Lord of the Flies and The Toys of Peace – internal conflict between civilization/savagery

An individual who loses relation with civilization often declines from its firm principles. Mankind’s inclination to regress to savagery is based on the deep-rooted evilness that resides within a person’s nature. The stories Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, and “The Toys of Peace,” by Saki capture this internal conflict between civilization and savagery … Read more

Lord of the Flies

Most human beings tend to always hunt for power, and once they gain power, one wants more. The idea of power struggle is very relevant in this novel. Golding uses Ralph and Jack to show power struggle many times throughout the novel. Ralph and Jack have different opinions between what is good, what is evil, … Read more

What is required for an effective leader? (Lord of the Flies)

Firstly, to be considered effective, a leader must deliver outcomes that meet the needs of the overall group. The leader must care about the entire group and not just about himself. Some argue that it is impossible to please everybody. However, effective leaders will make decisions based on the group’s most urgent needs. In the … Read more