Changing attitudes towards fashion

Fashion itself is a continuously changing industry, therefore attitudes towards the industry and what the industry creates is also a developing notion. The incorporation of contemporary designs from the Met Gala, Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga and Moschino and the proliferation of camp, ugliness as exciting, the celebration of so-called ‘bad taste’ and the ‘trickle-across and bubble-up … Read more

Exploring Gender Representation in Fashion – From Historic Inequalities to Modern Unreality

The representation of gender within the fashion industry The aim of this essay is to demonstrate how, through historic societal changes, gender has been represented within the fashion industry by the following three key factors; the representation of women, the representation of men, and how gender lines are being blurred and the concept of gender … Read more

Explore the Role and Significance of Fashion in Film Narrative Through Historical and Artistic Analysis

With fashion within film being originally seen as a way to gratify Mulvey’s ‘male gaze’ theory (Mulvey, 1975), it is only in the last decade that scholars have begun to regard film costuming as a tool of narrative, allowing it to participate as a form of mise-en-scene in its own right. Having always been a … Read more

Medieval Fashion as a Means of Self Expression

 Fashion, as a means of self-expression, has been with us since humans began to clothe themselves. The arrangement of cloth on the body—at times an animal’s fur or a textile like velvet—relied on thought and consideration. The way a person chooses to adorn themselves marks them as an individual or as part of a … Read more

Discover Coco Chanel’s Legacy: The Revolutionary Impact on Women’s Fashion

Gabrielle Chanel “Coco Chanel” was an independent and revolutionary in the world of fashion. As a young girl, Chanel’s mother had died, and her father had dropped her and her sister off at a Catholic orphanage. There she learned how to sew.  The black and white color palette of the nuns’ habits, the uncluttered rooms, … Read more

1930s Mexico & US Civil Rights & Fashion Revolution: Reliving the Zoot Suit, Tehuana & Chicano Subcultures

 During the decade of the 1930s, Mexico and the United States were going through a tumultuous time of political dilemmas, war, and a revolution of art and fashion. The United States had seen one of the worst economic times of its era. The Great Depression, a period in American history where its people lost … Read more

Exploring Cultural Appropriation: Music, Fashion & Religion

 Cultural appropriation is problematic as there as two views to look at it. The proper meaning of cultural appropriation “is the adoption of elements of a minority culture by members of the dominant culture.” Cultural appropriation is very relevant in the 21st century as it is a common occurrence with celebrities and communities. The … Read more

"The Other Two": Examining Old-Fashioned Marriage in Wharton's 1904 Short Story

 Demani Williams September 17, 2018 English 120 Close Reading Essay “The Other Two”: Husband Number Three Edith Wharton’s “The Other Two” was published in 1904. In this story, we follow a woman, named Alice, as she walks through life searching for love and wealth. Alice and her third husband, Waythorn, have are back home … Read more

Fighting Cultural Appropriation in Fashion: Understanding the Legal, Financial, and Social Impact

 It could be argued that there is no such thing as pure creativity. Everything created or even thought by a human has been inspired by those before them or the world around them. However, when obvious inspiration has been taken from someone and no credit has been given, the creator is likely to disapprove … Read more

“Old Is The New New:” Revisiting and Reviving Classic Fashion Trends

 Old is the New New In most cases, history repeating itself usually isn't something people are not too thrilled about. However, when it comes to fashion trends, repetitiveness is a good thing. Fashion has certainly come a long way from the 60’s-90s of inspiring designs that have shaped our present of clothes. Clothes today … Read more

Uncovering Gender In Fashion: Gianlorenzo Bernini’s Drape-Exploration in the 17th Century

 Fashion is ever-changing, devotedly parallel to the society it exists in. Through this observation, the evaluation of certain symbols of garments and their implied significance has become a familiar practice when constructing the history of fashion. Although, during the time these innovations were made, it would be complicated to figure out their inherent innuendoes. … Read more

How Fashion & Dress Reveal Power Structures in Society

 The last few decades of the twentieth century saw an increasing obsession in the presentation and ornamentation of the human body in the search for beauty, decoration and stylistic glamour. People became growingly preoccupied with their bodies and new books promoted their own perspectives on the body. Foucault drew attention to the non biological … Read more

How America’s history shaped fashion in the 70s

The 1970’s were full of political, cultural, and social issues.  A timeline of events throughout America’s history will help shape why certain fashions were the way they were during this time period.  Thus, creating a background for why the Hippies and disco lovers took on their fashions of this decade. The year of 1970, the … Read more

Is fashion the route to a cultural revolution?

Introduction Examples of how fashion has been used to protest before hand Why fashion is important to change the world What is a cultural revolution? How is fashion translated into action? Photographers and context Fashion and protest have always been associated despite their recognition being insubstantial. Our history is rich with instances by which garments … Read more

Nostalgia in film and fashion

The similarities and differences in the uses of nostalgia in film and fashion. Focusing on the influence film has on fashion and its representation of women. This dissertation investigates the similarities and differences in the uses of nostalgia within film, fashion and its influence on brands. Studying brands constant influence from nostalgia, with “Brands have … Read more

Christian Dior's Revolutionary Fashion: from New Look To Raf Simons' Design

 In 1947, Christian Dior became a revolution after World War II, after he founded his haute couture empire the year before. He designed a collection which included ballerina-length skirts, narrow shoulders, hand-span waists, embroidery, beading and silk which came to be known as the New Look (Grant, 2007). It was a revelation of beauty … Read more

How has social media impacted the fashion industry?

Social media and technology play a significant role in everybody’s lives. It has revolutionised the world we live in, in many ways. One being the fashion industry. This has been impacted by the rise of bloggers and social media influencers who have made social media a career and marketing strategy. One major platform is Instagram. … Read more

The world is losing the idea of fashion

Introduction Davis () said that anti-fashion is as much a creature as fashion itself. Anti-fashion is in fact so closely linked to the intrinsic dynamic of fashion, that it relies on anti-fashion for its evolution (bloomsbury). For example, it was the anti-fashion movement led by Rei Kawakubo of the 1990s of deconstruction that led to … Read more

Feminism in the fashion industry (introduction)

FEMINISM: Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English “Movement for recognition of the claims of women for rights (legal, political, etc) equal to those possessed by men” [1] English Oxford Living Dictionaries Online “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes” [2] English Oxford Living Dictionaries Online “The theory of … Read more

Rick Owens fashion designer

Rick Owens was quoted saying, “My mantra for everybody is better, not bigger”. A very fitting quote for how he runs his clothing business. He spends more time designing and constructing exquisite clothing instead of worrying about being a mainstream success unlike brands Dior or Chanel. His lines are not mass produced for everyone but … Read more

Influences on fashion from World War I to the late forties

Fashion has been, and continues to be influenced by everything from the availability of resources to environmental necessity. While being reflective of culture the two play off one another, each impacting  the other. After World War I, there was a significant social and political change, which lead to the time period called the “Roaring Twenties”. … Read more

Fashion photographer Nick Knight

Today’s most influential fashion photographer Nick Knight works with the most well-known stars in the world. Knight was born in 1958 in London. He studied photography at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art and Design. We can say that he’s a fashion pioneer. He has photographed for Vogue, I-D and has shot music videos too … Read more

Current Developments and Key Challenges in the UK Fashion Retail Industry

INTRODUCTION The fashion business has forever been viewed as a key for the materials business as a result of its crucial situation in the economy of numerous nations on the planet (Barnes, 2014). Retailing encounters continuous changes which influence retailers about estimating, item and area of the stores. As to, the internet has turned has … Read more

The future of fashion will be fur-free

Over the past several decades, an increasing number of luxury fashion brands such as  Versace and Gucci have transitioned to be fur-free. Just a few days ago, the iconic British brand Burberry declared to go fur-free in its future collections (Vogue). The use of fur as a luxury fabric in the fashion industry has long … Read more

Collaboration unit (Instagram fashion blog)

Collaboration unit is an innovative idea and structure to socialise and work with students of various courses and backgrounds. According to Dillenbourg, a collaboration between participants plays an important role in solving problems by engaging in a coordinated effort (1999). While the theory is true for various cases, collaboration also leads to various problems within … Read more

LITERARY REVIEW – fashion industry

Fashion is continuously evolving in order to adjust to the demands of the modern age. We can say, fashion industry is going through a seismic shift with the progression of technology and changing lifestyles of people to complement their current circumstances. The fashion industry needs to stay focus and agile amidst coping with external and … Read more

Exploring Genderless Fashion & Indonesian’s Traditional Clothing in Jakarta.

 “Genderless Clothing and Its Relevance to Indonesian’s Traditional Clothing”; CONTENTS Introduction Objectives Methodology Chapter I : The History of Genderless Clothing and Its Relevance to Indonesian’s Traditional Clothing Chapter II : Masculinity Trend on Today’s Womenswear Chapter III : How Jakarta Adopts the Trend Conclusion References Image References Bibliography INTRODUCTION “The practical femininity is … Read more

Exploring How Sub-Cultures Defined Fashion: A Look Back at Tensions in the Edwardian Era and Later

 Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoighaire, School of Creative Arts “The tensions between dominate and subordinate groups can be reflected in the surfaces of sub-cultures – in the styles made up of mundane objects which have a double meaning” By Andrew Woodcock Class Tutor Linda King The essay title that I have … Read more

Investigating How Young Consumers Perceive French Fashion Luxury Brands in India and China

 “Today, luxury is everywhere” (Kapferer and Bastien 2012). Luxury has always existed and this sector is developing itself everywhere around the world. Premium goods and services tend to be not affordable for everyone and this could be an explanation to their fame in the society. However, a democratization of luxury has been observed this … Read more

Gender, Fashion, and Identity: Exploring the Intersection of Gender Expression and Society

 Paste your essay in here…Introduction The face a person presents to the world can in many ways be considered a penultimate form of their personal expression. One of the most flexible and impactful ways to affect the image one presents is through alteration of clothes and mode of dress. As our understanding of ourselves … Read more

The Definition of Fashion Communication with

 I carried out research on the definition of Fashion Communication by looking at universities descriptions of their fashion communication courses, I looked at the University of Arts London (UAL) and Northumbria University's Fashion Communication course descriptions. I also googled 'what is fashion communication', and read articles about fashion communication on the Career India website and … Read more

Northern Soul Movement Through Time: Exploring Fashion and Design Accross the Scene

 Introduction This report will be exploring the style surrounding the Northern Soul movement from the late 1960s and early 1970s through Northern England. What will be inspected throughout this timeline is the change Northern Soul style has gone through for the followers of this subculture to carry out the style they do today. Northern … Read more

Fashion Power: Examining Feminism & Patriarchy in the Fashion Industry

 Fashion is often criticised for being an oppressing patriarchal tool against women capitalised by large corporations. However, it has historically been instrumental in pushing the women’s liberation movement for over 200 years. This essay aims to investigate feminist ideologies in fashion, the effects of patriarchal culture in the fashion industry and exploring the solutions … Read more

Understanding the Complexities of Fashion Liberating or Oppressing in Society

 We live in a postmodern consumer society where everything it embodies is growing and changing at an exponential and unpredictable rate, unlike ever before. This has given rise to fierce competition in almost every aspect of life; gender, social and identity politics, struggle for survival and thus, the immense pressure for one to successfully … Read more

Discussing Affordable High Street Fashion with HandM Group’s 6 Concept Stores – Cheap Monday Included

 Hennes & Mauritz AB is a Swedish high street fashion company selling clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. “Fashion and quality at the best price” is the company’s slogan, which reflects the main focus of the company that allows them to remain competitive and successful in their markets. Erling Persson established … Read more

Acne Studios: A Quirky Stockholm-Based Fashion House

 Acne Studios is a Stockholm-based fashion house that is founded by Jonny Johansson, who currently is also the creative director of the fashion brand. 1.1 Company Background 1.1.1 Vision/Mission The brand’s mission is to make really interesting designs which are functional. 1.1.2 Target Market They target men and women in their mid 20s to … Read more

The Ridiculous Fashions of Restoration Britain: Samuel Pepys and the ‘Great Cushions of Curls’

 Mortimer argues that the human race has a 'irresistible urge' to adopt a particularly ridiculous garment or style in an attempt to 'mark out the fashion of their generation to those who come after them'.  This is particularly true of the Stuarts in the seventeenth century. The Restoration of the monarchy in 1660 had … Read more

Discover a Career as a Fashion Stylist and the Changes It Can Bring to the Future

 There are different Career choices and professions that the students want to undertake after the completion of College or University Education. Completing school is one of the greatest joy experiences of the students which has also some advantages and disadvantages. A student may finish the senior education and exposes his or herself in the … Read more

Psychology in The Fashion Industry to Succeed

 If psychology is taken as the study of our human behaviour, then its translation into the world of fashion challenges and influences how we dress and what we wear as extensions of our emotional states, our socio-economic and political situations, our climates, religions and cultures. Fashion and dressing can be taken much further than … Read more

Social Media Influencers Impacting the Fashion Industry: Arielle Charnas and Jen Atkin

 Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande are some of the biggest social media influencers in the 21st century who have a combined following of 318,900,000 just on Instagram. Social media influencers are people who influence and reach out to a large audience through social platforms such as blogs, websites, and social media. With the … Read more

Discussing High-Quality Fashion at Discount Prices at Nordstrom Rack

 Nordstrom Rack: Current Status Product Overview Nordstrom Inc. was founded in 1901 as a shoe store in Seattle, Washington. It has since grown to become one of the industry leaders in retail. Nordstrom has about 72,500 employees, operates over one hundred full-line department stores, numerous e-commerce websites, and over 200 Nordstrom Racks (Cohen, 2018). … Read more

Math in Fashion: Why Numbers Matter in Design and Merchandising

 Math is a broad, well-known subject around the world. Math can range from just adding numbers to studying Calculus. Different areas of fashion including design, production, and merchandising use math. Design requires math for garment measurement, which is measured in inches, centimeters, or fabric yardage. Production and merchandising need math for cost of goods, … Read more

Exploring How Technology Changed the Fashion Industry’s Marketing Tactics

 Introduction Over the last century, major developments have not only had an enormous impact on us -as human beings and how we live and interact with each other- but also on our industries. Industries adapted themselves to these developments and offered consumers new lifestyles. The fashion industry has undercome changes in areas like manufacturing, … Read more

Solving Testing and Production Issues for Faster Fashion Retail Trade in China:

 Introduction. The purpose of this report is to provide something of value to the company and to investigate testing and production issues that will demonstrate problem-solving and knowledge required in the job and ability to apply appropriate concepts and analysis tools. The paper provides an answer on testing and production rules in the UK … Read more

Unlocking the Potential of The Sharded Self – Exploring Identity Evolution and Impact on Fashion, Finance and Hospitality

 “The internet affords connection and creativity. It helps build community as well as identity, enriching people’s everyday lives by taking them outside of themselves and into other worlds. The question is whether it takes them so far out of themselves that they are lost in space and don’t return.” (Agger, 2004, p. 160)  The … Read more

Fashion: ShapingIdentity

 Sorry To Burst Your Body Image Bubble How the fashion industry broke them down but later kept them intact, the hardship of poor body image takes a new stand with fashion individuality and seeing your “outer” self differently. The fashion industry is continually changing and growing every day, all around us. You yourself are … Read more

Exploring Hippie Vs. Punk Fashion: Contesting Social Norms Through Clothing

 Clothing is a form of self-expression and represents the wearer’s values and ideas. Cultures are largely defined by the clothing and fashion of the period, which are influenced by political, social, economic and cultural factors. When the hippie movement of the 1960s and the punk culture of the mid-late 1970s come to mind, the … Read more

Thailand Ecommerce Booms as Online Shopping Trend Increases: Impact of Customer Loyalty on Online Shopper in Thai Fashion Industry

 Introduction In 2018, Thailand ecommerce or online shopping become aggressively growing even higher and intense since Thai consumer’s behaviour changed. The recent report from We Are Social and Hootsuite reveals that the number of internet users in Thailand has rapidly increase at 21% compared to the previous year and more hour spent on internet … Read more

Exploring the Link between Architecture and Fashion: Inspiration, Similarities and Influences

 Introduction The subject of my research is about understanding the complex relationship between architecture and fashion.  “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions ”. This was famously said by the designer coco chanel. Although architecture and fashion can be thought to be completely independent and different, there are many similar concepts in … Read more

Uncovering Why We Don’t Have Palestinian Brands for Fashion Haute-Cautre in Palestine

 …why we don't have palestinian brand for clothing 'haute-cauture'in palestine introduction: Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body or furniture. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behaviour and the newest creations … Read more

Counterfeiting in Fashion: An Overview of the Growing Market

 In practice, fashion brands and companies release their product that characterized by their authentic design and features. This objective is to make their brand or company positioning consistent in the market and gain positive responses from their consumer (Kotler and Keller, 2012). However, the market competition is not only limited between brand-and-brand competition of … Read more

Uncovering French Social Classes Through Fashion: Examine 1761 Painting by Francois Hubert Drouais

 There are many ways to express the culture of a time period, such as its social hierarchy, food, clothing, dance and architecture. There are also many ways to document those expressions: historically that includes written communication, verbal accounts handed down through generations, art shared through the hands of its creator, and more recently, photography. … Read more

Exploring the Future of Textiles: Advances in Tech, Science and Fashion with Bacterial Textiles

 The future of textiles: A harmonious blend of technology, science and fashion with particular reference to bacterial textiles. An introduction This extended essay will explore the impact of technological and scientific innovation on the future of textiles with particular reference to bacterial textiles. Advances in technology and science have not only influenced the way … Read more

Exploring the Impact of Fashion Media on Body Image: The Role of Western Society

The fashion industry throughout history has created this facade of body-shaming, and in recent years the emphasis on fashion media has created an even more impacting problem. Body image is ‘defined as an individuals perception of their body appearance, as well as the thoughts and feelings that result from their perception’ (Cash, 2004:Tiggemann, 2004) ‘Due … Read more

Can Luxurious Fashion Truly Be Sustainable? A Study of Attitudes Towards Luxury Consumption

 Title page: Nicole Keitch Year of graduation 2018 Lead question – Can Luxurious Fashion Truly Be Sustainable? a Mixed Method Investigation of Attitudes Towards Sustainable Luxury Consumption in Fashion. BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Brand Management QUESTIONS: using images/ illustrations- confused as how to use them? “The Dissertation may be heavily illustrated and may … Read more

Sustainable Fashion Revolution: How to Choose Eco-Friendly Fabrics for the Holidays

 Fashion is now a topic for discussion all over the world. Since 1987 the on-going talked issues about fashion involve eco-friendly fashion or sustainable fashion, as terms used in the fashion industry. It is part of a growing design that philosophy and a trend of sustainability are environmentally friendly. Sustainable fashion is the larger … Read more

Sustainable Fashion Rentals: Product One Night One Attire (ONOA) Empowers Customers

 Product One Night One Attire (ONOA) is an online concept store. Our products are selected with care and follow a specific theme: “sustainable fashion". This regards the concept of renting clothes for a night. We follow five important approaches: Our customers will fulfill their dream closet, with unlimited choice. Every occasion needs a specific … Read more

Fashion Supply Chain and Sustainability: Meeting the Needs of Future Generations

 Sustainable development is defined by United Nations Commission on Environment and Development as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs” (WDEC,1987). The United Nations also developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be reached by 2030 in order to achieve a better future. They address … Read more

Earn an Eye-Catching Income as a Fashion Designer

 Job description Fashion designers create original clothing, accessories, and footwear. They sketch designs, select fabrics and patterns, and give instructions on how to make the products they design (O’NET, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Create original designs or adapt fashion trends and understand texture, color, and fabric (Balance Careers). Also known as Apparel Designers, … Read more

Exploring Governance Structures and Actor Dynamics in Fashion Supply Chains

 Global supply chain Management Essay Q: Through the use of different analytical frameworks in the module (SCM, GVCs and GPNs) critically analyse the structure of governance in a supply chain of your choice (either logistics, or coffee, or FFVs, or clothing, or coltan), and how different actors respond to that. Who are the main … Read more

Exploring Modern Fashion’s Impact on Identity and Societal Structure

 Mini Modern Fashion: A Social Hierarchy Statement or Self Expression? The foundations of society are constructed so that some people become inferior to other based off of the way they are physically viewed by others. Groups people are viewed as “different” based off of their race, gender, and even personal style. Fashion is used … Read more

The Millennial Consumer and luxury fashion

Literature Review 1: Introducing The Millennial Consumer In the past few years, media and literature too, have given attention to Millennials and their consumer behaviour. Before understanding millennial interaction with luxury fashion, this chapter will provide an introduction to who Millennials are, how they have grown up and how their consumer behaviour differs from previous … Read more

Peruvian Professional Maria Alva Launches Online Fashion Retailer Mi Tiendecita de Moda

 Situation The case “MI TIENDECITA DE MODA: SELLING FASHION THROUGH FACEBOOK IN PERU” is about the development and improvement of an online fashion store called Mi Tiendecita de Moda (MTM). The case report stipulates an analysis and evaluation of the current state of MTM, which is ran by Maria Alva in Lima, Peru. Alva … Read more

Street Style: An Ethnography of Fashion Blogging – A Comprehensive Guide

 I selected the book “Street Style; An Ethnography of Fashion Blogging” because I was very interested in learning more about blogging and what really goes into it. My expectations were obviously to learn more about blogging but I was also expecting to learn more about the psychological outlook on the bloggers themselves and why … Read more

Exploring Impact of Digital Mktg on UK Luxury Fashion Consumers’ Purch Decisions

 BRITISH SCHOOL OF FASHION To investigate the impact of digital marketing on luxury fashion consumer's purchase decision in the UK MBA LUXURY BRAND MANAGEMENT Module: Research Project – Design and Methods Module Code: MMN223636 Module Leader: Professor Bipasha Ahmed Academic Year: 2016-2017 Submitted by: Mrudula Dubal (Student ID: S1607441) TABLE OF CONTENTS SR. NO … Read more

Fast Fashion: Is H&M Changing Society?

 Since the 19th century, as the western world and its citizens have slowly transitioned from a lifestyle based on production, to one based on consumption, many argue that we are now living in the midst of a consumer culture (McDonald and Wearing, 2013, 21). This is characterised by a society in which the entire … Read more

Explore If Synthetic Fur Can Compensate Real Fur Damage: A Look Into the Fashion Industry’s Fur Trade

 Dissertation "Will the use of synthetic fur-ever compensate the damage caused by using real fur" Tamara Hena Patel De Montfort University Fashion Design (BA) Critical and Contextual Studies FSHN3206 Major Project 2018-2019 Introduction Within the world of fashion, there is an ever-looming question of whether it is morally right to use animals and there … Read more

Exploring Power Struggles and Biopower Through Dress and Fashion in the Twentieth Century

 The last few decades of the twentieth century saw an increasing obsession in the presentation and ornamentation of the human body in the search for beauty, decoration and stylistic glamour. People became growingly preoccupied with their bodies and new books promoted their own perspectives on the body. Foucault drew attention to the non biological … Read more

Exploring the Rise of “Instagram Brands” and Influencers in Fashion Marketing

 Instagram is a part of everyone’s everyday life. With almost 300 million profiles, users have the ability to interact with one another but also follow celebrities and brands on a more personal level. Through Instagram came a new method of marketing, and for some developed into a career. The evolution of “Instagram Brands” and … Read more

Exploring Frida Kahlo’s Fashion, Lifestyle and Identity Evolution in “Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up” Exhibition

 In this essay I will focus on issues raised by ‘Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up’, particularly looking at lifestyle, fashion and identity within the exhibition. The exhibition raised many issues associated with Kahlo’s lifestyle surrounding the imagery and context for much of her art work and fashion. Addressing her physical pains and fragmented … Read more

Fashion Week Has Transformed How We See Politics, Economics, & Sci-Tech

 How Fashion Week has impacted a lot of areas? Fashion week has impacted lots of professional areas (social, science, aesthetic, psychological): Politics Fashion is actually realistic enough. It is a projection, a popular social reality always inseparable influence era. There are great impacts on human culture thanks to massive events that have happened in … Read more

Key Attributes of Luxury Fashion Brands on Social Media: An Examination of Fee Equity, Relationship Equity, Brand Equity, Customer Equity, and Purchase Intention

 In light of growing interest in the use of social media for advertising and marketing (SMM) purposes among luxury fashion brands, this paper set out to identify and examine the key attributes of SMM and study the relationships, between fee fairness, courting equity, logo equity, patron fairness, and purchase goal through a structural equation … Read more

Karen Walker: Staying True to Yourself and Growing a Successful Fashion Label

 SECTION 2: Karen Walker has a distinct culture to what she portrays throughout her brand and her company itself. Karen walker is all about staying true to yourself and your peers, she highlights the importance of her upbringing, her love of music and staying relevant in a tough business society. As Walker started her … Read more

Investigating Sustainable Fashion: The Approach of Designer Ada Zanditon

 This assignment will investigate the designer Ada Zanditon’s approach to sustainability and social responsibility, in order to better understand the principals involved and importance of sustainability and social responsibility for the fashion textile embroidery industry. Our world is being destroyed through our desire to stay relevant by buying fast fashion.  This is why the … Read more

Exploring the Influence of Social CRM on Fashion Consumers Online Purchasing Behaviour

 Emerged in 1994 customer relationship management is one of many marketing strategies that objectively to acquire and maintain a sustainable relationship between company and the customer (Lee et al., 2014). This concept has a broad scope of activities that cover entire customer life-cycle, involving company resources from front end to back end (Hasani et … Read more

Ecoist: The Fashion Accessories Brand that Utilizes Recyclable Materials

 I am here to share my findings and analyzations on Ecoist, the fashion accessories brand that only uses recyclable materials. This critique will be emphasizing Ecoist’s marketing strategies and how they have become the recycled handbag retailer they are today. In section 2 of this critique, I will be profiling the company and discussing … Read more

Juicy Couture: Luxury, Fun Fashion for Women, Men, Kids, and Pets

 Juicy Couture is perceived as a luxurious, exciting and fun brand that is designed with a strong sense of whimsy. It is a brand that produces collections of clothing, accessories, jewelry and fragrances created for women, men, children, and dogs. The current guest creative director for Juicy Couture, Erin Fetherston, describes the brand as … Read more

Writing an essay on fashion

When writing an essay on fashion, there are a number of important themes, topics, and points for discussion to consider. Here are some key ones:

Historical and cultural significance: Fashion has played an important role throughout history, reflecting and shaping cultural norms and identities. A discussion of fashion’s historical and cultural significance can help contextualize its current role in society.

Sustainability and ethical fashion: As concerns about climate change and ethical consumption continue to grow, the fashion industry has come under increasing scrutiny for its environmental impact and labor practices. A discussion of sustainable and ethical fashion practices can help explore possible solutions and alternatives. Fast fashion is another important topic in this same area. If you are looking for a specific company’s efforts on Corporate Social Responsibility, you can see if we have a dedicated section for their essays in our companies section, or try a search.

The impact of globalization: The rise of globalization has had a significant impact on the fashion industry, influencing everything from design and production to marketing and consumer behavior. A discussion of globalization’s impact on fashion can help contextualize the industry’s current challenges and opportunities.

Fashion and identity: Fashion is closely tied to personal and cultural identity, and can be used to express everything from gender and sexual orientation to social status and political affiliations. A discussion of the ways in which fashion shapes and reflects identity can provide insight into the broader social and cultural implications of fashion.

The intersection of fashion and technology: As technology continues to shape and transform the world around us, it is also having a significant impact on the fashion industry. A discussion of the ways in which technology is shaping fashion design, production, and consumption can offer insight into the industry’s future trajectory.

Fashion and gender: Fashion has historically been associated with gender norms and expectations, but recent years have seen a rise in gender-neutral and gender-bending fashion trends. A discussion of the ways in which fashion intersects with gender can provide insight into broader discussions of gender identity and expression.

The role of fashion in society: Fashion is not just a consumer good, but also a cultural force that can shape and reflect broader societal values and norms. A discussion of the role of fashion in society can offer insight into the ways in which fashion both reflects and influences cultural attitudes and trends.

These are just a few of the many themes and topics that can be explored in an essay on fashion. Depending on the specific focus of the essay, other important points for discussion may include the role of fashion in the economy, the impact of celebrity culture on fashion, and the rise of streetwear and other subcultures in fashion.