Ecological systems theory

Introduction Social work is a field that revolves around helping others. It is an eclectic practice and to those not familiar, a field that can be hard to distinguish from any other philanthropy. To separate itself from other areas of altruism, social work relies on theories to guide practice. Many theories are involved in making … Read more

Global narcotics and austerity

Introduction This report will be exploring global narcotics through the macro global theme of Austerity and its substantial role in problematic substance misuse within society. The author will be defining the running global theme of austerity looking comprehensively into the subject and its role within our civilisation to date. This theme will be discussed methodically … Read more

Discourses of children, childhood and care / influence on policies and practices

A critical analysis of past and current discourses of children, childhood and care and a review of how these discourses might influence policies and practices in my setting In this essay, I will provide a critical analysis of some past and current discourses of children, childhood and care, and attempt to review how these discourses … Read more

Privatisation of older adult social care in England and its impact in service delivery

This dissertation aims to explore the existing literature from a variety of sources in respect of privatisation of social care provision for older or frail adults and a phenomenon of choice and control as it relates to social care provision. This dissertation will intend to identify and address the implications of privatisation and profit in … Read more

Effect of legislations, policies & national strategies on delivery of health/social care services in the UK

Introduction This essay is about the effect of legislations, policies and national strategies on the delivery of health and social care services. There will be an overview of different legislations and a look at how they impact health and social care services will follow. Children’s Act (1989,2004,2010) Introduced first in 1989 The Children’s Act places … Read more

Should service users/carers be able to challenge traditional models of service delivery, welfare funding & strategic social work policy

Introduction Historically, Social work has been identified as one the “helping” or “caring” professions as it is dedicated to helping people meet their needs and advance their potential in an endlessly changing society (Thompson, 2015). Social policy takes into consideration policy which aims to promote the welfare of citizens as well as their social well-being. … Read more