Animal Cruelty in Testing

In 2014, Ryan Moore adopted three 8-week-old bunnies from the Freedom + Rescue Project, a nonprofit organization that rescues animals from laboratories once they were done being experimented on. One of the bunnies died just after a month later, and another one after two to three years. Four years later, Moore noticed that his third … Read more


ENDANGERED ANIMALS Animals that are endangered are exactly what you think it mean. Those animals are in danger of becoming extinct in other words nonexistent;there won’t be anymore of that kind of animal. The question is why are they becoming extinct what is happening to them. Well that is easy they are dying. Now why … Read more

Breeds of Kiwi

The Southern Brown Kiwi (Tokoeka) is a species of Kiwi found in the far South of New Zealand. It is grouped into 2 subspecies; the first is somewhat common (population of 20,000) and is found on Stewart Island, and the second is found in the southwest of the South Island, with a population of 7,000 … Read more

Shark Netting

The thought of getting bit by a shark, is often accompanied by the thought of pure horror. Regardless, if that person be an environmentalist, or just your average beachgoer going to a swim, the realities of a shark bite are too horrifying to imagine. Which is why, coastal beaches absolutely must continued to be permitted … Read more

Euthanasia in Animals

In 2015-2016 5,872 dogs in the RSPCA were euthanized. 67.12% was for behavioral problems, 24.69% were for medical reasons, 4.77% was for legal action, and 2.96% was infectious. A dying dog is euthanized to put it out of its misery, but what about the other 72.26%? Is euthanizing animals an act of mercy, or an … Read more

The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

In The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert examines various aspects of this theory. She begins by stating our understanding of evolution and extinction, beginning in revolutionary France, where Georges Cuvier’s work made extinction a conceivable subject for further studies. By taking at how we have come to understand the planet, Kolbert stresses the imbalance between our … Read more

Apterygidae Birds

One of the most common misconceptions regarding any branch of the animal kingdom is that “all birds can fly.” Apterygidae, commonly known as kiwi birds (referred to as simply ‘kiwi’), is one of the families of birds that is incapable of flying. Along with this trait, kiwis possess many others that are indicative of both … Read more

Reproductive Modulation

Reproductive modulation has been documented across various animal taxa, including mammals. Species which show the most extreme examples of altered reproduction usually live in highly complex and cooperative social groups. Within mammals, naked mole-rats and marmosets are two examples of highly social species which show pronounced reproductive modulation. In both cases, subordinate males and females … Read more

Protection of trade of endangered species

This essay will analyse the successes and failures of the largest convention on the protection of trade of endangered species. There are various issues that impede CITES from meeting all its objectives. However, the Convention has and continues to succeed in limiting trade to protect threatened species to a great extent. It is impossible for … Read more

Infanticide in primates

Many of the behaviors observed in primates are known to have evolutionary causes. Infanticide is one that has been questioned whether to be caused by an evolutionary purpose or pathological behaviors. Infanticide has been observed in the wild amongst primates as a situation where new males join a new group and begin to kill off … Read more

Killer whales

Killer whales (Orcinus orca), the world’s largest dolphin (Bird, J. 2007), occupy all the oceans in the world (Anderson, R. 2016). They belong to the order Cetacea, and they are the largest member of the Delphinidae family, forming a subgroup within the subfamily Orcininae. They are fast swimming, intelligent social animals and the largest apex … Read more

Practices Related to the Animal

Apart from following good management practices like purchasing good breed animals, keeping proper record etc. special emphasis should be laid on health of the animal. Sanitary precautions to prevent and control the diseases should be adopted. The animals should be properly bathed & well groomed. The animals should be examined periodically for udder and other … Read more

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