Online education and its advantages

Academic Advancements Over the years technology has taken over so much of our lives, including how students are learning. Online Education is an individualized learning opportunity. Starting in the 60’s with platforms to post in-class content, online education opportunities skyrocketed and are now a very common option for education. For college students, online education gives … Read more

The Difficulty Of Using English Language In Communicating For E-Learning Students English Major At King Faisal University.

Abstract: King Faisal University E-learning students differ from the regular students. This is why learning is also named distant learning which means the students do not receive lessons by teachers and they need more self-work for improving their English. But this situation caused the E-learning students to miss a key part in the language learning … Read more

Using computers in the assessment process

Computers have become a part of our day today life. Computers are being used in almost every field. By profession whatever we are doctor, engineer, business, teacher etc. computers have changed the way we work. Therefore computer education is a must for every individual. Computers are being taught even at school level now. Person without … Read more

Measuring the impact of E-learning systems in higher education enterprises

E-learning as one of the Information Systems (IS) in e-services area provide a promising solution using new and improved technologies carried by web applications in the era of internet revolution. Regular method of learning borders the learner with restrictions whereas E-learning open broader horizons for the partners that involved in learning and teaching, dependency on … Read more

Background and related work – Collaborative Learning Environments

This research pursues answers for the following main research questions. What ways can be applied for group formation that tailors to individual students’ characteristics and fits well into the existing collaborative learning environments? What problems exist widely in group collaboration and what are the factors that may lead to these problems? What approach can be … Read more

Why effective communication is important in online education

Abstract Approximately 3.9 million students logged on in a minimum of one online course in fall 2007. consistent with Allen and Seaman (2008), online education increasing rates have unbroken to outstrip entire higher education growth rates and there aren’t any signs of online growth decreasing. As any education establishments give with increasing numbers of online … Read more

Kember’s student progress model

Abstract— The purpose of this paper is to have a quantitative analytical study and to examine the theoretical basis of the Kember’s student progress model that evaluates directly or indirectly effects of student’s opinions in online environment by recognizing the relationships between variables such as online student’s opinions, performance, cost-benefit analysis and student determination. Many … Read more