Exercise as a Self-Care Modality

“I Pledge” The calling of nursing requires a person to have a capacity and sense of satisfaction for healing others in the physical, emotional, and mental realms. Nurses spend their entire professions providing care to their patients and their families regularly in the happiest moments to the most exceedingly awful or alarming times of their … Read more

Reflection on career, skills and employability

NETWORKING AND USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA Networking can be defined as ‘A supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest’ (Dictionary.com). http://www.dictionary.com/browse/networking My generations have had it easy because I was born and living in the era where professional connections can be done online such as with LinkedIn.com … Read more

Origins and future of psychology (reflective)

“The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best” (Valery, n.d.). From 600 to 300 BC, Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle recorded such topics as pleasure, pain, knowledge, motivation and rationality. Becoming the front runners of early philosophy. With psychology beginning in the … Read more

Analysis of delivering a micro-teach + teaching session (reflective)

Doctors play significant roles as teachers by channelling the information and research they have conducted to other individuals to create a network of information (Barksby et al. 2015). A doctor has to perform teaching to be equipped in skills and attitudes to pass information and knowledge through education. There exist no predetermined or formal routes … Read more

Caregiver reflective case study (Colon cancer, counselling)

Introduction I am Exxx Oxxx I am a professional caregiver presently engaged with xxx Ltd as a caregiver. In the course of my engagements, I have had the privilege to assist people of various backgrounds with issues of various ranges. One of my most engaging interactions was with a young lady who recently migrated to … Read more

Fairtrade, Sustainability, Consumer Activism, Greenwashing (reflective)

Class #1 January 8, 2019 Topic – Introduction to Fair Trade and Ethical Consumption. (Source- Instructor’s presentation in class) • Description of the Topics: The class started with very interesting topic on “Fair Trade”. After Professor Miskiman explained some things about Fair trade what I extracted from it was that fair trade is eliminating the … Read more

Students retelling a story (learning objective, reflective)

The specific learning objective measured during the assessment chosen for analysis is students retelling a story, including who, what, when, and where, sequencing with the terms first, next, then and last. Students were asked to caption one of the four major events from the book using their prior knowledge and anchor chart. The state standards … Read more