Impact of social media on teenage mental health

How long do you stay on your phone surfing through social media? Teens who spend more than 2 hours per day on any social networking platform are significantly more likely to have mental health problems resulting in suicidal ideation (Gramigna, 2020). Although some may argue that suicidal behaviors vary in gender, where one resides, and … Read more

Factors affecting the mental health of the students during the COVID-19 pandemic

This chapter contains the review of related literature and studies done by the researchers. The factors affecting the mental health of the students during the COVID-19 pandemic were tackled in this chapter. The contents written in this chapter was gathered from various articles, books, and research thesis written by other authors and researchers. Local The … Read more

Summary of studies on mental health among dental students (focus on Covid-19 pandemic)

MENTAL HEALTH AND SELF CARE PRACTICES AMONG DENTAL HYGIENISTS. A study done in Oregon, authored by SaraJane A Barnard, Bree A. Alexander, Ashli K. Lockett, Jennifer J. Lusk, Shelly Singh, Kathryn P. Bell and Lesley A. Harbison done in 2020.thr purpose of the study was to determine the prevalence of mental health concerns and stressors … Read more

Attitudes towards mentally ill offenders – the killing of Lennie Small in John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’

Abstract: John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men puts forth various notions of mental health during the Great Depression era in the United States of America. This paper focuses mainly on the treatment of Lennie Small, an individual with mental illness, by the other characters, especially George Milton. It explores how mental illness was dealt with … Read more

Supporting the homeless mentally ill

Abstract The homeless mentally ill is growing population that is difficult to work with due to various reasons. Homelessness is becoming an epidemic globally. Strong leadership in the helping service field is needed. Cultural diversity is brought into the discussion and how it can be used on all levels. This paper discusses advocacy theories and … Read more

The effect of music on health

We wake up to different music every day, whether its waking up to an alarm clock or tuning into Spotify on the way to work. Music is beautiful to listen daily, it helps us develop mental energy to keep us motivated and happy. Music is an extraordinary type of articulation and can be utilized to … Read more

The stigma around mental health and benefits

There is a link between the government’s approach to cutting the benefit bill and negative attitudes towards disabled people and people suffering with mental health problems. For example, Theresa May’s advisor says disability benefits should go to ‘really disabled people’, and not to ‘anxiety sufferers’. Conservative MP, George Freeman, was in favour of cutting £3.7 … Read more

Should Medical Assistance in Dying be allowed for Refractory Mental Health Patients? (argumentative essay)

Should They Allow Medical Assistance in Dying for Refractory Mental Health Patients? This paper intends to use the principle of a utilitarian to conduct an ethical argumentative essay on the decision made by CAMH that the federal government should refrain from amending the MAID legislation for people who are mentally ill. The CAMH argues that … Read more