The Fedrigoni x Dalston’s Collaborative Campaign for Sustainable Innovation

1.0 Product/Service Fedrigoni x Dalston’s was the chosen brief from the YCN official website, the aim was to create a physical, tactile campaign super-size awareness for Dalston’s, with Fedrigoni paper at the heart of it. ‘The process of analysing the product or service starts with research’ (Taylor, 2013) Agreeing with Taylor this report will research … Read more

Reiss business analysis (including PESTEL)

KEY COMPANY INFORMATION Reiss is a UK-based fashion brand and retail store chain owned and run by the founder, David Reiss. Reiss has established a design philosophy centred on creating design-led menswear, womenswear and accessories. Reiss was founded in 1971, and its first store in London’s Bishopsgate sold men’s suits. It did not move into … Read more

PESTEL analysis of Jaguar Land Rover

Political Environmental agencies are concerned with sustainable products which include how much a car needs to operate which involves steels and other composites which make the structure and the components of the car. Governmental safety agencies are always determined that vehicle manufacturers reduce the possibility that vehicles will crash and reduce the possibilities of deaths … Read more

A Strategic Marketing Analysis of GoPro HERO Cameras

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <200 words> This assignment illustrates an analysis of the marketing strategy employed by GoPro Inc. on their camera line called HERO. It is divided into two parts one of which shows the full marketing audit of GoPro in the US that includes an evaluation of the current market performance presenting the way GoPro … Read more

Samsung PESTEL and Porter’s analysis

Samsung is a notable hardware brand. It is well known for its cell phones and TVs and a few different gadgets like cameras and wearable gadgets. The brand is likewise known for its emphasis on mechanical advancement. As of late, its deals have developed and in 2016 it conveyed noteworthy money related outcomes. Its lead … Read more

External environment of the big 4 UK supermarkets (PESTEL, Porter’s)

Around the world, developed economies and emerging economies have been influenced by the supermarkets as they have acquired an increasing share of the grocery market, which led to, the impact on the demand of food grown, transporting and packaging, and livelihoods of many consumers (See Appendix 1.4 and 1.6). For the past 10 years, Sainsbury’s, … Read more

Costco analysis – external and internal

PESTEL Political From a political perspective, Costco faces regulatory complications in other countries. In the US, Costco is able to flourish with relatively few applicable regulations and a strong economic environment. One domestic political issue Costco faces is the uncertainty regarding tariffs imposed on goods that Costco sources from abroad. These tariffs have the potential … Read more

Hilton marketing report (inc. PESTLE, Porter’s & SWOT)

In this report, we will be looking at Hilton Hotels Corporation, which is a global hospitality company with more than 5,500 properties and 163,000 employees (Fortune 500, 2018) over the world. This well-known hotel brand is known for their well-trained staff members, brilliant service and loved by millions of business people all over the world. … Read more

Challenges faced by an MCN in international business – Nike

Introduction Multinational Corporation (MNC) is an enterprise operating in various countries but is mainly managed from their home country where they coordinate global management. It is an organization or company that gathers at least a quarter of its’ revenue from operations outside of its’ home country. In this assignment, I will be researching on the … Read more

Royal Dutch Shell PESTLE

Introduction to Shell: Royal Dutch Shell is a large business that operates in the oil and gas industry and trades in the EU. Shell operates in a worldwide scale via working in 70 different countries, it produces 3.7 barrels of oil daily with 44,000 stations operating daily. Shell makes a revenue of 345 billion Dollars … Read more

Deliveroo entry into Sweden – PESTLE/Porter’s Five Forces

PESTEL A PESTLE analysis will be used to analyse the macro-environment in Sweden. A PESTLE analysis breaks down the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors of a country which would have an external impact on business in that country. Political factors Sweden is a constitutional monarchy ruled by the governmental parliament, similar to … Read more

Globalisation & external factors driving changes at KFC

Introduction The economic race between each country caused an enormous changed of global economic growth and caused the formation of globalisation (Underwood, 2014). Globalisation is a new phenomenon that has become increasingly prominent in the world. It is the basic characteristic of the present age, the economic transformation by which organizations or different associations create … Read more

Alibaba Strategic Business Analytic report

Executive Summary This management report is a Strategic Business Analytic report based on Alibaba’s Macro and Micro Environmental Factors. The Macro Factor Analysis employs two types of analysis; PESTLE framework and Porter’s 5 forces whereas the Micro Factors are analysed by two frameworks; VRIO and SWOT Analysis. 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Alibaba’s External Business Environment – … Read more

British Airways’ (BA) marketing strategy

Introduction This report will critically analyse British Airways’ (BA) marketing strategy. Situational Analysis BA is the largest airline in the United Kingdom (UK). It has the main hub in Heathrow Airport in London and it flies internationally to more than 400 destinations in over 80 countries. The airline is a member of International Airline Group … Read more

Biotechnology company CSL Limited

1. Role of Business in Society The role of leading biotechnology company CSL Limited in society is gleaned through an analysis of what the organisation has said of their mission and vision and the extent to which they fulfil this. CSL is dominantly oriented towards social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurs espouse the role of change agents … Read more

Tech Talk social media strategy (inc PESTEL)

Executive Summary Harvard University has developed a case study on social media that examines the organization’s management problems. To eliminate these problems, new solutions and more efforts are needed to maintain its position against competitors. Using SWOT and PESTEL analysis, we can find appropriate solutions and new strategies to implement it. Introduction Tech Talk portal … Read more

Digital-first approach to growing market share of Kellogg’s Krave

In this report we shall be covering our digital first approach to growing the current market share of the Kellogg’s Krave brand within UK & Ireland from 33.6 million to 50+ million by 2024. We shall begin by critically looking at an overview of the breakfast cereal industry in both UK & Ireland, then drill … Read more

Centrica Plc Internal and External Analysis Report (SWOT, PESTLE, Porter’s)

Background Information Centrica PLC is an energy providing company in the United Kingdom that supplies Electricity and Gas to households in the United Kingdom, Ireland and North America, the company’s headquarters is located in Windsor, Berkshire ( Furthermore, Centrica owns British Gas, British Gas will be used for comparison terms. They are currently the market … Read more

Musahamat Farms (Bananas) SWOT & PESTLE analysis

Bananas are grown by millions of small-scale farmers and plantation workers in tropical regions. Musahamat Farms Ltd. Ghana is an Agricorp Holdings company that operates in the Agriculture sector producing, packing and shipping premium quality “Senorita®” and “Hermanita®” branded Cavendish bananas to global export markets including the European Union, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi … Read more

Valueshops – SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s analysis

Every business has its strengths and weakness, to analyze Valueshops’ SWOT analyses was used. After a thorough research and analyses, Valueshop has carried its SWOT analyses as such: Strength The biggest strength of Valueshop is that they provide range of products, so that everyone’s needs are catered for. This is beneficial since it allows Valueshop … Read more

Burger King PESTEL analysis

Burger King is a global fast food restaurant which comes from America. The chain was founded in 1953 in Florida. David Edgerton and James McLamore were the owners of big fast food industry. The first original name of global industry was Insta-Burger King. Until year 2011, Burger King opened 12,400 outlets. They were located in … Read more

Liverpool football club (PESTLE, Porter’s, SWOT)

Liverpool football club was founded in 1892, playing in the top tier of English football known as the Premier League. Currently competing in the UEFA champions league, FA cup and league cup. The club has won 18 league titles, 8 league cups, 7 FA cups, 15 Community Shields, 3 UEFA super cups and 5 European … Read more

Competitive position of Dabur in domestic and international markets

The report provides a critical examination of the competitive position of Dabur in domestic and international market by conducting a detailed analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the key success factors which help in evaluating the possibilities of launching the company in the UK. Also, the value chain analysis discovered the core competencies of … Read more

Costco (inc. Pestel, Porter’s)

EXTERNAL ANALYSIS 1. PESTEL ANALYSIS 1.1 Economic • Membership Fees – In 2017 Costco generated $2.85 Billion in membership fees alone. • Employment – In 2017, Costco employed 133,000 full-time employees and 98,000 part-time employees. Pay ranges between $13.50/Hr up to $60.00/Hr with Benefits. • Costco generate an average Annual Revenue of $170 Million per … Read more

Overview of (1) Brewing Industry / (2) Air Asia and the Tune Group

Portfolio 1: Overview of the Brewing Industry The case study concentrates on the market conditions of the brewing industry in the United Kingdom especially from the largest remaining brewers, Marston’s and Greene King (Stephen, and Barry, 2007). The brewing industry has seen a significant change because of the varying demands and structure in the market. … Read more

Lloyds bank analysis (inc. Porter’s, PESTEL)

1.0 Introduction Lloyds bank originally formed in 1765. In 2009 however Lloyds banking group was formed and is the UK’s largest leading provider of current accounts, savings, personal loans, credit cards and mortgages with over 30 million customers. Currently they employ around 75,000 employees and operate a multi – brand strategy with their main brands … Read more

EE/telecoms market entry to New Zealand (PESTEL, Porter’s)

Introduction Globalisation and the ease in trade have led to the expansion of many new businesses across the globe and therefore understanding the business environment in a global scale has been an important aspect of studying in order to understand the organisational behaviors. In the following report, I have conducted a comprehensive study regarding the … Read more

Medtronic analysis inc. PESTEL

Business Context – Company Background “FROM A REPAIR SHOP TO A GLOBAL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY LEADER”, Medtronic was established in 1949 as a restorative gear fix shop by Earl Bakken and his brother-in-law, Palmer Hermundslie. The first extraordinary treatment — a wearable, battery-fueled heart pacemaker — was the establishment for some more Medtronic treatments that utilize the … Read more

British Airways (PESTEC) Higher Business Assignment

Background The purpose of this report is to show the effect of external factors in British Airways PLC through a PESTEC analysis, which will evaluate the external business environment and its impact on the organisation’s performance. British Airways (BA) is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom and the second-largest UK airline, behind budget … Read more

A PEST Analysis of Jaguar Land Rover: Opportunities and Threats in the Next Five Years

Introduction Understanding the macro-environment and its impacts upon business operations is imperative for all organisations to retain competitiveness in the industry they operate (Capon, 2011). The external environment is frequently changing, thus analysing the environment using a PEST analysis can outline the factors that may affect or influence their future strategies. The external environment cannot … Read more

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems market analysis

INTRODUCTION Since the industrial revolution burning of fossil fuels has resulted in rapid rise of CO2 which causes ‘greenhouse effect’. (Ritchie & Roser, 2017). This is directly responsible for climate change. The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement linked to the United Nations which commits member states by setting internationally binding emissions reduction targets. (United … Read more

SWOT, PESTEL, PORTERS & TOWS for Habito (Entrepreneurial Strategy)

Executive Summary Habito Ltd is an online mortgage broker serving the leading needs of individual home buyers. They have access to a full range of mortgage source, are dedicated in finding the best, right land and met the clients unique needs. The objectives of Habito Ltd is to focus on providing personal service and to … Read more

The importance of strategic management (Private Railway Industry, EU)

Introduction The importance of Strategic Management in today’s business environment is an issue that can hardly be contested as it offers continuous direction and makes sure that the company stays permanently on the right track which leads to the achievement of its long term goals and objectives. For my graduation thesis, I have come up … Read more

Strategic position of SABMiller in 2007

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY To analyse the current strategic position of SABMiller I need to conduct an environmental scan which includes the following components: External analysis of SABMiller’s current situation. (PEST) Internal analysis of SABMiller’s current situation. (SWOT) Appendix 3 Analysis of SABMiller’s industry. (BCG Growth-Share Matrix) Appendix 4 The internal analysis can identify SABMiller’s strengths and … Read more

Strategic management: Singapore Airlines

1.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 1.1 PEST Analysis PEST analysis is use extensively to organize the result of environmental scanning. The theory is believed to be originated in the 1980s with various author included variations of the taxonomy classifications in a variety of orders: PEST, PESTLE, STEEPLE etc [Morrison, 2009]. PEST stands for Political, Economic, Social and … Read more

Vodafone: Marketing in An Operational Context (inc. PESTLE/SWOT)

INTRODUCTION Vodafone is one of the world’s leading mobile communications providers, operating in around 26 countries and are in partnership with over 55 networks. Captivating around 444 million customers around the world and around 19.5 million in the UK itself (Vodafone (2019). This British company was founded 27 years ago on 16th September 1991 by … Read more

PESTEL and Porter’s Five Forces (A2 Milk)

MACRO-ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS (PESTEL) The macro-environment is analysed by using PESTEL Analysis. It is a framework used to analyze and monitor the macro-environmental factor that has insightful impact on an organization’s performance, particularly in the future to determine opportunities and threats. Above: Business to You Political Political factor is all about how and to what extend … Read more

Apple SWOT and PESTEL analysis

Company Overview Company overview has been termed as one of the important aspects of all the certified companies. It plays a role of a tool that help in measuring the different operating conditions of a company. Apple Inc, company overview will focus on some important information about the company’s performance chart, issues affecting company, new … Read more

Starbucks evaluation, SWOT & PESTEL

Introduction: Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. The chain was founded in Seattle,Washington in 1971, it operates 23,450 locations worldwide, including 12,937 in the United States, 2,118 in China, 1,430 in Canada, 1,158 in Japan and 869 in the United Kingdom (Differences reflect growth since December 17, 2015) Starbucks locations serve … Read more

Barclays global financial services provider

1.0 INTRODUCTION Barclays is a global financial services provider deals with retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services all over the world. Barclays offers personal banking services to its customers all over the world and provides a variety of other products like loans, debit card, saving account, insurance, … Read more

Amazon Economic Environment (SWOT, PEST, price elasticity, supply & demand)

I) Introduction: In this report, we are going to talk about Amazon. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 4th1994 and it is now the largest internet store in the world. It grew from just a small book store to something really large. It is very diversified and sells everything from food to video … Read more

Samsung’s target market

Introduction Samsung is a South Korean company founded in March 1938. Initially Samsung was in the trading line that sells food products to nearby countries. Overtime Samsung have become one of the leading electronics company in the world. Samsung has been constantly expanding their product variation allowing their market share value and revenue to be … Read more

Alibaba business environment & impact on strategy

Through the use of the PESTEL framework, Porter’s Five Forces and Porter’s Value Chain, throughout this essay I will be analysing the business environment which Alibaba currently resides in and I will assess the way in which these factors impact on the strategies set out by Alibaba in their annual reports. I will focus on … Read more

Pestle analysis about Adidas

Adidas is a world-renowned sports clothing and accessories brand that originated in Herzogenaurach, Germany in 1920 by Adolf and Rudolph Dassler. It is one of the leaders in the sports footwear industry and sells millions of products every year working with hundreds of different, new designers, some of which are celebrities, looking to grow their … Read more

External environment of the mobile phone industry in the United States

With the invention of phones, our lives have been changing drastically. Now there are 5.3 billion cell-phone users and 90% of the world’s population is covered by a commercial wireless signal (Aylward, 2011). 82% of the United States population owns a smartphone (Deloitte, 2017). Consumers are now not only using their phones to communicate but … Read more

Likely future changes in the PESTLE analysis of Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

Introduction The aim of this report is to identify the likely future changes in the Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Legal environments of a UK private sector firm – Virgin Atlantic Airways. Using relevant theories, I am going to explain the possible effects of the changes identified upon the firm’s future profitability. What is more, … Read more


Introduction The case study provided about the eBay online store allows you to consider, in this assessment, the start of online business and its development. For a PESTLE analysis relating to the eBay online store, materials from the study case, from available materials from online research sites and from the book “The Business Environment” Sixth … Read more

Airbnb analysis (inc. SWOT, Porter’s, PESTEL)

Introduction Airbnb Company is based in San Francisco, California, which was founded on August 2008. It is considered one of the trustworthy companies for people to discover and book accommodation around the world.  Airbnb is a part of the Sharing Economy, which includes new technologies and tools that redlines the goods and services that are … Read more

Organisational environment for Innocent drinks

Introduction This is instinctive report that is aimed to achieve three main points; identify the nature and purpose of Innocent drinks as a business, analyse the organisational environment, methodically identify, examine and evaluate the various practises that innocent drinks is adopting in terms of micro and macro environmental forces (internal and external factors) in achieving … Read more

Analysing KFC’s marketing response to supply shortage of chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken, more commonly known as “KFC” has existed in the world since its inception in 1952 (KFC, 2018). Colonel Harland Sanders established the brand in North Corbin, USA which has grown exponentially and expanded globally with revenue in excess of 3 billion dollars in 2017 throughout its 21,487 stores (Statista, 2018). Recently in … Read more

Should Harrod enter China as a WFOE?

INTRODUCTION: Harrods is one of the best luxury departmental store in the United Kingdom. The store was founded by Charles Henry Harrod in 1849. The store is an attraction for many investors and had many owners. However, in May 2010, the store was bought by Qatar Holdings for £1.5 billion. (This is Money, 2018) Harrods … Read more

Primark Marketing Analysis (SWOT and PESTEL)

Primark is one of the most recognizable brands on the high street, due to their affordable prices which appeal to most people looking for fair prices and a likewise decent quality. Primark was first founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1969 by Arthur Ryan under the vision of replicating catwalk fashion at a relatively affordable price, … Read more

Analysis of Property Services Company ‘Settle’ (SWOT, PESTEL, 4 Ps)

Executive Summary: “Settle” is a business that provides services that include; home removal services, housekeeping and maintenance with an affordable price. It is located in London with its main office located in Holborn. The Unique Selling Point (USP) is providing the services all in one company to satisfy residents in London. This includes; removal, housekeeping … Read more

Tony’s Chocolonely analysis (including SWOT, PESTEL)

Tony’s Chocolonely is a Dutch company operating in the Food & Beverages industry more precisely in the chocolate industry. Founded by Teun van de Keuken in 2005 with the aim of offering chocolate that is completely free from child labour, the main objective of the company is to lead the world into producing exclusively fair … Read more

Analysis of Norbrook Laboratories – SWOT, PESTLE

As a business analyst for Norbrook Laboratories an examination of the current environmental factors that have an impact on the organisation has been requested.  A PESTLE analysis will be used to identify and discuss a range of macro environmental factors and drawing attention to the positive and negative impacts.  A SWOT analysis will be applied … Read more

Country study and Analysis (retail clothing industry – India + Sweden)

Country study is generally been undertaken when any person/company wants to go global. But before going so many aspects need to be analyzed such as culture, economic conditions, political structure etc. As in today scenario capital is one of scare resources which cannot be invested blindly. These factors make us aware about threats & opportunities … Read more

Face scanner payments project

Our company is introduced in the market as a start-up business which is going to come up with a new technological idea of making face scanner which will help the people go cashless. It was founded in December of 2016.The main objective of our product is to create a cashless society and try to make … Read more

How strategic planning works for Virgin Airline

Introduction This report will be focusing on how strategic planning works for Virgin Airline as an organisation. This is going to concentrate on missing, vision, objectives, goals and competencies of Virgin Airlines. The process of strategic planning is the key for successful implementation of an organisation. Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation … Read more

Political/Legal/Environmental aspects of PESTLE (Malaysia and the Netherlands)

1 Introduction Malaysia and the Netherlands are vastly different countries, both with their own (distinct) culture and environment. For companies that are interested in expanding their business to the other country, these differences can pose unforeseen situations. This report is a partial PESTLE-analysis, which is used in business to identify risks and opportunities in a … Read more

Lipton Iced Tea – SWOT / PESTEL

Contents Executive summery 2 1. Gantt chart 3 2. History of Unilever 5 2.2 Lipton Industry Profile 7 2.2.1 Situational Analysis 8 2.2.2 SWOT Analysis Lipton Tea 11 2.2.3 Market Segmentation 15 2.3 Recommendation 22 3. Industry Trend Analysis 25 3.1 Unilever in Best Position for Long-Term Growth 25 3.2 Innovation in Unilever 26 3.3 … Read more

Genesis PM – Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT and PESTEL

1. Preamble In today’s era, the management environment is more complex and organisations continually have to face new challenges and adapt to the latest changes. In order to cope and survive, it is vital for Genesis PM to review its existing objectives, goal and strategies. With a view to becoming more effective and efficient, the … Read more



Above source: ECMS

A PESTEL analysis (sometimes PESTLE or more recently PESTELE) is a tool used by marketers to analyse and monitor the macro-environmental (external marketing environment) factors that have an impact on an organisation. The result of which is used to identify threats and weaknesses which are used in a SWOT analysis.

PESTEL and PESTLE are the same thing – simply, the ‘E’ and the ‘L’ sometimes get swapped around. Sometimes you will see a shortened form – a ‘PEST’ analysis, which is pretty self explanatory – it misses off environmental/legal.

PESTEL is an acronym for:

P – Political
E – Economic
S – Social
T – Technological
E – Environmental
L – Legal
E – Ethical (NEW)


Political factors can have an influence upon strategic planning in the private sector as well as the public sector. This can be inter-industry politics (for example, the war between forestry regulatory bodies, PEFC and FSC, which also has ethical and environmental aspects) Or can be public with opposing national or international political party opinions (for example Brexit, its pros and cons, potential risks etc).


Economic factors will have a drastic effect upon organisational strategizing as some elements of a strategy may be simply out of reach financially. One strategy may be favoured over another purely on the grounds of profitability, potentially at the peril of other PESTLE factors.


The public perception of an organisation will be important for consideration especially for public relation strategies. How the organisation is seen by others will have a bearing on the organisation’s actions and choices with regard to other PESTLE factors. Other social aspects of a strategy will focus on the internal work culture of an organisation. Strategies which aim to improve staff productivity will take careful consideration of social factors within a working environment.


Advancements in technology can prompt new strategies but strategies can also prompt the development of new technology. Other PESTLE factors can give rise to new technological strategies. For example political and environmental pressures have encouraged the emergence of renewable energy technology which in turn have their own economic & social considerations.


Organisations need to comply within the legal boundaries of their operations and this will influence strategic planning. A strategy to increase profitability couldn’t revolve around evading tax because this would be illegal (and would also have ethical and social impacts).


Businesses have a responsibility to carry out their operations in an ethical and environmental manner. Even if a business strategy plan is legal, is it also ethical to operate in a given way? For example, there is no law against the purchase of some un-certified timber but without certification and regulation, we do not know that the timber has come from sustainably managed forests that seek to reduce environmental impact.

In practise, PESTLE aspects are very much linked: for example, political decisions affect economic, social, technological, legal and ethical factors of business strategy. A prime example of this would be introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in 2018. Under EU law, the GDPR changed the way in which organisations could handle personal data. Marketing strategies were particularly influenced by the change in legislation in terms of:

  • The economy (the cost of implementing organisational GDPR policies)
  • Social factors (How social media platforms reacted and revised policies to improve their public relations)
  • Technological factors (how personal data is harvested and stored)
  • Legal factors (passing of new legislation and the consequent regulation of GDPR law); and
  • Ethical factors (questioning whether it is ethically acceptable to use personal data in advertising etc).

Above you can find some links to examples of PESTEL analyses.

You can find more strategic planning tools and techniques here.