Investigating Mechanism of Virus-Mediated Formation of Double Membrane Vesicles

Specific Aims The overall goal of this proposal is to investigate the mechanism of virus-mediated formation of double membrane vesicles within the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). The ER is considered the origin of induced intracellular structures for a number of viruses.1 It has been shown that the formation of double-membrane vesicles (DMVs) within the ER is … Read more

Effect of maslinic acid on the immune function of liver (Research Proposal)

Introduction Maslinic acid, also known as crategolic acid or (2α, 3β)-2, 3-dihydroxyolean-12-en-28-oic acid is a pentacyclic triterpene widely spread in the plant kingdom. We examine the potential of one group of compounds called triterpenes, derived from traditional medicine and diet for their ability to suppress inflammatory pathways. In the last decades, and in response to … Read more

Research proposal for Unilever’s strategy & impact of financial performance

BACKGROUND This is an individual proposal, an examination of the strategy of Unilever and the impact of its financial performance. In undertaking this research I will examine, same of Unilever‘s strategies and evaluate their impact on the financial performance of the company. Over 2.5 million people in the world use some of Unilever’s products which … Read more

Research proposal: Cultural Connectors

Executive summary This research report provides a description as well as an analysis of theories and strategies on how to differentiate Cultural Connectors in their competitive landscape in order to grow their business especially in The Netherlands and Belgium. The goal of this research is to give advice for Cultural Connectors on how to differentiate … Read more

Re-(art)iculating the (His)tories of the South Seas Oeuvre

Introduction and background information This master’s research proposal interrogates the visual representations of the indigenous women in the Nanyang, or South Seas, oeuvre by male émigré artists based in Malaya in the 20th century. I consider the relationship between these artists and their artworks with the larger Southeast Asian cultural constructs of gender and sexuality … Read more

Relationships between construct of marketing audit and business performance

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Research Focus This study brings to fore the concept of “marketing audit”, and investigates the concept of an organizations analysis of its market, and examines the conceptual and empirical evidence for the construct of market audit. It provides a comparative analysis of the constructs of marketing audit with marketing fit and … Read more

Relationship between human resource management and organizational performance

Human resource management plays a key role in organizational performance. Selection and recruitment, training and development , appraisal, rewards, career management, improving conditions, communication, negotiation are so many human resource management practices, these practices are largely used in the companies of today. No doubt that organizations internationally and nationally are determined for achievement and high … Read more

Indian Diaspora – research proposal

Indian Diaspora is a common term used for addressing people who have migrated from the territories of India. It comprises NRIs (Non-resident Indians) and PIOs (Persons of Indian origins). It is estimated that the Indian Diaspora is to be over 30 million, spreading across more than 200 countries. It is reported, that the Indian Diaspora … Read more

Difficulties encountered by student in online teaching and learning (proposal)

An action research plan on online teaching and learning practices. Abstract As an education student, I realized the lectures that was online based had problems and challenges that needed urgent solutions. This paper focuses on the nature of online teaching and student learning. The paper elaborate how students encounter technical difficulties, how understanding and consuming … Read more

How does line spacing affect reading performance of participants? (proposal)

Background of the Study Reading is the core of learning as it is an active process required to gain more knowledge, practice as well as improving learning skills (Blackmore-Wright, Georgeson, & Anderson, 2013). By reading, students nurture knowledge, with it improving comprehension, communication, analysing ability, as well as other skills, making texts a subject matter … Read more

Students’ content mastery in teaching earth science (proposal)

Hard sciences are any of the natural or physical sciences, such as chemistry, biology, physics, or astronomy, in which aspects of the universe are investigated by means of hypotheses and experiment. On the other hand, soft sciences are any of the specialized fields or disciples, as psychology, sociology, anthropology, or political science, that interpret human … Read more

ESL learner’s motivation and task engagement in technology-enhanced language learning contexts

Working Title The extent to which ESL learner’s motivation and task engagement in technology-enhanced language learning contexts improves the student’s ability to acquire the target language, with a focus on Chinese L2 students using Weclassroom tools. Rationale I have a strong motive for investigating this particular topic, not only because it is precedence in my … Read more

Impact of coping strategies during an athlete’s recovery on improving confidence

Background: Psychological factors have been demonstrated to be associated with sports injuries and the recovery period (Ardern et al., 2012). This quantitative study aimed to investigate coping strategies used during recovery to improve confidence upon return to sport and identify if the implementation of a coping strategy had a significant impact on confidence levels. Research … Read more

Social Media Marketing to attract international students

1. Introduction Trinity College Dublin has been ranked as the best university in Ireland (, 2018). The 17000+ students currently enrolled in Trinity hail from over 122 countries making a pool of diverse cultural and academic ideas (TCD, 2018). In the 400 year history of the college, Trinity has continued to strive for continuous improvement … Read more

Investigating the interrelations between the concepts of time and place brands

Abstract The proposed research project aims at investigating the interrelations between the concepts of time and place brands. Place branding is a widely implemented approach to place development, initially based on the ideas of product marketing and branding. It implies considering places (countries, regions, cities, towns, etc.) as specific brands, i.e. as networks of associations … Read more

Practical application of Behavioural Finance in Asset Management

RESEARCH PROPOSAL 1) BACKGROUND My research interest centres on the practical application of Behavioural Finance in Asset Management. Behavioural finance is a relatively new but fast–growing field of finance following the pioneering work of Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman; Richard Thaler; Robert Shiller and others researchers (Sewell, 2010). The motivation to study this subject stems … Read more

Explore relationship between childhood abuse and anorexia and bulimia

Introduction In brief, Anorexia Nervosa (anorexia) refers to a psychological eating disorder characterized by minimal consumption of food (Treasure and Alexander, 2013). Individuals who suffer from this condition exhibit extreme low body weight in relation to their height and body type. Similarly, Bulimia Nervosa (bulimia) is also a psychological eating syndrome. However, instead of someone … Read more

The way different power relations assigned to the institutional subject position of an agent, affects their practical argumentation.

Globalisation is characterised by the creation of a global marketplace, and by the compression of space and time. These advancements have gained social endurance by developments in communication and transportation technologies (Betz, 1994; pp27; Barney, 2011; pp158). Examples of these developments are the invention of the internet, and the creation of various social media platforms. … Read more

Women’s participation rates in cardiac rehabilitation (CR)

Section one 2.0 Introduction and Rationale: The Rationale for focusing this dissertation around women’s participation rates in cardiac rehabilitation (CR) comes from both personal and professional interest in cardiac conditions and cardiac rehabilitation. This is used as a driving force to gain knowledge on this topic and understand why participation rates are low, and how … Read more

Quality of life of primary caregivers of children with cerebral palsy

A research proposal in partial fulfillment for the degree of Masters of Medicine (Paediatrics and Child Health), University of Nairobi. Dr. Axxxxxxxxx Hxxxx Fxxxx (MBBS) ABBREVIATIONS BDI – Beck Depression Inventory CP – Cerebral Palsy HRQoL – Health-related Quality of Life LQoL – Low Quality of Life KNH – Kenyatta National Hospital QoL – Quality … Read more

Impact of racial stereotypes/racism on, self-esteem amongst African-American students regarding standardized testing

How do racial stereotypes/racism effect self -esteem among African-American students through standardized testing throughout the school year and how racism affects the social consciousness as of society when it comes to immigrants and deportation The focus of these proposed studies is to attempt to 1) identify racism and its effects on education and the social … Read more

Qualitative research

Qualitative research is a fundamental part of understanding our society, it aids in the discovery of social norms, confirms or refutes different hypotheses about society and is a crucial part of the development of knowledge in modern society. Qualitative research is a method among many others of how we describe and explain our social world, … Read more

What is the effect of different leadership styles on the organizational learning culture and organizational performance? (research proposal)

Leadership can be interpreted in several ways, as every organization will encounter with certain types of leadership. Leadership keeps an organization functioning properly and can courage the employees to keep up hard work. Leadership can be seen as a complex process as well, a process that eventually leads to better organizational learning and an improved … Read more

Is there a correlation between companies using ethical practices and purchasing patterns of consumers? (dissertation proposal)

Introduction At present, the fashion industry is facing negative responses by consumers regarding ethical issues, with this more than half of consumers agree that people should boycott companies that behave unethically (Mintel, 2015), which can show that company profits can be affected massively due to companies not being ethical (Worcester, 2007). It has been said … Read more

Optimal grid-connected PV system and benefits

1. INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Introduction A grid-connected PV systems generates electricity from the energy that is made available by the sun, and the electricity is then converted into grid-compliant AC by an inverter. The process of PV electrical generation itself is entirely pollution-free but the manufacturing and system setup of PV arrays … Read more

How to write a business research proposal

Purpose Writing a business research proposal is a useful exercise, which can help students develop critical thinking skills and enhance their career opportunities. The proposal is the first attempt to tackle the issue interesting to the writer and/or the business community. The business research proposal serves as a mean to introduce the concern and as … Read more

How to write a research proposal

A guide to writing effective research proposals This article explains how to write a research proposal, including the purpose of the proposal, what to include, the structure and common problems that are encountered by students as they research or write their proposal. Purpose of the research proposal A research proposal may have several purposes, including to receive … Read more

How to write a thesis

A thesis is the final research project conducted as the capstone to a postgraduate degree. In the United States, a thesis refers to the final project for a master’s degree; only the final project for a doctoral degree is called a dissertation. In the United Kingdom, however, the term “thesis” is not widely used. The term “dissertation” is … Read more

Sample Research Paper Proposal (ANNOTATED)

Notes: A standard research paper proposal should not in general be longer than ten per cent of the total length of your planned paper. For example, if the required word limit for your research paper cannot exceed ten thousand words, the proposal should be approximately one thousand words in total. A standard research paper proposal contains: the … Read more

Advantages of Building Information Modelling

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT ABSTRACT BIM (Building Information Modelling), an innovative parametric software has seen widespread use in AEC design firms worldwide. BIM enhances the efficiency of the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) world to a point where buildings can be edited digitally in real time. BIM has recently attracted extensive attention in the Architectural, Engineering … Read more

The importance of culture for project success

Research has shown that an organisation’s culture directly impacts its bottom-line (Kotter & Haskett 1992 cited by Cooper, 2000). In projectised organisations, where the bottom-line is determined via the delivery of successful projects, this phenomenon can be a blessing or a curse (Ikeda, 2006), depending on whether the organisational culture is supportive of project management, … Read more

Understanding the use of environmental criteria in public procurement practices (proposal)

1 INTRODUCTION The aim of this research is to understand the use of environmental criteria in public procurement practices, looking specifically at the municipal level in an effort to understand the gap between the aspirations set by the European commission for half of all public procurement in Europe to be green, and the actual adoption … Read more

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) research proposal

1. Problem indication Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) remains an important topic for top management in regards to corporate development (Cartwright & Schoenberg, 2006). It functions as a tool to redirect or renew a company strategy (Ferreira, et al, 2014). Over the years, M&A topic received significant attention from academics (Cartwright & Schoenberg, 2006; Haleblian, et … Read more

How do natural remedies compare to antibiotics in the treatment/inhibition of E. coli? (proposal)

Everyone in the world has Escherichia coli. However, that’s actually a good thing; E. coli is part of the healthy function of the human body’s digestive tract (General Information). E. coli is especially good at destroying invasive microbes, like salmonella, that enter the body and may cause illness. Some organizations even use nonvirulent strains of … Read more

Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) research proposal

Abstract In the age of Internet, websites are prone to attacks from hackers, hacktivists and rebels who aim at downgrading the website’s reputation, and performance. This may be fueled by monetary benefits, hoping to cripple a competitor’s business, displaying activism, or it can be for political revenge or even plain fun. One of such attacks … Read more

Glucose tolerance and glucose metabolism proposal

Introduction Worldwide epidemic obesity is a major public health issue in Australia and the prevalence of obese adults rises from 19% to 27.5% between 1995 and 2014-2015(Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2017). Obesity increases the incidence of many chronic diseases, such as insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, which lead to further … Read more

Effect of CSR-related executive compensation on quality of disclosure (research design)

Introduction According to the article of Ian Chipman (2016), “the overall health of capital markets depends, in large part, on the quality and transparency of financial reporting. Trustworthy information inspires investor confidence, which in turn leads to financial stability and efficiency”. In his article he mentions a few big scandals as a result of trust, … Read more

Housing delivery systems

1.1. Background Housing delivery system in most of developing countries is an integration of various interrelated components which comprises land, building materials, infrastructure, building policies and regulations and the most crucial component is finance. Finance component in housing delivery is very important due to the fact that it cause huge financial requirement for housing production. … Read more

Effects of marketing mix on customer perceptions

A CASE OF HELLO MONEY IN MERU COUNTY: A RESEARCH PROPOSAL CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION In order to introduce new products to customers and increase awareness about existing products, companies need to engage in marketing, which is a process aimed at communicating the value that a company provides for its clients, customers, partners an society at … Read more

“BIM” (Building Information Modelling)

1 CHAPTER – Research Proposal 1.1 Problem Statement: Project Management is the overall planning, coordination and control of a construction Project from inception to completion, involving multi-disciplinary stakeholders from architects to quantity surveyors to contractors. Now days in construction projects different consultants are working from different region or country so it is difficult for project … Read more

Nursing Pain Management

Abstract The phenomena of overcrowded Emergency Room have worsened with the immigration of health care professionals out of the Island of Puerto Rico. There are not enough nurses for the massive number of patients that arrive daily. Consequently, there is patient overflow to hallways for more than two weeks, and nurses find it difficult to … Read more


INVESTIGATING THE CONCEPTS OF MARKETING STRATEGIES WITHIN MOBILE TECHNOLOGY MARKET. Title of the proposed dissertation: Investigating the concepts of marketing strategies within mobile technology market. Research Question: The impact of marketing strategies in selecting mobile technology brand in the UK. Research Objectives  To review the mobile technology marketing techniques and strategies in the UK. … Read more

To raise funds externally or use the owner’s funds?

Should Rendezvous Holdings raise funds externally or use the owner’s funds for the establishment of their new restaurant located in the upcoming Sunshine Coast hospital? 1.2 PROPOSED METHODOLOGY: 1.21 RATIONALE FOR STUDY Rendezvous Holdings plans to open a new restaurant in the university hospital that will be opening in the Sunshine Coast by the start … Read more


CONTENT 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Literature Review 3.0 Research Objective 4.0 Method and Design 5.0 Significance and Conclusion 6.0 References 1.0 Introduction The sole proprietorship form of business ownership accounts for circa 25 percent of employment in Nigeria. According to Vanguard (2012), this business models employs 32.41 million individuals and makes a contribution of about 46.54 … Read more

Research proposal: The Vienna Convention 1980 vs. the Sale of Goods Act 1979

1. Proposed research question / Project Title

The title of the dissertation is ‘The Vienna Convention 1980 vs. the Sale of Goods Act 1979: whether the United Kingdom should ratify the Convention’. The research will be limited with the Vienna Convention and the Sale of Goods Act and their articles about passing of risk, passing of property and remedies of the buyer and the seller.

Read more

Counterfeit drugs in community pharmacies

Abstract This study seeks to determine the prevalence of counterfeit drugs in community pharmacies, patent medicine vendor drug distribution outlets and drug consumers in Cross River State. A cross- sectional descriptive study design will be applied in this research and data will be collected from important drugs randomly selected from community pharmacies and patent medicine … Read more

To what extent is the relationship between LMX and performance mediated by PsyCap?

Research proposal Tom Friedman (2005) already recognized in his book ‘The World is Flat’, that the new ‘flat’ world is one where technology and collaborative economies have created an entirely new playing field. It will increase competition and require not only an emphasis on new skills sets, but a much more self-reliant, creative and innovative … Read more

Lack of training & development and impact on employee performance at ministry of health

Abstract In today’s dynamic environment the demand for professional and highly skillful workforce are necessary for every organization to perform well in this environment. The employees need to be trained and the development of an employee to be highly skilled is essential. The research proposes how the employee performance can be enhanced by proper training … Read more

Lack of uniform law to guide in international transactions (research proposal)

CHAPTER ONE 1. Introduction The independence of Nations coupled with the fact that Nations of the world transacts and enters business relationships called for a unifying standard and arrangement. The Technologically sophisticated countries, the politically solidified, the religious sovereign nations and other countries with one good or the other to offer have transacted with other … Read more

Designing ESP cirriculum for Indonesian Nursing Students

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION NEED ANALYSIS AND SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS: DESIGNING ESP CURRICULLUM FOR INDONESIA NURSING STUDENTS The proposed research aims at investigating the ways of need analysis and situational analysis in designing ESP curriculum for nursing students. This chapter outlines the background of the study and the gaps with previous research this study is trying to … Read more

Outlier Detection from Time-series Data Stream by Leveraging Change Detection

Motivation: Outlier detection is one of the most interesting areas in the context of data mining. It has many applications such as intrusion detection, medical anomaly detection, sensor anomaly detection etc. Detecting outlier is challenging in various new data types such as data stream, spatio temporal and time series data. Effective and efficient methods are … Read more

Research proposal: Three-way relationship between design frame, paradigm and methodology

My assignment will be segmented into three sections with discussion focusing on two position papers. The first section will analyse the three-way relationship between design frame, paradigm and methodology as presented by Hodkinson and Macleod. The second section will define whether Hodkinson and Macleod’s argument supports or contests Erickan and Roth’s argument. The final section … Read more

Research proposal: Intercultural communicative competence (ICC) as a goal of formal education

Globalisation and geographical mobility of people have resulted in more heterogeneous societies and more regular communication with people from different linguistic and cultural background. An ideal situation for interaction is the one when one interlocutor speaks the language of the other; more often, however, people communicate using a third language, known by both parties. The … Read more

Research proposal: Inventory management

Inventory management is primarily about specifying the size and holding of stocked raw, work in progress and finished goods. It may be executed at different locations within a facility or within multiple locations of a supply network to protect the regular and planned course of production against the random disturbance of running out of materials … Read more

Research proposal: Enrolment in higher education – language anxiety

Background: Although enrolments to Higher Education institutions have increased steadily in South Africa, the graduation throughput figures remain low at 51%* (Centre for Higher Education Transformation (CHET), adding concern of work readiness of graduates as they enter the job market. With an unemployment rate of 24.3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2014, it is … Read more

Research Proposal: Why Pancreatic Cancer is often Diagnosed at A Later Stage Rather Than Earlier?

Abstract Pancreatic cancer remains one of the cancers that are difficult to treat. Its survival rate is still very low. Diagnosis at its early stage rather than at advanced stage may increase the success rate of treating the disease. The proposed study will explore the literature to unravel the reason behind the late diagnostic of … Read more

How to Manage the Discharge of Wastes With the Development in Colombo Municipal Council

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1. Waste management refers to the collection, transportation, processing, recycling and disposal of waste materials. These waste materials are solid, liquid, gaseous and even radioactive substances. Managing these human generated wastes requires reducing their effect on health and the environment as well as recovering resources from it. There are existing waste … Read more

Internet Addiction in the Students of Fiji School Of Nursing and Its Impact on Academic Performances

1. Introduction 1.1 Background The world is advancing every day and with that advancement comes along new trends, inventories and creations that has been incorporated into the lifestyles of many people. One of the most astonishing creation of mankind has been the internet. Internet usage as increased drastically in the recent years. Internet is widely … Read more

Biosensing research proposal

Biosensing has been one of the hottest topic attracting scientific minds since long. It is due to complex biological entities and are directly associated with the existence of a healthy environment. The design of biosensors also has gone through significant changes in the recent past. Biosensors are used for food quality estimation, environmental monitoring, and … Read more

Feasibility of a monorail, light rail transport or electric train in the greater Kuching area

Introduction This research is authorized by xxx Safety Manager under the Ministry of Transport xxx. The purpose of this research is to research the feasibility of a monorail, light rail transport or electric train in the greater Kuching area. 2. Significance and Relevance of the Study This research is important as Malaysia aims to be … Read more

Research proposal: Study on Consumer Behavior towards Smartphones in India

Abstract This paper basically examines the factors that impact the purchasing decision of a Smartphone buyer in India. India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies in the world, and Smartphone market is growing at a very fast pace as nowadays smartphones have entered both into our personal and business life. This research is … Read more

How do acquisitions affect the acquired subsidiaries' innovativeness?

Acquisitions have become of growing importance for organizations to obtain external innovativeness. Although they have become a popular method to diversify their business and gain competitive advantage, it is not obvious that an acquired company will remain as innovative as during the autonomous phase of the firm. Innovative acquisitions can lead to competitive advantage. 2.2 … Read more

Thesis: Practical suggestions for the current economic performance of Saudi Arabia.

Abstract The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country blessed with large crude oil reserves around the world. However, simply depending on the oil industry will lead Saudi Arabia to an unpredicted future. Therefore, the Saudi government is enhancing the ability for attracting more FDI in Saudi Arabia by a series of policies. Based on … Read more

Research proposal: The efficiency of stockbroking companies in Indonesia

1.1 INTRODUCTION 1.1.1 SHARE Share a wealth channel capital providers of the most popular and it is a sign of the participation of individuals or a company. Share issue also is the selection of a company when the company needs capital or funding to launch a business. Stocks are investments that greatly favored by investors … Read more

An Evaluation of Cost Related to Individuals Awaiting Case Management

Mental health over the past few years has risen to the forefront of issues to pay attention to in Canada, specifically since the major shift from deinstitutionalization in the 60’s (Davis, 2006). The locus of treatment has shifted away from a strict medical model to one that is emphasized in human dignity, recovery, and prevention; … Read more

Research proposal: Phyllanthus niruri for Malaria

CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction Over 500 million cases of malaria are reported annually among the world’s poorest populations. Millions of children die each year in Africa alone. The parasite that causes the most deadly form of malaria, plasmodium falciparum, is spread by the highly prevalent mosquitos’ anopheles gambiae and anopheles. funestus. After decades of neglect, … Read more

Research proposal: Modeling flow and transport of pollutants in porous media

Fresh water is an essential element of life, the main source of drinking water being represented by groundwater. Since aquifers provide drinking water needs of humanity, water quality and pollutant transport to the saturated zone has to be carefully monitored. Unsaturated zone acts as a buffer between surface waters and aquifers. Environmental protection in general … Read more

Research proposal: Does the Tortoise Beetle attack plant species other than the Eucalyptus tree?

LITERATURE REVIEW: According to my previous research, it has shown that the Tortoise Beetle affects the Eucalyptus trees seen in the past study, ‘NEW WORK ON BIOCONTROL FOR EUCALYPTUS TORTOISE BEETLE’ in New Zealand by Toni Withers of Scion May 2012. In my investigation, I would like to find out if the Tortoise Beetle affects … Read more

Research proposal: A study on performance appraisal system, feedback processes in IT Industry and its impact on Employee Satisfaction

The scope of the study was aimed at understanding the performance appraisal system, feedback process followed in Indian IT industry and its impact on employee satisfaction. Need and rationale The performance appraisal system is usually being conducted just on a protocol basis as per the schedule. An effective performance appraisal needs to meet the development … Read more

Research proposal: Biometrics

Related essay: Authentication by the hand vein structure 1.INTRODUCTION: Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioural characteristics[2]. There are number of physiological and behavioural characteristics . Physiological characteristics are like iris, vein technology, face, palm print and behavioural characteristics such as gait recognition , voice, odour etc. as the … Read more

Research proposal: Effect of tutorial advertisements on students to attend tutorial schools in Hong Kong

(I) Proposed Title Effect of tutorial advertisements on students to attend tutorial schools in Hong Kong (II) Introduction As we all know that there is a booming of tutorial schools in Hong Kong in recent years, and it became a hot topic in Hong Kong. According to the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong … Read more

What are the nurses' experiences in caring for dementia patients with challenging behaviour?

Abstract Global ageing is increasing exponentially along with dementia prevalence rates. The demographic trends show that dementia along with other comorbidities has a serious effect on prolonged hospitalisation than people without dementia, with a huge impact on health services and the national economy .The nurses in acute wards play a major role in identifying and … Read more

Research proposal draft: Conflict

Related essay: Conflict and change management 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Thesis Background The term ‘conflict’ refers to a process that begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected or about to affect negatively, something that the first party cares. Conflict can occur between Individuals, Groups etc. irrespective of Age and Gender among people … Read more

Research proposal: The new global determinants of FDI flow to developing countries: the importance of ICT and democratization

Introduction The purpose of this research in summary is the determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Developing countries. The research comprises of a central theme known as Foreign Direct Investment. Before companies take part in participating in the foreign markets, some type of investment are considered. Such as whether the participation in foreign markets … Read more

Research proposal: Assessment of learning experiences in Nursing

Research Problem: The problem of this present study is to investigate the assessment of learning experiences in nursing based on their feedback during their course. Research Significance: The significance of the present study is to explore the nursing students learning experiences in the classroom. It is an important component of nursing education. Therefore, Assessment of … Read more

Research proposal: Earnings management in Nigeria

The main research question I would like to address in this research is that whether there is a high(er) magnitude of earnings management in Nigeria and which industry is more prevalent. Earnings management is such a huge and important topic around the globe of which series of regulatory importance and penalty is now been attached … Read more

Research proposal: Poverty faced by the textile workers leads to unintended pregnancies in Matsapha textile industries

INTRODUCTION Unintended pregnancy is pregnancy that is unplanned for at the time of conception. It mainly results from lack of or incorrect use of contraceptives and lack of education about contraceptive methods. Poverty is not having enough money to meet basic needs such as, food, clothing and shelter. This is an issue affecting all countries … Read more

Research proposal: Perceived barriers that influence adherence to home exercise program in patients with chronic low back pain

Background information: A randomized controlled trial was conducted by Celia Albaladejo, Francisco M. Kovacs, Ana Royuela, Rafael del Pino, Javier Zamora, PhD, and the Spanish Back Pain Research Network to assess the efficacy of a short education program and short physiotherapy program for treating low back pain (LBP) in primary care1. 348 low back pain … Read more

Research proposal: The effect of pregnancy on the adolescent pregnant teen & father

Abstract: The purpose for this research paper is to address the adolescent pregnant teen & father and the effects a pregnancy has on both of their lives during and after her pregnancy. How the teens need the support of the family, community, church, and the school system. I will also address the teen father mostly disregarded … Read more

Research proposal: Stress among parents of adult children with intellectual disabilities

The main concept included in this study are stress, parents, children, and intellectual disabilities which the proposal will clarify at a later stage. The topic of intellectual disability is a topic known to many people ,when items surrounding this topic are discussed ,the focus tends to be placed on the individual with the intellectual disability … Read more

Research proposal: Global recruitment

Question 1: Critically examine the factors that affect global organization’s recruitment and how do you ensure the recruitment policy matches business growth strategy and culture. You may select two different countries of your choice to compare and contrast. What is global organization recruitment? Global organization recruitment is a process and policy whereby the hiring process … Read more

Writing a research proposal

A research proposal is a document written by an academic researcher or student that outlines the objectives, methods, and timeline for a project. It is typically submitted to a professor, supervisor, or other authority figure who will determine whether the research will be approved. The research proposal should provide a clear description of the research project, including its purpose, objectives, methods, and expected outcomes.

The research proposal should begin with an introduction that states the general purpose of the research project and outlines the context in which it is being conducted. This introduction should include the research question, a brief overview of the relevant literature, and a statement of the project’s objectives and expected outcomes. The introduction should also summarize the methods that will be used to address the research question.

The next section of the research proposal should be a literature review. This section should provide an overview of the relevant literature pertaining to the research question. The literature review should include an analysis of previous research and an evaluation of its relevance to the current project. Additionally, the literature review should provide an explanation of the methodological approach to be used in the research.

The following section of the research proposal should describe the research methodology. This section should provide a detailed explanation of the methods that will be used to answer the research question. This should include a discussion of the research design, sampling techniques, data collection methods, and data analysis techniques. Additionally, the research methodology should include a description of the ethical considerations for conducting the research.

The final section of the research proposal should be a timeline and budget. This section should provide an overview of the timeline for the research, including the start and end dates, as well as an estimate of the expected costs of the project.

In conclusion, a research proposal should provide a clear description of the research project, including its purpose, objectives, methods, and expected outcomes. Additionally, it should include a literature review, a description of the research methodology, and a timeline and budget.

For students who have been asked to prepare a research proposal, the following tips may be helpful. First, it is important to take the time to thoroughly research the topic and develop a clear research question. Additionally, it is important to read and understand the relevant literature and to carefully consider the research methodology. Finally, it is important to be realistic about the timeline and budget for the research project. By following these tips, students can ensure that their research proposal is complete, accurate, and compelling.