US pharmaceutical industry – five forces analysis (Pfizer)

1. PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS “The global market for pharmaceuticals is expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.9% to $1.3 trillion by 2020. The U.S market is expected to grow to $320 billion by 2020” (, 2016) According to Statista, “The U.S. pharmaceutical market is the world’s most important national market. Together … Read more

A Strategic Marketing Analysis of GoPro HERO Cameras

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <200 words> This assignment illustrates an analysis of the marketing strategy employed by GoPro Inc. on their camera line called HERO. It is divided into two parts one of which shows the full marketing audit of GoPro in the US that includes an evaluation of the current market performance presenting the way GoPro … Read more

Samsung PESTEL and Porter’s analysis

Samsung is a notable hardware brand. It is well known for its cell phones and TVs and a few different gadgets like cameras and wearable gadgets. The brand is likewise known for its emphasis on mechanical advancement. As of late, its deals have developed and in 2016 it conveyed noteworthy money related outcomes. Its lead … Read more

Hilton marketing report (inc. PESTLE, Porter’s & SWOT)

In this report, we will be looking at Hilton Hotels Corporation, which is a global hospitality company with more than 5,500 properties and 163,000 employees (Fortune 500, 2018) over the world. This well-known hotel brand is known for their well-trained staff members, brilliant service and loved by millions of business people all over the world. … Read more

The Gym Group – marketing analysis and strategy

Executive Summary: The Gym Group is a fast growing, leading provider of high-quality low-cost gyms, with 165 gyms open nationwide holding over 796,000 members (The Gym, 2019). They aim to provide affordable access to exercise facilities and expert help to everyone wanting to improve their wellbeing, whatever their starting point, whatever their destination (The Gym, … Read more

Deliveroo entry into Sweden – PESTLE/Porter’s Five Forces

PESTEL A PESTLE analysis will be used to analyse the macro-environment in Sweden. A PESTLE analysis breaks down the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors of a country which would have an external impact on business in that country. Political factors Sweden is a constitutional monarchy ruled by the governmental parliament, similar to … Read more

Alibaba Strategic Business Analytic report

Executive Summary This management report is a Strategic Business Analytic report based on Alibaba’s Macro and Micro Environmental Factors. The Macro Factor Analysis employs two types of analysis; PESTLE framework and Porter’s 5 forces whereas the Micro Factors are analysed by two frameworks; VRIO and SWOT Analysis. 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Alibaba’s External Business Environment – … Read more

British Airways’ (BA) marketing strategy

Introduction This report will critically analyse British Airways’ (BA) marketing strategy. Situational Analysis BA is the largest airline in the United Kingdom (UK). It has the main hub in Heathrow Airport in London and it flies internationally to more than 400 destinations in over 80 countries. The airline is a member of International Airline Group … Read more

Zipcar / Adira analysis including Porter’s Five Forces

1.a) There is a tremendous synergy between the Zipcars business and the IT strategy. Zipcar relies heavily on automated processes, and supports its clients’ social networks, so they can freely provide feedback about the company and its products and services. IT fully supports what Zipcar wants to achieve and all steps in the process such … Read more

Telstra Case Study Assignment (VRIN, Porter’s)

1.0 Overview Telstra Corporation Ltd is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services provider and owner of a large proportion of Australia’s fixed-line copper network. A publicly listed company operating out of its’ Melbourne headquarters, Telstra services individuals, small businesses, larger corporations and enterprises as well as the Australian Government. The company operates primarily in Australia, … Read more

Centrica Plc Internal and External Analysis Report (SWOT, PESTLE, Porter’s)

Background Information Centrica PLC is an energy providing company in the United Kingdom that supplies Electricity and Gas to households in the United Kingdom, Ireland and North America, the company’s headquarters is located in Windsor, Berkshire ( Furthermore, Centrica owns British Gas, British Gas will be used for comparison terms. They are currently the market … Read more

Marks and Spencer (M & S) – Porter’s Five Forces

Due to the increasingly complicated financial risks and fictional reporting, changing expectations in the distinct business organizations as well as the rapid development of economic integration, corporate governance has been placed on the worldwide agenda in recent fifty years. Moreover, the essence of modern corporate governance is shifting from a mode of shareholder primacy which … Read more

Liverpool football club (PESTLE, Porter’s, SWOT)

Liverpool football club was founded in 1892, playing in the top tier of English football known as the Premier League. Currently competing in the UEFA champions league, FA cup and league cup. The club has won 18 league titles, 8 league cups, 7 FA cups, 15 Community Shields, 3 UEFA super cups and 5 European … Read more

Competitive position of Dabur in domestic and international markets

The report provides a critical examination of the competitive position of Dabur in domestic and international market by conducting a detailed analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the key success factors which help in evaluating the possibilities of launching the company in the UK. Also, the value chain analysis discovered the core competencies of … Read more

Costco (inc. Pestel, Porter’s)

EXTERNAL ANALYSIS 1. PESTEL ANALYSIS 1.1 Economic • Membership Fees – In 2017 Costco generated $2.85 Billion in membership fees alone. • Employment – In 2017, Costco employed 133,000 full-time employees and 98,000 part-time employees. Pay ranges between $13.50/Hr up to $60.00/Hr with Benefits. • Costco generate an average Annual Revenue of $170 Million per … Read more

Oculus (VR) analysis inc. Porter’s Five Forces

The mission of Oculus is ‘to enable people to have meaningful interactions regardless of physical distance’ (Oculus, 2019), and the vision is ‘building the future of VR’ (Oculus, 2019). Broadly defined, Oculus is operating in the industry of digital entertainment (Oculus, 2019). More narrowly, the industry of Oculus could be defined as the industry of … Read more

Overview of (1) Brewing Industry / (2) Air Asia and the Tune Group

Portfolio 1: Overview of the Brewing Industry The case study concentrates on the market conditions of the brewing industry in the United Kingdom especially from the largest remaining brewers, Marston’s and Greene King (Stephen, and Barry, 2007). The brewing industry has seen a significant change because of the varying demands and structure in the market. … Read more

Lloyds bank analysis (inc. Porter’s, PESTEL)

1.0 Introduction Lloyds bank originally formed in 1765. In 2009 however Lloyds banking group was formed and is the UK’s largest leading provider of current accounts, savings, personal loans, credit cards and mortgages with over 30 million customers. Currently they employ around 75,000 employees and operate a multi – brand strategy with their main brands … Read more

EE/telecoms market entry to New Zealand (PESTEL, Porter’s)

Introduction Globalisation and the ease in trade have led to the expansion of many new businesses across the globe and therefore understanding the business environment in a global scale has been an important aspect of studying in order to understand the organisational behaviors. In the following report, I have conducted a comprehensive study regarding the … Read more

Volkwagen analysis (including Porter’s 5 Forces)

INTRODUCTION It was dubbed the “Dieselgate” scandal. In September 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discovered that numerous models of Volkwagen cars being sold in America contained “defeat device” software in diesel engines that was able to detect when they were being tested for emissions, changing the drive performance accordingly to improve results (Hotten, 2015). … Read more

Analysis of expansion into foreign country (Bongousse Bap Burgers – Australia)

Executive summary With key global marketing theories and practises, this market entry presents Australia as a prime candidate for expansion. Specifically looking at what information South Korean company Bongousse Bap Burgers, (translation: tasty bites rice burger) will need to know prior to expanding into a foreign country (Haemil, n.d). In assessing the various environments within … Read more

Strategy for a performing arts company (SWOT, Porter’s, VRIO)

Strategy of a company is a decision about how to use available resources to secure a major objective in the face of possible obstruction such as competitor, public opinion, legal status, taboos and similar forces (Koontz and O’Donnell) (Anon., n.d.) Strategy is a pattern of actions that are allocated to achieve the organisation’s goals. Strategy … Read more

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems market analysis

INTRODUCTION Since the industrial revolution burning of fossil fuels has resulted in rapid rise of CO2 which causes ‘greenhouse effect’. (Ritchie & Roser, 2017). This is directly responsible for climate change. The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement linked to the United Nations which commits member states by setting internationally binding emissions reduction targets. (United … Read more

SWOT, PESTEL, PORTERS & TOWS for Habito (Entrepreneurial Strategy)

Executive Summary Habito Ltd is an online mortgage broker serving the leading needs of individual home buyers. They have access to a full range of mortgage source, are dedicated in finding the best, right land and met the clients unique needs. The objectives of Habito Ltd is to focus on providing personal service and to … Read more

Spartan Race – Porter’s 5 Forces + SWOT analysis

Abstract This marketing proposal aims to prove why we should manage the next edition of the Spartan Race. Using two essential tools, Porter’s 5-Forces and SWOT analysis, this proposal has shown how strong Spartan race are compared to other obstacle race. Providing other than just an obstacle race, they have been raising brand awareness through … Read more

Strategic position of SABMiller in 2007

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY To analyse the current strategic position of SABMiller I need to conduct an environmental scan which includes the following components: External analysis of SABMiller’s current situation. (PEST) Internal analysis of SABMiller’s current situation. (SWOT) Appendix 3 Analysis of SABMiller’s industry. (BCG Growth-Share Matrix) Appendix 4 The internal analysis can identify SABMiller’s strengths and … Read more

PESTEL and Porter’s Five Forces (A2 Milk)

MACRO-ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS (PESTEL) The macro-environment is analysed by using PESTEL Analysis. It is a framework used to analyze and monitor the macro-environmental factor that has insightful impact on an organization’s performance, particularly in the future to determine opportunities and threats. Above: Business to You Political Political factor is all about how and to what extend … Read more

Porters five forces model – Automobile Industry, & analyse investment

Topic: Apply the Porter’s five forces model on Automobile Industry and analyse the attractiveness of the Industry for Investment purpose Evolution of Porter’s Five Forces Model Five forces is a framework for the industry analysis and business strategy development developed by Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School in 1979. Michael Porter is a professor … Read more

Alibaba business environment & impact on strategy

Through the use of the PESTEL framework, Porter’s Five Forces and Porter’s Value Chain, throughout this essay I will be analysing the business environment which Alibaba currently resides in and I will assess the way in which these factors impact on the strategies set out by Alibaba in their annual reports. I will focus on … Read more

External factors affecting Nike footwear and apparel sector in the UK

1.0 Executive Summary The objective of this report is to identify the external factors affecting the Nike footwear and apparel sector in the United Kingdom. The analysis for the external factors affecting Nike Inc in UK will be obtained by using the Porters Five Force. The five forces method will be applied by focusing on … Read more

Airbnb Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Introduction Airbnb’s primary business is a provision of an accommodation marketplace where people can list their living spaces to rent for short periods of time. The history of the company originated in the apartment of the two founders Brian Checky and Joe Gebbia in San Francisco. The two flat mates were struggling with rent money … Read more

Kiwirail analysis (including SWOT)

Executive Summary Strategy implementation is being done in this report in kiwirail. Kiwirail is a state owned enterprise in new Zealand which is responsible for the transport of rail operations in the country. Kiwirail is one of the biggest transport providers in new zeland. Its headquarter is in wellington. Chairman of kiwirail is jon spencer. … Read more

Unilever (Porter’s Five Forces)

Introduction Unilever is a transnational company competing in the global consumer market where 2.5 billion people use Unilever products every day (UNILEVER, 2018). Unilever operate in 190 countries with over 400 brands aiming to create sustainable living commonplace (UNILEVER, 2018). Unilever was established on 1 January 1930 with the merger between Dutch company Margarine Unie … Read more

Verizon and T-Mobile (Porter’s, SWOT)

Verizon and T-Mobile are both major companies competing as wireless telecommunications carriers in the US. Their industry provides services such as cellular mobile phone services, wireless internet access, and wireless video services. The primary activities of this industry include providing wireless network communication service for local, long-distance and international calls, providing wireless internet services, and … Read more

Ben and Jerry’s and its environment (SWOT, Porter’s)

The most suitable way to define the environment of the company is to present the competition in the involved industries, and to present the position of Ben and Jerry’s in the competition. Therefore, we would like categorize similar and substitute products as competitors. Afterwards, through a SWOT analysis we will further examine Ben and Jerry’s … Read more

Airbnb analysis (inc. SWOT, Porter’s, PESTEL)

Introduction Airbnb Company is based in San Francisco, California, which was founded on August 2008. It is considered one of the trustworthy companies for people to discover and book accommodation around the world.  Airbnb is a part of the Sharing Economy, which includes new technologies and tools that redlines the goods and services that are … Read more

Organisational environment for Innocent drinks

Introduction This is instinctive report that is aimed to achieve three main points; identify the nature and purpose of Innocent drinks as a business, analyse the organisational environment, methodically identify, examine and evaluate the various practises that innocent drinks is adopting in terms of micro and macro environmental forces (internal and external factors) in achieving … Read more

Should Harrod enter China as a WFOE?

INTRODUCTION: Harrods is one of the best luxury departmental store in the United Kingdom. The store was founded by Charles Henry Harrod in 1849. The store is an attraction for many investors and had many owners. However, in May 2010, the store was bought by Qatar Holdings for £1.5 billion. (This is Money, 2018) Harrods … Read more

Heytea – SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces

The retail industry has always been and continues to be the most fiercely competitive business sectors in all aspects of its operation In America. Therefore, it is crucial for Heytea to comprehend the business environment and the demands of USA consumers. Thus, porter five forces and swot analysis will be used to conduct analysis for … Read more

Face scanner payments project

Our company is introduced in the market as a start-up business which is going to come up with a new technological idea of making face scanner which will help the people go cashless. It was founded in December of 2016.The main objective of our product is to create a cashless society and try to make … Read more

Genesis PM – Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT and PESTEL

1. Preamble In today’s era, the management environment is more complex and organisations continually have to face new challenges and adapt to the latest changes. In order to cope and survive, it is vital for Genesis PM to review its existing objectives, goal and strategies. With a view to becoming more effective and efficient, the … Read more analysis including Porter’s Five Forces

Executive Summary This paper will discuss the online books retailer in two different aspects, initially we will comment t about, followed by how the company has managed its information systems acquisition and /or development in order to obtain better competitive advantage using the two model analysis. is greatly concerned with customer desires … Read more

About Porter’s Five Forces

Porter's Five Forces

Above source: Business To You

Porter’s 5 forces is a framework that helps to determine the attractiveness of an industry that highlights five competitive forcers including threat of entry, threat of substitutes, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers and the extend of rivalry between competitors. Furthermore, it can help organizations to build sustainable competitive advantage.

The threat of entry

This determines how easy it is for new companies to enter a particular industry. When the barriers of entry into an industry is high, there are lesser businesses entering the market due to strong competition and vice versa.

The threat of substitutes

This factor determines to what consumers can choose between the products and services as businesses are price taker.

The bargaining power of buyers

This factor determines to what extend which buyers can influence the pricing of goods and services. When there are many buyers in the market, the competition low because consumers can go with the business that meets their needs at the lowest price and vice versa.

The bargaining power of suppliers

This factor determines the extent to which suppliers can influence the price on organization. When there are a lot suppliers in the industry, organizations can switch from one supplier to another as long as the price is the lowest in the market and vice versa.

The extend of rivalry between competitors

This factor determines competitive level in the industry, whether does the firms have control over the prices of goods and services. If the rivalry among the existing companies in this industry is intense it will result to decrease in prices and profitability.

By analysing all the five competitive forces, strategists can gain a complete picture of what impacts the profitability of the industry. They can identify trends early on and can quickly respond to exploit the emerging opportunity and shape forces in their favour.

Below you can find a range of example essays that include Porter’s Five Forces analysis.

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