Discourses of children, childhood and care / influence on policies and practices

A critical analysis of past and current discourses of children, childhood and care and a review of how these discourses might influence policies and practices in my setting In this essay, I will provide a critical analysis of some past and current discourses of children, childhood and care, and attempt to review how these discourses … Read more

Effect of legislations, policies & national strategies on delivery of health/social care services in the UK

Introduction This essay is about the effect of legislations, policies and national strategies on the delivery of health and social care services. There will be an overview of different legislations and a look at how they impact health and social care services will follow. Children’s Act (1989,2004,2010) Introduced first in 1989 The Children’s Act places … Read more

Should service users/carers be able to challenge traditional models of service delivery, welfare funding & strategic social work policy

Introduction Historically, Social work has been identified as one the “helping” or “caring” professions as it is dedicated to helping people meet their needs and advance their potential in an endlessly changing society (Thompson, 2015). Social policy takes into consideration policy which aims to promote the welfare of citizens as well as their social well-being. … Read more

Meeting Complex Health and Social Care Needs

A long-term condition is conceptualized as a condition that cannot presently be cured but can be managed by medication and other therapies (Department of Health, 2012). The management of long-term conditions can be a challenging task for the NHS workforce. In UK the prevalence of long-term conditions is expected to go up due to the … Read more

Outcomes, challenges, ethical issues involved in promoting choice, independence & empowerment.

By virtue of their pre-care and care experiences, Care Leavers are deemed to be a disadvantaged group. National and local research provides evidence that outcomes for this group of young people are consistently poor on a number of fronts including; employment, educational attainment, homelessness, young parenthood, poverty, crime and mental health (DHSSPS 2007; DHSSPS 2004; … Read more

Development priorities of Rose hill youth and young adults’ community (reflective)

An assessment of the development priorities of Rose hill youth and young adults’ community, drawing from the profile developed by our student’s group. Drawing a proposal to meet the needs and a theory informed reflection of our group process. Historically according to Slack, R. C. B. (1998), a community was often described as a small … Read more

Reforming social care

1. Introduction Various demographic, social and economic shifts across the developed world have increased concern about the ability of these societies to provide sufficient quality and quantity of care for older and disabled citizens. These shifts include changes in gender roles and norms, a fall in fertility rates and the extension of mortality accompanied by … Read more

How current social policy/legislation underpins social work with children/families (Youth Justice)

Discuss how current social policy and legislation underpin social work with children and families when looking at Youth Justice. To start this essay I will firstly define what youth justice is, before moving on to explain the historical background of youth justice in Scotland. This essay will be divided into three sections; the first two … Read more

Does collaborative/multi-agency working provide a perfect support system for children/their families?

The Plowden Report surveyed 3,000 children in primary schools in 1967, it showed across the board that there was a complete lack of parental involvement which could potentially be one of the main reasons why children were failing at school (Baker, 2003). When looking at the needs of the child, and ability to learn it … Read more

Critically evaluate tensions in Social Work law (mental ill health adults and their carers)

This discussion will critically evaluate the tensions inherent in the practice of Social Work (SW) law, specifically with mental ill health (MIH) adults and their carers in England and Wales. It is to be highlighted that this discussion will be concentrating upon the main legislation that associate to MIH, such as the 2005 Mental Capacity … Read more

Multi agency – every child matters

Introduction Multi-Agency has been defined as ‘Involving cooperation between several organizations, especially in crime prevention, social welfare programmes, or research. (Oxford dictionaries, 2018) Multi-agency working has been used within practice since the middle of the nineteenth century, which involved social workers collaborating together to reduce poverty in England. (Cheminais, 2009). In current years, multi-agency working … Read more

Goals of public health / “Health in All Policies” / Leadership skills for practitioners

The fundamental goal of public health is to ensure that the community can live long healthy lives and Public Health England (PHE) has made considerable progress in establishing structures and policies that link health to coherent locally-led public policy. Public Health have identified seven priorities or spheres to focus efforts on over the period 2014 … Read more

Children in foster care

As of September 2018, there was 24,235 children in the state of Florida residing in out of home care. Out-of-home care are placements that are outside of a parental home and usually involve court involvement, these placements can be with relatives, non-relatives, group homes, foster homes and residential treatment centers. (“Children In Out-of-Home Care- Statewide”, … Read more

Interprofessional collaboration

An interprofessional partnership is considered to work on mutual goals to advance patient results and provide services. Interprofessional collaboration is known as the growth of initiatives that are considered to increase the use of health care services, hardly, is the connection of the social worker and pharmacist in the works, but benefits in patient care … Read more

Bless Me, Ultima – Social Work analysis

Essay One As a social worker, I would consider the clients to be Antonio, Ultima, Gabriel, Maria, Antonio’s brothers, and sisters. I would identify them to be my clients because, in the Hispanic culture, the family is very important. The family as a whole tend to have a large close-knit family and it is common … Read more

Recovery-Oriented Approach (ROA) – case study

1. Recovery-Oriented Approach (ROA) “Recovery is a personal journey which involves discovering a new and valued sense of identity outside of a mental illness; while accepting change despite limitations that arise from the illness, its treatment and personal and environmental conditions (Queensland Health, 2005).” A Central aspect of the recovery journey is the importance’s of … Read more

The Biopsychosocial Model

The field of social work is an interdisciplinary field that can cater to numerous levels of a population that include micro, mezzo and macro practice (Mattsson, 2013). In relation to micro practice, it is important to recognize individuals holistically. The Biopsychosocial model helps to identify various factors and attributes that contribute to the pathology of … Read more

The goal of an adoption social worker

Being an Adoption social worker takes sometime to be. One of the process is to go to college for some while so by going to college and becoming an Adoption social worker it can brighten someone's future. What they do is that they help families go through the process for them to adopt a child … Read more