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Hamlet’s staunch love for Ophelia was highly dedicated in disguise for her protection

In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, although it was expressed that Hamlet drove her to her death, his staunch love for Ophelia was highly dedicated in disguise for her protection. The realism of pragmatism within Hamlet actions towards Ophelia goes undoubtedly recognized. Whether his gestures of Professing Ophelia to go to the nunnery was an act … Read more

The Immortal Power of Poetry

The Shakespearian Sonnets, written circa 1600, follow ideas and beliefs present during the Renaissance (Mary). During this time period, god, religion, and superstition were driving forces of everyday life. Nearly everyone in Shakespeare’s audience believed in a branch of Christianity and the effects of the faith are evident in his writings, especially Sonnet 55. Sonnet … Read more

Moral Boundaries In Macbeth

Ambition is in every individual’s innate nature as one constantly looks for ways to become more powerful and increase their social and economic status. In Macbeth, author William Shakespeare explores the extreme lengths one will go to achieve their ambitions against moral and societal limitations and the resulting tragic impacts on them and their surroundings. … Read more

Macbeth – moral and psychological outcome of decisions

Negative decisions in life prompt disastrous outcomes on both a moral and psychological level. In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth both lose their mental ground due to their uncontrolled ambition, ultimately leading to their demise. Both characters begin their quest for power differently and react uniquely to the strain of murders. However, Lady … Read more

Vishal Bharadwaj – Miyan Maqbool (Macbeth)

The versatility of Shakespeare’s original plays, such as Macbeth, allow modern directors to individually interpret them. Vanessa Gerhard says that, “Shakespeare’s plays are not stable and fixed anymore but are used, transposed and transformed by various elements and cultures”. This is true of Maqbool, where the alterations director Vishal Bharadwaj (who transformed Macbeth into his … Read more

Female roles: Lady Macbeth, Wolf-Alice & the unnamed female in The Bloody Chamber

The most famous female role to review is Lady Macbeth; her lack of innocence is perfectly clear, due to her murderous intent, however many still debate her seductive nature. Some critics ‘depict her as seductive, luring her husband towards crime by playing the part of his ‘dearest chuck’’ This interpretation of her is appealing to … Read more

Conflict presented in ‘Macbeth’

There are many types of conflict presented in ‘Macbeth’, given that it is one of the main themes, the most notable ones being internal conflict, the conflict between the natural and unnatural and marital conflict. Shakespeare presents each of these different types of conflict dramatically through soliloquies and direct conversation and relationships throughout the play. … Read more

Discuss the placement and dramatic function of the ‘To be or not to be’ soliloquy in Hamlet

In his response to the adjusted position of Hamlet’s ‘To be or not to be’ soliloquy in The Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2008 production of Hamlet, David Tennant asserted that uprooting the soliloquy from ‘Act III Scene 1 to its location in the First Quarto just seemed to make more sense’. The soliloquy, in rehearsal practice, … Read more

Renaissance – Shakespeare’s Sonnets 55 & 108 / “The Transfiguration” by Rapheal

The term “Renaissance” derives from the French word of “Re-birth”. The Renaissance had started as a cultural movement during the 14th century Tuscany, Italy and later manifested the rest of Europe. This cultural development during the Renaissance had vast influence over literature, religion and many other aspects of intellectual understanding and development. One of the … Read more

Coriolanus and Julius Caesar – politics

Both Coriolanus and Julius Caesar are popular tragedies of Shakespeare that use the Roman politics of the historical period they are based on to emphasise moral dilemmas and ethical questions surrounding the politics of the time through its characters. Whilst they are dramatized depictions of these events, Shakespeare’s clear goal through these two plays was … Read more

Original ‘Othello’ / Sport for Jove production / Film, ‘O’ (2001)

Society is ever-changing and our view of the world around us is constantly forming. Since Shakespeare wrote, ‘Othello’, society’s views have changed, and the interpretation of texts change along with it. Each individual’s perspective on the ideas presented in a text shift with cultural conditions in our ever-changing world. The original script of ‘Othello’ was … Read more

Honour and Dishonour in Macbeth (notes)

Macbeth: Honourable Actions: Macbeth’s loyalty towards King Duncan pre-murder Dishonourable Actions: Murdering King Duncan who greatly admired Macbeth and looked at him like a son Macbeth sending Mercenaries to kill Banquo and Fleance Macbeth sending Mercenaries to kill Macduff’s wife and children Macbeth’s constant disregard of the life and feelings of others Macbeth is a … Read more

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