Influence of Islamic world on the Catholic Church and Creationism during the Middle Ages

Research Topic: The influence of the Islamic world, its Greek studies and natural sciences on the Catholic Church and Creationism during the Middle Ages in Europe. Propose thesis: The reception of Islamic and Greek studies led to the metaphysical dependence of the Catholic Church’s Creationism arguments during the Middle Ages. At first, the emergence of … Read more

Catholic Social Teachings

Catholic Social Teachings Life and Dignity of the Human Person: The Catholic Church says that human life is sacred and our dignity must be respected and is the foundation of a moral society. The Catholic Church preaches and proclaims that human lives, rights and dignity should always be placed above items and possessions. Call to … Read more

Biomedicine and Islam

Biomedicine itself has long been in conflict with religion. Although they intersect at key points – such as preserving life and maintaining health, biomedicine and religion are built on different foundations, and thus approach controversial topics from different standpoints. This paper will focus on the fundamental differences that biomedicine and Islam are based on, and … Read more

Child marriage within Islamic teaching

Child marriages have long been the subject of international concern for human rights organisations. Various attempts have been made to ban marriages between minors, in many countries. In Islamic countries, difficulties in this area arise from tensions between international treaty commitments, and traditional and critical interpretations of religious sources. A marriage contract is valid only … Read more

What Are The Main Strengths and Weaknesses of The Rational Choice Approach To Religions Behavior?

One of the pioneers of the rational choice theory has been Gary Becker. He states that this approach can be applied to all human behaviour, including religion. This approach has three assumptions. It assumes that people engage in maximising behaviour. When applying this approach to religion we are not concerned with money. We are concerned … Read more

Exodus 34: 1-10

Part 1: Exegetical Essay Throughout the Old Testament, the Lord plays many roles and can be characterized in many different ways based on the relationships and the ways in which he interacts with the people Ancient Israel. Ancient Israel was chosen by the Lord to be His people and to live out the words and … Read more

The importance of the “body”

The importance of the “body” has been transformed along with the formation of a disciplinary society. Throughout history, the society’s disciplines have changed from social “quarantine,” to an indef¬initely generalizable mechanism of “panopticism” (206). According to Foucault, discipline is a unitary technique that increases the economic efficiency of the body and decreases its political obedience. … Read more

‘Ram Ke Naam’ Documentary

‘Ram Ke Naam’ is a documentary that shows the destructive effects of the campaign executed by Hindu-nationalists that emphasized building a Ram temple on the grounds of the Babri Mosque. The documentary explores religious beliefs in India and how politics come into play to create tension between Hindus and Muslims. Since the mid-1900’s, India was … Read more