Non-agreed sources of Islam

A) The first non-agreed sources of Islam is istihsan. The definition of istihsan is to determine the best solution to a religious problem with the use of a jurist’s own judgement that cannot be solved by simply citing sacred texts. It is also juristic preference which refers to the principle that permits exceptions to strict … Read more

Fahrenheit 451 – allusions to the Bible

In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, countless allusions are made to numerous topics, including the Bible. Fahrenheit 451 takes place in a dystopian society where books are not only frowned upon, but if found, disintegrated. Montag, the main character, starts as a firefighter where he burns books, but later realizes the potential unknown to most … Read more

Religion in Italy

Religion comprises of a set of beliefs, feelings, and practices that show the relationship between human beings and their higher power. Each religion has their own given set of principles followed by a community of believers. Apart from principles, the believers might go through rites and interdictions while following laws from sacred books distinguishing them … Read more

Same-sex marriage (Christian perspective)

The topic of equal rights is one that fits perfectly with the issue of same-sex marriage. Discrimination is still surprisingly common in today’s society and a group that is noticeably being discriminated against are homosexuals. Equal rights go straight back to the Constitution and the human rights that every person should be entitled to. The … Read more

Is the existence of angels real or fiction?

The existence of angels has been one of the more controversial subjects over the years. Different religious groups such as Christians, Muslims, pagans, and atheists have different perspectives and views on the existence of angels. Some people think the presence of angels as a mythical theory while other people’s opinions on the existence of angels … Read more

The importance and purpose of marriage – Islam and Christianity

Marriage is the union between two people. It is the merging of two lives and a lifelong commitment to love and care for one another (Wimalasena, 2016). Religiously, marriage has another layer of meaning; it is a sacred union that helps consolidate one’s spirituality. Islam and Christianity share a common history, including many of the … Read more

The ​Dhammapada – Seeking Liberation – Buddhism 

The Dhammapada is a collection of sayings from the Buddha, that inspire humility and reflection. Its a source of inspiration and instruction and is a reference of wisdom.​ ​In ​The Dhammapada, ​ it convinces its readers to seek spiritual liberation by using metaphors, comparisons and similes to encourage readers to choose the “wise” path. It … Read more

Influence of Islamic world on the Catholic Church and Creationism during the Middle Ages

Research Topic: The influence of the Islamic world, its Greek studies and natural sciences on the Catholic Church and Creationism during the Middle Ages in Europe. Propose thesis: The reception of Islamic and Greek studies led to the metaphysical dependence of the Catholic Church’s Creationism arguments during the Middle Ages. At first, the emergence of … Read more

Discussion of relics each reliquary holds & whether the reliquary symbolises its contents

It is said that in India at around 400BC, the time of death of the Buddha, the ashes of the Buddha were separated into nine sections and commemorative stupa were built to protect and house these remains. Approximately 230 years later, King Asoka divided the nine sections into a further 84,000 sections, which he then … Read more