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Reflective account – data, information & knowledge management in the NHS and academia

This reflective account, looks at solving problems, using attitudes, values, beliefs, and how critical thinking can be applied to how data and information should be correctly used throughout any organisation, as an example to assist with critical thinking, two main theme areas will be used throughout National Health Service (NHS) and academia. Applying critical thinking … Read more

Attending a suspected stabbing – leadership (reflective)

This essay is a reflection of practice on an incident that I attended where I will critically evaluate and reflect on the application of leadership, coaching and mentoring styles that have been used. (2018) “Standard of conduct, performance and ethics” states that a paramedic should be able to designate, instruct and monitor task to … Read more

My journey of teaching and learning mathematics since embarking on a PGCE Mathematics course

Before I came to study a Post Graduate Certificate (PGCE) Mathematics course at University College London Institute of Education (UCL IOE), I had been working as an Academic Tutor at a behavioural centre, linked to a mainstream secondary school for the past 7 months. Students placed here had either learning difficulties or behaviour issues experienced … Read more

Development priorities of Rose hill youth and young adults’ community (reflective)

An assessment of the development priorities of Rose hill youth and young adults’ community, drawing from the profile developed by our student’s group. Drawing a proposal to meet the needs and a theory informed reflection of our group process. Historically according to Slack, R. C. B. (1998), a community was often described as a small … Read more

SEND provision for pupil with dyslexia (including reflective)

This study will concentrate on Cognition and Learning, with a focus on SpLD-Dyslexia. Cognition and Learning is the most common type of primary need nationally, representing 50% of secondary school students recorded as SEN support (DfE, 2017). Children identified as having SpLD are those with the poorest academic attainment. Figures for 2016 GCSE outcomes demonstrate … Read more

Reflective account: working with children placed in residential services due to complex health needs

SVQ Reflective Account My Workplace Currently I work with Capability Scotland at Stanmore House Residential Bungalows. Typically, I work with children aged between 5-19 who have been placed in residential services due to complex health needs and parents may have opted to place their child within a residential service or they have been placed with … Read more

Explore and discuss reflective practice as a key to professional learning

The healthcare profession is an emotionally demanding career and because academic learning alone does not prepare individuals for the complex and daunting challenges they face during their practice (Rolf and Gary, 2011), the need to continually assess oneself and look back at previous events or incidents to learn from them in order to make provision … Read more

Behaviourist approach & use of lecture/demonstration method (reflective)

Reflective account on behaviourist approach and use of lecture/demonstration method for a clinical skills session (peripheral intravenous cannula care) Introduction Facilitating learning is the key role of a teacher (Scott and Spouse 2013). Bastable (2019) suggested that teaching and learning are mutually dependent to encompass the educational process. This process of education can occur in … Read more

Leadership in Adult Nursing (reflective)

Introduction Leadership is a process which involves individual activity to state desire objective and vision in a situation, providing support and motivating other people to attend set goals (Swearingen, 2009). Danae et al. (2017) believe that leadership is broadly recognised as a key aspect of overall effective healthcare. Therefore, nurses require strong leadership skills to … Read more

Reflecting and reviewing my experiences as a student, teacher and facilitator

Introduction I am the Clinical Lead for Obstetric Anaesthesia in our trust. My remit, amongst many aspects, includes the investigation of untoward clinical incidents and the dissemination and reinforcement of any lessons learned. Maternal haemorrhage remains one of the leading direct causes of maternal mortality and morbidity and has continued to feature prominently in national … Read more

Reflective essay : Learning process

Reflective Essay Introduction During this term, my learning process involved methods that assisted in grasping the content that was being given in class. In this paper, a reflection on my learning processes this term, especially my metacognition processes, is outlined. An evaluation of my understanding and awareness of my thought processes is imperative in giving … Read more

Reflective essay : group assignment

Reflective Essay Tasks within the academical setting are increasingly focused on groups, as groups’ importance, in the professional setting, increases. Benefits of student-group work include: Chance to work on a project that is too difficult or complex for an individual (Lavy, 2017) Improvement of employability skills and a chance to practice those (Smith and Yates, … Read more

Reflective essay based on Kolb’s (1984) cycle of reflective learning

This essay is a reflective essay based on Kolb’s (1984) cycle of reflective learning I will be reflecting upon my experience as part of a group in which the end result was presenting a group presentation. Reflective practice is a mixture of deliberate and calculated thinking alongside more spontaneous thoughts (Neilson, Stragnell & Jester, 2007). … Read more

Reflective essay: A protein found in human breast milk could help kill drug resistant bacteria

The purpose of this essay is to explore the topic “A protein found in human breast milk could help kill drug resistant bacteria” through examining a chosen secondary review article, and comparing it with a primary research article. The secondary review article that I have selected is “Lactoferrin: an important host defence against microbial and … Read more