US pharmaceutical industry – five forces analysis (Pfizer)

1. PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS “The global market for pharmaceuticals is expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.9% to $1.3 trillion by 2020. The U.S market is expected to grow to $320 billion by 2020” (, 2016) According to Statista, “The U.S. pharmaceutical market is the world’s most important national market. Together … Read more

A Strategic Marketing Analysis of GoPro HERO Cameras

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <200 words> This assignment illustrates an analysis of the marketing strategy employed by GoPro Inc. on their camera line called HERO. It is divided into two parts one of which shows the full marketing audit of GoPro in the US that includes an evaluation of the current market performance presenting the way GoPro … Read more

Samsung PESTEL and Porter’s analysis

Samsung is a notable hardware brand. It is well known for its cell phones and TVs and a few different gadgets like cameras and wearable gadgets. The brand is likewise known for its emphasis on mechanical advancement. As of late, its deals have developed and in 2016 it conveyed noteworthy money related outcomes. Its lead … Read more

Hilton marketing report (inc. PESTLE, Porter’s & SWOT)

In this report, we will be looking at Hilton Hotels Corporation, which is a global hospitality company with more than 5,500 properties and 163,000 employees (Fortune 500, 2018) over the world. This well-known hotel brand is known for their well-trained staff members, brilliant service and loved by millions of business people all over the world. … Read more

The Gym Group – marketing analysis and strategy

Executive Summary: The Gym Group is a fast growing, leading provider of high-quality low-cost gyms, with 165 gyms open nationwide holding over 796,000 members (The Gym, 2019). They aim to provide affordable access to exercise facilities and expert help to everyone wanting to improve their wellbeing, whatever their starting point, whatever their destination (The Gym, … Read more

Deliveroo entry into Sweden – PESTLE/Porter’s Five Forces

PESTEL A PESTLE analysis will be used to analyse the macro-environment in Sweden. A PESTLE analysis breaks down the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors of a country which would have an external impact on business in that country. Political factors Sweden is a constitutional monarchy ruled by the governmental parliament, similar to … Read more

Alibaba Strategic Business Analytic report

Executive Summary This management report is a Strategic Business Analytic report based on Alibaba’s Macro and Micro Environmental Factors. The Macro Factor Analysis employs two types of analysis; PESTLE framework and Porter’s 5 forces whereas the Micro Factors are analysed by two frameworks; VRIO and SWOT Analysis. 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Alibaba’s External Business Environment – … Read more

British Airways’ (BA) marketing strategy

Introduction This report will critically analyse British Airways’ (BA) marketing strategy. Situational Analysis BA is the largest airline in the United Kingdom (UK). It has the main hub in Heathrow Airport in London and it flies internationally to more than 400 destinations in over 80 countries. The airline is a member of International Airline Group … Read more

Zipcar / Adira analysis including Porter’s Five Forces

1.a) There is a tremendous synergy between the Zipcars business and the IT strategy. Zipcar relies heavily on automated processes, and supports its clients’ social networks, so they can freely provide feedback about the company and its products and services. IT fully supports what Zipcar wants to achieve and all steps in the process such … Read more

Telstra Case Study Assignment (VRIN, Porter’s)

1.0 Overview Telstra Corporation Ltd is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services provider and owner of a large proportion of Australia’s fixed-line copper network. A publicly listed company operating out of its’ Melbourne headquarters, Telstra services individuals, small businesses, larger corporations and enterprises as well as the Australian Government. The company operates primarily in Australia, … Read more

About Porter’s Five Forces

Porter's Five Forces

Above source: Business To You

Porter’s 5 forces is a framework that helps to determine the attractiveness of an industry that highlights five competitive forcers including threat of entry, threat of substitutes, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers and the extend of rivalry between competitors. Furthermore, it can help organizations to build sustainable competitive advantage.

The threat of entry

This determines how easy it is for new companies to enter a particular industry. When the barriers of entry into an industry is high, there are lesser businesses entering the market due to strong competition and vice versa.

The threat of substitutes

This factor determines to what consumers can choose between the products and services as businesses are price taker.

The bargaining power of buyers

This factor determines to what extend which buyers can influence the pricing of goods and services. When there are many buyers in the market, the competition low because consumers can go with the business that meets their needs at the lowest price and vice versa.

The bargaining power of suppliers

This factor determines the extent to which suppliers can influence the price on organization. When there are a lot suppliers in the industry, organizations can switch from one supplier to another as long as the price is the lowest in the market and vice versa.

The extend of rivalry between competitors

This factor determines competitive level in the industry, whether does the firms have control over the prices of goods and services. If the rivalry among the existing companies in this industry is intense it will result to decrease in prices and profitability.

By analysing all the five competitive forces, strategists can gain a complete picture of what impacts the profitability of the industry. They can identify trends early on and can quickly respond to exploit the emerging opportunity and shape forces in their favour.

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