Confucianism – reflective

1 Introduction I spent my semester abroad in Seoul, South Korea. As an East Asian country, South Korea obviously differs from Germany in many ways, including culture and morale. Both of these have been strongly affected by Confucianism, a philosophy which was introduced to South Korea through strong influence from China many centuries ago and … Read more

Unpacking aspects of Te Tiriti

Unpacking aspects of Te Tiriti The Treaty of Waitangi has three principles that are referenced throughout. They have become not only a foundation of the Treaty for the Maori but also underlying aspects incorporated into the current curriculum.  The three aspects are partnership, participation and protection (ANZASW). I have looked in-depth into the first principles … Read more

Mentor Reflection Paper

Mentor Reflection Paper This semester was extremely beneficial for both my soul and for my leadership development. There were several moments through my mentoring and training that my pastor shared with me moments of wisdom that stuck with me when it related to my leadership of others within the church. Those moments were setting the … Read more

Reflective – reducing low-level disruption in my classroom

Throughout my first placement I have struggled with low-level disruption in a number of lessons. During this essay I will reflect on a series of year 7 lessons to highlight how I modified my instructions to reduce low-level disruption in my classroom. As a result of low-level disruption pupils are left disengaged and distracted, usually … Read more

Reflective journal – leadership

Reflective Portfolio The managerial Role gap analysis by “mintzberg” 1has made me aware of the 3 types of Managerial roles which are Informational, Interpersonal and Decisional roles. Each Role is dissected further and a simple scoring system is used based on whether the Role is either important or not important in your current working environment. … Read more

Alcohol – reflective

Alcohol is something that people drink because of different reasons. Some drink because it calms them down, some drink because it excites them, some drink because it makes them hysterical. There are so many reasons why people drink but it is not something that is necessary to have in order to have a good time. … Read more