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Essay: Technology in hospitals for efficiency and productivity

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  • Technology in hospitals for efficiency and productivity
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It seems that more and more hospitals are using advanced technology to build a smart hospital in order to increase working efficiency and improve productivity, such as using smartphone apps or RFID -identification by radio frequencies(Fuhrer & Guinard, 2006; Haffey, Brady & Maxwell, 2013)
According to Haffey, Brady & Maxwell(2013), a research was conducted on the six main smartphone app stores which provided drug reference and prescribing material for the healthcare professional. The quantitative research method was used in this research to collect and analyze the relevant data (AR, 2010). The results showed that there are 79% of medical students and 74.8% of junior doctors owned smartphones and also they have 1-5 related medical apps (Dilanthi Amaratunga, 2002). The medical smartphone apps present an opportunity to provide support to inexperienced prescribers. The limitation of this study is focusing on doctors’ use of the medical apps in hospitals. Therefore, the nurses, caregivers and other medical staff in hospital should be included in this study to check if they are using technologies to do a smarter job or not (Faye Haffey, 2013).
In another article, Fuhrer & Guinard (2006) pointed out that combining with mobile devices in eHealth applications, RFID helps optimizing business processes in healthcare and improve patient safety. Also this study showed how to use an assets tracking application, called the RFIDLocator, to improve the quality of the hospital services. However, there are some concerns should be considered when using this technology: exposure to electromagnetic energy could a’ect product quality; side-e’ects of radio waves on the exposed humans and privacy and security issues, such as unethical individuals could collect data on them without their approval or even without their knowledge (Health, n.d.). In addition, implementing the technology of RFID needs a big investment for hospitals. Therefore, it is not realistic for the small and medium hospitals (Guinard, 2006).
In conclusion, the advanced technology is popular in the big hospitals in modern cities. And according to literatures, the use of smartphone apps are used widely by the doctors. Therefore it is necessary for implementing this technology into small and medium hospitals with nurses and caregivers (Karl Frederick Braekkan Payne, 2012)

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