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The project is relocation of CAA elementary school which was reported to be the most populated elementary school in Metro Manila this years and previous year of 2014 to 2016. This situation resulted to overcrowding and lessen the opportunity of students to learn the proper way in terms of facilities. So, the project provided solution for classroom and other room shortage thru facilities sufficiency. It covers students form CAA’s SPED, kindergarten and first to sixth grade level students.

The new school provided the required spaces, ratio, area per place provided by the DepEd and other laws to design an effective, safety and comfortable building. The project is located at Barangay which is adjacent barangay of CAA since it is the nearest available and suitable lot for the project. The projects general objective is to improve the learning that students shall receive. The project also, helps to improve their health thru having areas for urban farming. It contributes on giving nutritious food for school base feeding program and canteen food as to lessen malnutrition rate among the students, improve their performance in school and to teach student the importance of growing their own foods.


4.2.1 General Site Context

Las Piñas City in located at southern part of the National Capital Region. It is bounded on the north by the Manila Bay, Northeast by the City of Parañaque, west by the City of Bacoor, Cavite, southeast by Muntinlupa City, and south by Imus, Cavite. The city is highly accessible to different city of Metro Manila, and areas form Southern Luzon. (CLUP Basic Profile, 2015 ). Las Piñas is compose of two districts that has total of 20 barangays and has total of approximately 3,298.60 hectares or 32.986square kilometers land area. It is characterized as flat lands having elevations 0 to 10 meters above mean sea level (amsl). It has river and marine ponds and groundwater that are characterized as saline (CLUP Basic Profile, 2015 ).

The Project is located in Barrio of Pamplona, Las Piñas City from CAA Elementary School which is located at the 8 Patola St, Las Piñas City. The lot is the nearest vacant space that is suitable to build school and highly accessible to students from CAA School. The area has a total of 22,697 square meters. It is reclassified as an institutional from its previous zoning category as open space.

Coordinates :

source: registry of deed, Las Piñas City


A. Geology and Soil

According to the Land Use Map of Las Piñas City the site belong to the area with Guadalupe Formation. is a horizontally bedded rock commonly referred to as ‘adobe’. Granular with tuffaceous materials and concretions. It is hard and compact when dry but sticky and plastic when wet. This type of soil is suited to planted rice with or without irrigation and It consists

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