How Stevenson represents divided identity in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

‘[M]an is not truly one, but truly two.’ ‘Divided identity’ and the ‘duplicity of life’ (p81) form the central idea explored in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In 1886, the same year as the novel’s publication, reviewer, James Ashcroft, observed that ‘Appearances are deceitful’ and that despite it being … Read more

Coded homosexual narrative in Jekyll and Hyde

Queer can function as a noun, an adjective or a verb, but in each case is defined against the ‘normal’ or normalising . Queer Theory is a literary theory that studies gender and sexuality as a ‘fundamental category for historical analysis and understanding’. The term ‘Queer’ was re-appropriated from its negative connotations traditionally used with … Read more

The Tempest – William Shakespeare / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Literature books Summary The Tempest – William Shakespeare King Alonso of Naples, his son Ferdinand and a few others sail home after attending the wedding of Alonso’s daughter in Italy. They encounter a rough storm which is caused by Prospero. He lives on an island with his daughter Miranda and Ariel, a spirit who is … Read more