Global narcotics and austerity

Introduction This report will be exploring global narcotics through the macro global theme of Austerity and its substantial role in problematic substance misuse within society. The author will be defining the running global theme of austerity looking comprehensively into the subject and its role within our civilisation to date. This theme will be discussed methodically … Read more

Hospitality and Medical Marijuana

Currently there are 28 states and Washington DC that have legal medical marijuana available. This is more than half of the United States. Even with the majority, employment law and the hospitality industry do not have much guidelines to help pave the way in legal terms. With marijuana, illegal federally and legal at the state … Read more

Do some illicit drugs have medical benefits?

INTRODUCTION For generations, we have been taught that illicit drugs are bad for you. Almost every physician will recommend avoiding use of illicit drugs because it can lead to long term health problems, drug abuse, and drug addiction. Illicit drug use can ruin a life in such a short amount of time. Although illicit drugs … Read more

Pharma’s monopolization of the drug industry narrows consumer choices of drugs

Are we overcompensating our medications? A study of 660 adults with lifelong diseases discovered that patients could not afford medications due to the price of prescription drugs increasing faster than the inflation rate for medical services (Sagal, 2006). Interestingly, Malaysia’s healthcare system is globally recognised as the best in the world even though the pharmaceutical … Read more

Price and risk model – illicit drug market

This essay will critically evaluate how increased risk and increase price of the illicit drug and whether the price increases is harmful to consumers. Increased risk in this contest can be defined, as policies adopted by the authority to curtail the flow, cultivation and distribution of illicit drug or crops from which these drugs are … Read more

The Dangers of Marijuana

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world today. Used for fun and getting away from problems in life, it is getting more and more popular among today’s millennials. What most people do not know is that for every action comes an equal or opposite reaction. Much too often people view … Read more

To what extent was Ronald Regan’s War on Drugs a policy failure but a political success from 1981-90?

Section A – Identification and Evaluation of Sources The purpose of this investigation is to answer the research question, “To what extent was Ronald Regan’s war on drugs a policy failure but a political success from 1981-90?” Two primary sources were used as the premises for analysis and evaluation. Source A: My Primary source for … Read more