of a Salesman” and “The Crucible”, which are his most famous plays. Miller was born in New York City in 1915, and had a successful family who own a clothing business. After the Great Depression in 1929, his family lost … Read more

Arthur Miller’s Life & Impact on Colonial New England & Puritanism Unavailable

 Arthur Miller was an American playwright born in New York City on October 17, 1915. Miller’s talent, combined with the period of history he witnessed, gave him a unique perspective on the world. He was heavily influenced by the Great Depression because his father, a small-scale manufacturer, suffered from the financial upset. This exposed … Read more

August Wilson’s Fences and Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman

The American Dream consists of an ideal that individuals make a bargain with life in America; so long as an individual works hard, America will present avenues to economic success and social respect. The American Dream represents an idealistic country where there is a lack of racism, sexism, and discrimination preventing an individual from actualizing … Read more

Is Death of a Salesman a tragedy?

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller has been a controversial argument about whether or not this play is a tragedy or not. There are several arguments for and against this theory. Some arguments for tragedy include the fact that it displays the downfall of the main characters commitment towards a goal. Another argument towards … Read more

Literary trends in Arthur Miller’s work

According to Christopher Caudwell, every artist has his or her own way of expressing their works. They tend to register a particular pattern in terms of the themes, styles, arguments and language use which seems prevalent in almost all of their works. Arthur Miller is among the prolific literature authors and playwrights in America with; … Read more

The Demise Of The American Dream – Death of A Salesman by Arthur Miller

“Death of A Salesman,” by Arthur Miller, is a play that tells the story of a salesman, Willy Loman, who encounters frustration and failure as he reflects on and experiences his own life do to his beliefs of the American dream. The reality of the American Dream is that people are capable of succeeding. Success … Read more

The Corruption of the American Dream in Death of a Salesman and The Great Gatsby

 The American Dream has attracted millions to the coasts of the United States in search of an improved life for themselves and their loved ones. The idea that an individual can achieve their goals through persistence and hard work has been a concept that has driven both Americans and immigrants to work for centuries, … Read more

Exploring Failure & Hopelessness of the American Dream in Miller & Steinbeck: Death of a Salesman & Of Mice and Men

 Nayaab Hussain Title: How does Miller and Steinbeck present hopelessness and failure of the American Dream in ‘the Death Of A Salesman’ and ‘Of Mice And Men?’ In both texts, the American Dream is where anyone has the opportunity to become wealthy and successful through hard work and determination. Both texts give the audience … Read more

The Demise Of The American Dream – Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

 “The Demise Of The American Dream – Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller”; The Demise Of The American Dream "Death of A Salesman," by Arthur Miller, is a play that tells the story of a salesman, Willy Loman, who encounters frustration and failure as he reflects on and experiences his own life do … Read more

Book review essay: Quicksand, Death of a Salesman and As I Lay Dying

I read these three literary works the traditional way by reading them out of the anthology and also doing some research online. I read a few online summaries as well. In Quicksand, there were many occasions that depicted materialism and spirituality. This fixation on materialism and belongings, also interesting spiritual views carried on throughout the … Read more

Writing essays about ‘Death of a Salesman’

Death of a Salesman is a classic American play written by Arthur Miller in 1949. It tells the story of Willy Loman, an aging salesman whose life has been a series of disappointments. The play explores themes of failure, identity, and the American Dream. It is a popular essay topic because it is still relevant today, speaking to fundamental questions about the human condition and our relationship to society.

One of the most important themes in Death of a Salesman is the idea of the “American Dream.” The American Dream is the notion that anyone in the United States can achieve success and prosperity through hard work and determination. Willy Loman is a man who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of this dream. He has worked hard and done whatever it takes to make a living, but he never achieved the financial success he desired. Willy’s story serves as an example of how the American Dream can be a powerful yet elusive force. It speaks to the idea that success is not guaranteed, and that life can be filled with disappointment and failure.

The play also explores themes of identity and self-worth. Willy Loman is a man who has always defined himself by his job. He is a salesman, and he takes pride in his work. But as he ages, he finds that his job is no longer as rewarding as it once was. He begins to feel like a failure, and this leads to a crisis of identity. Willy struggles to find meaning in his life, and he ultimately comes to the realization that his identity is not tied to his job. This is an important lesson for all of us, as it reminds us that our worth is not defined by our achievements or our job titles.

Finally, the play examines the nature of family relationships. Willy’s relationships with his wife, Linda, and his sons, Biff and Happy, are complex and strained. Willy is a father who wants the best for his sons, but he often pushes them too hard and forces them to live up to his own expectations. This is a common issue in families today, as parents often struggle to find the right balance between encouragement and pressure.

Overall, Death of a Salesman speaks to many of the same themes and topics that are relevant today. It explores the idea of the American Dream, the importance of identity and self-worth, and the complexities of family relationships. It is a powerful play that reminds us of the fragility of life, and the importance of living with purpose and integrity.