Reflection on beginning an online course (inc. personal SWOT analysis)

How you as a student and individual can maintain effective communication with your tutor during your studies How technological tools will help you study and enrich this experience ICT (information communication technology) skills and technological tools are useful assets, particularly in distance learning environments. They enable distance study learners to access course materials and search … Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning

Nowadays, more and more universities use technology as a means to communicate and study efficiently. Many university teachers use technological devices to communicate with their students, give them quizzes, assignments, grade them and so on. With the age of the Corona virus, it has caused schools to be closed all around the world. “Today, with … Read more

ESL learner’s motivation and task engagement in technology-enhanced language learning contexts

Working Title The extent to which ESL learner’s motivation and task engagement in technology-enhanced language learning contexts improves the student’s ability to acquire the target language, with a focus on Chinese L2 students using Weclassroom tools. Rationale I have a strong motive for investigating this particular topic, not only because it is precedence in my … Read more

Disadvantages of online learning

According to the research and survey entitled “Barriers to Online Learning in the Time of COVID-19: A National Survey of Medical Students in the Philippines” (Baticulon, et al., 2021), it has been stated that only the few 41% of the students were physically able to do online learning, and the problems stated were the students … Read more

Relationship between lack of sleep & productivity in online learning

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY I. Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has brought threats to people’s health, forcing many countries to lockdown and provinces and towns to undergo quarantine. During this period, face-to-face interactions are not allowed. Minored and senior citizens were advised by the authorities to stay at home to avoid the risks of contracting the … Read more

Benefits and drawbacks of learning online

Universities worldwide have seized the opportunity to widen student access by engaging in elements of online learning since the 1990’s (Kubo, 2008). With an increasing number of university courses delivered fully online this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the efficacy of online learning has been evaluated on a colossal scale. The flexibility, self-pacing and … Read more

Perceptions of students towards online learning strategies during Covid-19 pandemic

Research proposal The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the implementation of community quarantines, which mandated students to remain inside their homes for their safety. This sudden change of environment prompted students to shift from traditional to online learning. By definition, learning is the process of acquiring knowledge through undergoing experiences or studying.1 Learning can be in … Read more

Home schooling – advantages and difficulties

In this paper I will be discussing and analyzing the issue of schooling in home. Homeschooling is an alternative method of delivering an education to students. Students are taught at home through online courses. Homeschooling is an important alternative method for students who, for example, maybe have a severe illness or students who suffer through … Read more

New learning / technology in the classroom (focus on Canada)

Introduction: The need to incorporate innovation inside the classroom has expanded essentially in the course of recent years, due in substantial part to the pervasive idea of the Internet and cell phones among the present youth. The advanced age is contained associated with people that are hard-wired to their computerized surroundings. While the advanced blast … Read more