Effect of maslinic acid on the immune function of liver (Research Proposal)

Introduction Maslinic acid, also known as crategolic acid or (2α, 3β)-2, 3-dihydroxyolean-12-en-28-oic acid is a pentacyclic triterpene widely spread in the plant kingdom. We examine the potential of one group of compounds called triterpenes, derived from traditional medicine and diet for their ability to suppress inflammatory pathways. In the last decades, and in response to … Read more

Research proposal for Unilever’s strategy & impact of financial performance

BACKGROUND This is an individual proposal, an examination of the strategy of Unilever and the impact of its financial performance. In undertaking this research I will examine, same of Unilever‘s strategies and evaluate their impact on the financial performance of the company. Over 2.5 million people in the world use some of Unilever’s products which … Read more

Research proposal: Cultural Connectors

Executive summary This research report provides a description as well as an analysis of theories and strategies on how to differentiate Cultural Connectors in their competitive landscape in order to grow their business especially in The Netherlands and Belgium. The goal of this research is to give advice for Cultural Connectors on how to differentiate … Read more

Re-(art)iculating the (His)tories of the South Seas Oeuvre

Introduction and background information This master’s research proposal interrogates the visual representations of the indigenous women in the Nanyang, or South Seas, oeuvre by male émigré artists based in Malaya in the 20th century. I consider the relationship between these artists and their artworks with the larger Southeast Asian cultural constructs of gender and sexuality … Read more

Relationships between construct of marketing audit and business performance

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Research Focus This study brings to fore the concept of “marketing audit”, and investigates the concept of an organizations analysis of its market, and examines the conceptual and empirical evidence for the construct of market audit. It provides a comparative analysis of the constructs of marketing audit with marketing fit and … Read more

Relationship between human resource management and organizational performance

Human resource management plays a key role in organizational performance. Selection and recruitment, training and development , appraisal, rewards, career management, improving conditions, communication, negotiation are so many human resource management practices, these practices are largely used in the companies of today. No doubt that organizations internationally and nationally are determined for achievement and high … Read more

Indian Diaspora – research proposal

Indian Diaspora is a common term used for addressing people who have migrated from the territories of India. It comprises NRIs (Non-resident Indians) and PIOs (Persons of Indian origins). It is estimated that the Indian Diaspora is to be over 30 million, spreading across more than 200 countries. It is reported, that the Indian Diaspora … Read more

Difficulties encountered by student in online teaching and learning (proposal)

An action research plan on online teaching and learning practices. Abstract As an education student, I realized the lectures that was online based had problems and challenges that needed urgent solutions. This paper focuses on the nature of online teaching and student learning. The paper elaborate how students encounter technical difficulties, how understanding and consuming … Read more

How does line spacing affect reading performance of participants? (proposal)

Background of the Study Reading is the core of learning as it is an active process required to gain more knowledge, practice as well as improving learning skills (Blackmore-Wright, Georgeson, & Anderson, 2013). By reading, students nurture knowledge, with it improving comprehension, communication, analysing ability, as well as other skills, making texts a subject matter … Read more