Volunteer tourism

Birrell defines voluntourism as being “more about the self-fulfilment of westerners than the needs of developing nations” (2010), often taken on by privileged young people with few participation requirements, other than flexibility. It is defined as unskilled, temporally shallow volunteering and is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the tourism industry (Conran, 2011). Many voluntourism … Read more

Do host countries reap any economic, social and branding benefits from holding World expositions?

As a communication medium, the world expositions of the past can easily be compared to the present-day world wide web. These gigantic expositions/fairs are considered an arena for showcasing nation-state splendor by communicating messages such as those about nationality, culture, future, innovation and creativity by member nations in the host country. Since its inception in … Read more

International trade concepts

  1. Explain what is meant by the term, ‘free trade’? Free trade is a term that you can to use to describe the transaction of goods and/or services between different countries without either nation having the ability to put any trade barriers transactions. Some examples of trade barriers are tariffs, quotas and embargos. A … Read more

Negative consequences of volunteer tourism

As part of the 2001 International Year of Volunteers, the United Nations General Assembly published a report called ‘in Support of Volunteering’, which presented a basic criteria of three points which can identify or distinguish international volunteering from other forms of action. The three points are; that it is not done for financial gain, that … Read more

Discuss: It is advantageous for nations to be a part of a transnational organization.

Transnational organizations, or Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs), have taken a leading aspect in a modern countries role in the geopolitical stage. Extending not only the reach and power or country, in the political sense, but also extending a member-states economic stance in the increasingly global economy. These benefits are not automatically gained however, most intergovernmental organizations … Read more

Conflict in Myanmar

The root cause of the destruction that storms upon Myanmar begins with the persecution of the Rohingya; an oppressed group of Muslims faced discrimination from their native country as well as their neighboring state. Buddhist nationalist groups such as the Mabatha regularly boycott Muslim shops, ban Muslims from Myanmar, and strike against Muslim communities. After … Read more

Interpret Angela Merkel’s speech (2018) through different lenses of international relations theories

The study of international relations was developed as an attempt to understand the complex realm of world politics. Experts of the discipline have focused on various aspects of global politics, including the origins of conflict, the nature and exercise of power in the international system, and the changing role of different actors within that system. … Read more

International space and counterspace programs, security

While much of the technological world focuses on the advancement of artificial intelligence, another frontier is that of space based technology. Ever since the beginning of the second space age, characterized by the fall of the Soviet Union, China has began to increase its extraterrestrial presence through its expanding space and counterspace programs. It is … Read more

Iran’s nuclear capability

With particular reference to understanding the mechanism behind Iran’s nuclear negotiations, Post-Colonialism leads me to argue that, by virtue of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty being an instrument of western diplomacy; Iran has been reluctant to come to the negotiating table out of fear. The Iranian nuclear project benefited from the legitimacy and national patriotism of the … Read more

Does the UN Primarily Reflect the Interests of the Most Powerful States? (Human Rights Governance)

Does the UN Primarily Reflect the Interests of the Most Powerful States? Discuss using the Case of Human Rights Governance. The aim of this essay is to discuss whether or not the United Nations (UN) primarily reflects the interests of the most powerful states. This issue will be considered in the context of human rights … Read more

Greed versus grievance framework

Throughout this work, the greed versus grievance framework will be stressed as the majority of conflict cases in the Global South can be reflected in this theory in the shape of civil wars; however, there exist major armed conflicts around the contemporary Global South where the descriptive conditions could contradict the model by Collier (2001). … Read more

China’s Actions in the South China Sea and the Consequences they have on a Rules-Based International Order

Conflicting territorial claims in the South China Sea (SCS) make it one of the most divisive regions in contemporary geopolitics. Disputes over both maritime boundaries and islands involve several countries and regularly raise tensions within the region. The sea holds enormous global economic significance; more than $3.3 trillion of trade passed through it in 2016. … Read more

Argumentative essay on a topic relating to both Japan and Globalization (draft)

This will be a minimum of 9 double-spaced pages, not counting the required Works Cited section. You may include graphics if you wish (e.g., charts, graphs, illustrations, etc.) but the total of the text portion not including those graphics must fit the minimum page guidelines. Write an argumentative essay on a topic relating to both … Read more

Migration in and out of Libya

Migration in and out of Libya is neither a new nor a recent phenomenon. Libya has been both a destination and a transit country for migrants for decades. Today it is increasingly becoming only a transit country due to its proximity to Europe and internal situation. This paper aims to assess and provide policy recommendations … Read more

Sea piracy and anti-piracy policies

The ‘security’ is multidimensional and complex connotation which is co-existed since human civilization came into being. The security is conceivably a paramount necessity to the existence of individuals and the survival of any nation-state. There is no perennial definition of security to satisfy every age and phase. However, the term ‘Security’ is much hyped notion … Read more

U.S. Dealing with North Korea

President Donald Trump had a historical meeting with North Korean leading Kim Jong-Un on June 12, 2018. In this meeting, they discussed North Korea’s nuclear program and how to ease the threat of a nuclear war, which resulted in the Singapore Summit. There are a wide range of views on this result, some more optimistic … Read more

Canada and its many Treaties

Canada’s history is a very important thing to understand when you are in Canada. You will notice is a country that has been under ethnocentrism since colonial times. In this case, we have the first nation people who are the native people and the immigrant who came to trade with the native people. Until today … Read more

International Trade

International trade is one of the driving forces in today’s world economy. Most of the global superpowers such as America and China rely heavily on trade for economic growth. Without it the steady growth of manufacturing output we have seen in many countries the last couple of decades would cease. Trade is crucial in many … Read more

Organisations made to help countries collaborate

Throughout history, there have been multiple organizations created in order to help countries collaborate with one other and avoid future disputes. Trade is an essential needed in order to keep the global economy running effectively. In this case, international trade is mainly directed by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The Doha Development Round covers many … Read more


INTRODUCTION World Trade Organization The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the international organization which deals with the rules of international trade and the conduct of trade in the international forum. The Organization enables in smooth and effective mechanism of the trade around the world. The WTO was established on January 1, 1995, created by the … Read more

Human nature is the driving factor of conflict and cooperation within international politics

Human nature in itself does not solely explain patterns of conflict and cooperation within international politics, however it is the basis upon which all other forces of these patterns can be explained. Many will claim that interactions between ethnicities, pursuits of national interests or protection of a state’s citizens also allow for an explanation of … Read more

How to write an International Relations essay

International relations essays are pieces of academic writing that assess and contextualize important topics in international relations.

Most of these essays employ theoretical analyses to present ideas, arguments and criticisms on matters related to international relations. International relations essays offer analysis and debate, as well as an analysis of different perceptions on foreign policy and consequential impact. International relations essays; thus, require that the writer to reflects a superior ability to think critically and construct rational ideas.

These essays can address issues like foreign affairs, diplomacy, the international political atmosphere, the world economy, and current affairs. A political science student is expected to reflect ample knowledge of each of the aforementioned topics. A final international relations essay should conform to the instructor’s basic provisions like conformity to the topic of study, length and other writing requirements. Learning how to write an international relations essay can be a fun but challenging task. A good essay is one that has a swift flow of thoughts. These thoughts should show a clear connection between an international current affair, local economic, social and political affairs. The essay should be able to offer a comparison between current affairs and their impact with respect to local spheres. A clear relationship between local affairs and international affairs should be determined. Some of the major data sources for international relations essays include large foreign newspapers and national newspapers. These are some of the most trusted sources for information on current affairs. Others include respected journals, periodicals, and books. These can be sourced online, as well as from Google Scholar to determine the present mood and precisely analyze your topic.

The most common formatting styles include Harvard and APA. Most of the provisions of APA formatting style are similar to those of Harvard. For instance, both formatting styles direct that every page of the essay should comprise of a running head positioned at the top left of the paper. The running head is an abridged form of the title, usually in just a few words not exceeding 50 characters. The standard guidelines for international relations essays comprise of a brief introduction, the body that presents the main arguments and ideas, with a concluding paragraph. There should be even margins of one-inch both at the top and bottom, as well as left and right sides of the essay. The font should be double-spaced unless stated otherwise. The essay should have a title page with respect to the stipulated formatting guideline. A complete essay should also have a reference page. This is a separate page at the end of the essay and presents a list of all the sources used in constructing the essay. References should feature in alphabetical order with double spacing between each entry. Before constructing the final piece, you should refer to lecture notes from past lectures. The writer should maintain the flow of thoughts by conforming the introductory ideas to the other paragraphs. The succeeding paragraphs should work to expand the introductory ideas, as well as offer supporting information and detailed arguments with the aim of substantiating the claims made in an international relations essay. The concluding paragraphs should focus on emphasizing each major point presented in the essay. You should provide a concise acknowledgement to every point. This ensures a stable foundation of believability. The final piece of an essay should undergo a thorough proofreading session to eliminate grammatical and typographical errors. Other errors include faulty logic and lack of even transition.

Each paragraph of an international relations essay should have an introductory statement, also known as a topical sentence. The first statement in a paragraph should reflect the strongest point of view, cleverest description, the most significant example, or a clear beginning point. This offers the best way for securing the reader’s attention as they read the essay. The first paragraph; however, should be the main introduction to the essay. The topical statement should comprise of the “reverse hook”. This connects to the transitional hook towards the end of the introductory paragraph.

When learning how to start an essay, it’s important to include the correct information within each paragraph. The introductory paragraph should also comprise of a thesis statement, a type of mini-highlight of the paper. A thesis statement introduces the reader to the main argument of the essay. The last statement of the introductory paragraph should comprise of a transitional “hook”. Its purpose is to move the reader to the main part of the essay.

The strength of main arguments should reflect a descending sequence with respect to the strength of arguments. The strongest arguments should feature first followed by the less strong arguments. This also applies to the most significant examples, the cleverest descriptions, and others. The first sentence of the second paragraph should possess a reverse hook. Its purpose is to connect the transitional hook at the end of the initial paragraph of the main body. The topic of the second paragraph of the main body should feature in the first or second statement (sentence). The topic should reflect a clear relationship to the thesis statement presented in the introductory paragraph. The final sentence in this section should comprise of a transitional concluding hook. Its purpose is to signal the reader that the final major point has been reached. The hook also directs to the last or concluding paragraph.

A complete international relations essay should have a strong concluding paragraph. Although you have finalised the bulk of the essay, and completed the most complex body paragraphs, careful attention should feature while coming up with a favorable conclusion. A strong conclusion works to substantiate the main arguments in the essay. On the other hand, a weak conclusion works to weaken the arguments presented in your essay. An ample conclusion reinforces the main argument. As well as briefly encapsulates the mode of proofing your validity. New information should not be introduced at the concluding paragraph. One way of achieving this is through offering potential directions with respect to future research. Another way is through suggesting how the arguments forwarded in the essay opens up a completely new point of view about the specified topic. Nevertheless, care should be taken not to introduce completely new information in support of the thesis statement. If this information was important enough to the essay, it would have featured in the preceding arguments as well. Making it available in the concluding paragraph simply diverts the attention of the readers. This also detracts from the general impact of previously focused arguments.

The concluding paragraph is vital as it contains the summary of the whole essay. A brief summary of the main points in the preceding paragraphs is crucial. This presents the best way of reminding your readers of the effectiveness employed in discussing various evidences in the essay. The points do not need to be arguments, as this will be a repetition. The points simply require a reiteration to illustrate how they directly support and address the thesis statement. The conclusion offers the last impression of the essay that the reader receives. Careful attention should be observed in providing a link between the thesis statement and the main body. The thesis should be reiterated and conformed to the thesis statement provided in the introductory paragraph. Moreover, you should not merely copy the thesis statement from the introductory paragraph. In its place, the thesis should be paraphrased to reflect the progress achieved in the main body of the international relations essay.

The above guidelines are standard operating procedures when trying to understand how to write an international relations essay. This is an analysis of the main features of an international relations essay, including a connection of current affairs to theoretical frameworks, the need for strong introductory paragraphing, and topical sentences. Other main features include the main body, which should reflect a swift flow and ample conformity to the thesis statement.