Investigating the interrelations between the concepts of time and place brands

Abstract The proposed research project aims at investigating the interrelations between the concepts of time and place brands. Place branding is a widely implemented approach to place development, initially based on the ideas of product marketing and branding. It implies considering places (countries, regions, cities, towns, etc.) as specific brands, i.e. as networks of associations … Read more

Practical application of Behavioural Finance in Asset Management

RESEARCH PROPOSAL 1) BACKGROUND My research interest centres on the practical application of Behavioural Finance in Asset Management. Behavioural finance is a relatively new but fast–growing field of finance following the pioneering work of Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman; Richard Thaler; Robert Shiller and others researchers (Sewell, 2010). The motivation to study this subject stems … Read more

Explore relationship between childhood abuse and anorexia and bulimia

Introduction In brief, Anorexia Nervosa (anorexia) refers to a psychological eating disorder characterized by minimal consumption of food (Treasure and Alexander, 2013). Individuals who suffer from this condition exhibit extreme low body weight in relation to their height and body type. Similarly, Bulimia Nervosa (bulimia) is also a psychological eating syndrome. However, instead of someone … Read more

The way different power relations assigned to the institutional subject position of an agent, affects their practical argumentation.

Globalisation is characterised by the creation of a global marketplace, and by the compression of space and time. These advancements have gained social endurance by developments in communication and transportation technologies (Betz, 1994; pp27; Barney, 2011; pp158). Examples of these developments are the invention of the internet, and the creation of various social media platforms. … Read more

Women’s participation rates in cardiac rehabilitation (CR)

Section one 2.0 Introduction and Rationale: The Rationale for focusing this dissertation around women’s participation rates in cardiac rehabilitation (CR) comes from both personal and professional interest in cardiac conditions and cardiac rehabilitation. This is used as a driving force to gain knowledge on this topic and understand why participation rates are low, and how … Read more

Quality of life of primary caregivers of children with cerebral palsy

A research proposal in partial fulfillment for the degree of Masters of Medicine (Paediatrics and Child Health), University of Nairobi. Dr. Axxxxxxxxx Hxxxx Fxxxx (MBBS) ABBREVIATIONS BDI – Beck Depression Inventory CP – Cerebral Palsy HRQoL – Health-related Quality of Life LQoL – Low Quality of Life KNH – Kenyatta National Hospital QoL – Quality … Read more

Impact of racial stereotypes/racism on, self-esteem amongst African-American students regarding standardized testing

How do racial stereotypes/racism effect self -esteem among African-American students through standardized testing throughout the school year and how racism affects the social consciousness as of society when it comes to immigrants and deportation The focus of these proposed studies is to attempt to 1) identify racism and its effects on education and the social … Read more

Qualitative research

Qualitative research is a fundamental part of understanding our society, it aids in the discovery of social norms, confirms or refutes different hypotheses about society and is a crucial part of the development of knowledge in modern society. Qualitative research is a method among many others of how we describe and explain our social world, … Read more

What is the effect of different leadership styles on the organizational learning culture and organizational performance? (research proposal)

Leadership can be interpreted in several ways, as every organization will encounter with certain types of leadership. Leadership keeps an organization functioning properly and can courage the employees to keep up hard work. Leadership can be seen as a complex process as well, a process that eventually leads to better organizational learning and an improved … Read more

Is there a correlation between companies using ethical practices and purchasing patterns of consumers? (dissertation proposal)

Introduction At present, the fashion industry is facing negative responses by consumers regarding ethical issues, with this more than half of consumers agree that people should boycott companies that behave unethically (Mintel, 2015), which can show that company profits can be affected massively due to companies not being ethical (Worcester, 2007). It has been said … Read more

Optimal grid-connected PV system and benefits

1. INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Introduction A grid-connected PV systems generates electricity from the energy that is made available by the sun, and the electricity is then converted into grid-compliant AC by an inverter. The process of PV electrical generation itself is entirely pollution-free but the manufacturing and system setup of PV arrays … Read more

How to write a research proposal

A guide to writing effective research proposals This article explains how to write a research proposal, including the purpose of the proposal, what to include, the structure and common problems that are encountered by students as they research or write their proposal. Purpose of the research proposal A research proposal may have several purposes, including to receive … Read more

How to write a thesis

A thesis is the final research project conducted as the capstone to a postgraduate degree. In the United States, a thesis refers to the final project for a master’s degree; only the final project for a doctoral degree is called a dissertation. In the United Kingdom, however, the term “thesis” is not widely used. The term “dissertation” is … Read more

Advantages of Building Information Modelling

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT ABSTRACT BIM (Building Information Modelling), an innovative parametric software has seen widespread use in AEC design firms worldwide. BIM enhances the efficiency of the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) world to a point where buildings can be edited digitally in real time. BIM has recently attracted extensive attention in the Architectural, Engineering … Read more

The importance of culture for project success

Research has shown that an organisation’s culture directly impacts its bottom-line (Kotter & Haskett 1992 cited by Cooper, 2000). In projectised organisations, where the bottom-line is determined via the delivery of successful projects, this phenomenon can be a blessing or a curse (Ikeda, 2006), depending on whether the organisational culture is supportive of project management, … Read more

Housing delivery systems

1.1. Background Housing delivery system in most of developing countries is an integration of various interrelated components which comprises land, building materials, infrastructure, building policies and regulations and the most crucial component is finance. Finance component in housing delivery is very important due to the fact that it cause huge financial requirement for housing production. … Read more

The health of a fetus

The health of a fetus during intrauterine life has an important implication on the overall well-being and quality of life a person will live after birth. Fetal stress enables it to adapt and cope with life in the natal period. However, when the stress exceeds a certain level, there is a high probability of the … Read more

“BIM” (Building Information Modelling)

1 CHAPTER – Research Proposal 1.1 Problem Statement: Project Management is the overall planning, coordination and control of a construction Project from inception to completion, involving multi-disciplinary stakeholders from architects to quantity surveyors to contractors. Now days in construction projects different consultants are working from different region or country so it is difficult for project … Read more


INVESTIGATING THE CONCEPTS OF MARKETING STRATEGIES WITHIN MOBILE TECHNOLOGY MARKET. Title of the proposed dissertation: Investigating the concepts of marketing strategies within mobile technology market. Research Question: The impact of marketing strategies in selecting mobile technology brand in the UK. Research Objectives  To review the mobile technology marketing techniques and strategies in the UK. … Read more