Utterson state of mind

In this extract Utterson is presented by Stevenson as an individual in a contradicting state of two minds, who is also very concerned for his close friend Mr Jekyll. Stevenson describes Utterson’s imagination as ‘engaged, or rather enslaved’ as his mind is restless from thinking about this ‘human Juggernaut’ in the name of Hyde. This … Read more

How monsters are depicted: Get Out (discriminations), Jekyll (psychological fluctuations), Frankenstein (darkened side of moralities)

The terminology of the “monster” formerly often relates to a creature that has a deformity physical appearance. The monsters are often described to have a disgusting, detestable and abominable appearances with the supernatural power that can control everything as well as they can create a massacre to destroy violently everything getting in their ways. However, … Read more

American Psycho and Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: two sides of man, good and evil

In both texts, ‘American Psycho’, and ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’, the writers successfully explore characterisation as the main character displays a “two-sided” idea of man: good and evil. In ‘American Psycho’, the main character Patrick Bateman, appears to be an intelligent, handsome, wealthy man. He is publicly viewed as being a perfectly sane individual … Read more

How Stevenson represents divided identity in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

‘[M]an is not truly one, but truly two.’ ‘Divided identity’ and the ‘duplicity of life’ (p81) form the central idea explored in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In 1886, the same year as the novel’s publication, reviewer, James Ashcroft, observed that ‘Appearances are deceitful’ and that despite it being … Read more

The Tempest – William Shakespeare / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Literature books Summary The Tempest – William Shakespeare King Alonso of Naples, his son Ferdinand and a few others sail home after attending the wedding of Alonso’s daughter in Italy. They encounter a rough storm which is caused by Prospero. He lives on an island with his daughter Miranda and Ariel, a spirit who is … Read more