Virtual reality for vestibular rehabilitation (analysing two studies)

As we age, our bodies change. Those changes include our balance accompanied by an increased fall risk. Falls are a common phenomenon seen most often in the elderly population. According to Franco (2012), this risk increases with each decade over the age of 60. Falls and fall-related injuries among elderly people are major issues for health. The … Read more

What are the effects of gaming, and are they good or bad?

Where do people stand in in the debate on video games, and their effect on the youth? Do people think they’re a travesty and a thing that never should have been created or do people believe that they’re an amazing thing made as a product to create better entertainment? Whichever side they’re on doesn’t matter, … Read more

What developers do to stop or deter players from pirating their games

Abstract The focus of this dissertation is about how developers tackles against players from pirating their games. The key research is to find out why people pirate games and how it affects game makers by looking at statistics over the years, and how developer’s punishment players get for pirating their games. By doing this, showing … Read more

Analysis of article ‘Are Violent Video Games harmful to Children and Adolescents’ (Gruel, 2010)

The article “Are Violent Video Games harmful to Children and Adolescents” (Gruel, 2010) explores the effects of violence in video games on aggression, school performance, the brain, and sociology of youth as explored through various studies and surveys. This article served as an amicus curiae in the case Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association. The article … Read more

Could video games cause positive change in specific brain patterns of the elderly?

A game for larger (60) The performance of people of different age groups in NeuroRacer game showed a continuous decline in cognitive control with advancing age, but also the ability to train the brain to handle multiple tasks. (Photo: University of California) There is something very usual to see his grandfather playing video game, right? … Read more

Video Game Addiction

Anyone who has experienced video game addiction knows it all too well, video game addiction IS real. A closer glance at video game addiction shows that it is not just affecting the individual, it is also affecting the ones around them, their school, their life, and much more than that. When a gamer in Russia … Read more

Video games: The Argument for Benefits

Many people believe in the lies the media tells about video games. The media claims it could be destroying your child’s chance at a healthy life, when in fact, video games could be benefiting them in many different ways. Not only does it benefit children it can benefit adults and senior citizens as well. Schools … Read more