The importance of design strategy

“Designers add value to a business. That is what buys you a seat at the table. If you are not doing this, you are a production artist.” Helen Trann Designers. Through years we have been offering solutions to problems of any matter. Connecting the audience or in other words customers with the needs of our … Read more

Investigate the benefits of using influencers as a marketing technique.

Introduction “The marketing concept holds that achieving organisational goals depends on determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors do.” (Kotler et al, 1996 p.15) Society today is becoming increasingly dependent on digital technology with most of the population having access to smartphones or … Read more

Brands and digital transformation (draft)

What is a Brand? Before attempting to include any definition of the term brand, it is important to acknowledge that it is overdefined given the fact that it has been existing for over 15 centuries (Stern, 2006). According to the systematic review of the brand definitions of over 100 papers and many expert interviews, a … Read more

Developing a strong brand purpose for success

Introduction In modern society, if a brand is to succeed it must have a strong brand purpose in order to cultivate a committed and growing base of consumers. James Collins and Jerry Poras defined brand purpose as being ‘the organization’s fundamental reason for being. An effective purpose reflects the importance people attach to the company’s … Read more

Products: Marketing Mix

Introduction to Product What is a product? A product is anything that is capable of satisfying customer needs. Products can be goods or services that can be traded for in a market. Products can be tangible, something you can hold, or intangible, a product that has no physical presence. Products can be split into another … Read more

Marketing Design and Innovation: Encouraging Innovation through Market Design

Marketing Design and Innovation Introduction What is the marketing of innovation? The Marketing of innovation particularizes the common marketing concepts into the Innovating the marketing process focusing in the decreasing of risks, uncertainty and optimization of resources and utilization of resources. ‘ The American Marketing Association offers the following formal definition: Marketing is an organizational … Read more

McDonald’s Organisational Structure and Marketing Management (7Ps)

McDonald’s is a leading American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain. It is founded in 1940 as barbecue restaurant by Richard & Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. Mc Donald’s is in the hospitality industry, owning more than 30 000 restaurant units around the world. In 1948 the two brothers started using production-line principles in … Read more

History and Current Strategy of Interflora: Target Market, Brand Positioning and Awareness

History Interflora is a flower delivery network associated with over 58,000 affiliated florists over 140 countries. It was founded in 1923 under Florists Telegraph Delivery Association (FTDA). In year 2014, the Interflora British Unit has reached £102.7m of revenues. Customers can make their purchase online, via telephone or through one of their florist shops. Over … Read more

Marketing Plan for ‘Nice Ices’: Creating Successful Vending Machines

Marketing plan for ‘Nice Ices’ Marketing definition :- a process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals. Formally or informally, people and organizations engage in a vast number of activities that we could call marketing. Good marketing has … Read more

Applying Sustainable Marketing Strategies: Key to Obtaining Competitive Advantages

What is the risk of ‘green washing’ in sustainable marketing? – What are the main strengths of sustainable marketing? – What market strategies can be deployed for sustainability? – What are the risks associated with sustainable marketing? – What information might sustainable marketing want to communicate? – Definition of sustainability marketing – Strength of sustainability … Read more

How to write a marketing essay

It is important for any student to comprehend the importance of writing an excellent marketing essay.

Marketing plays an important role in product success, and market advantage. Research needs to be done on the important marketing attributes to effectively develop a marketing strategy. Writing a marketing essay entails identifying the crucial marketing aspects in a company, which require analysis according to the characteristics of the products. Apart from understanding the research question, and conducting investigation with reliable sources, it is important that a writer knows how to write a marketing essay. An essay writer, who does not communicate the points well, gets lost and becomes irrelevant in the essay.

Learning how to write a marketing essay involves more than just writing an introduction, body, and conclusion. This essay requires engaging the reader by using the required intellect to express the essay points effectively. The effectiveness of a marketing essay depends on the outline developed in writing the paper. It is recommended that the essay starts with other marketing experts’ logical framework. A marketing consultant needs to understand the position of the market by conducting a study on the management of the company, and its products. After the study, a consultant needs to apply Michael Porter and Philip Kotler theories to understand marketing tactics and take advantage of it.

An understanding of how the Five Forces determine the position of a market and how an individual can effectively communicate acceptance of a product is very important when writing a marketing essay. Research on these factors will require including various sources, and putting together a bibliography list. However, it is recommended not to use many sources because the quality of an essay depends on the potential and relevance of the work cited in achieving the objective of the research. The place and date of publication is an important factor in determining the quality and potential of a source. Work cited from Georgetown, Yale or Harvard is considered valid as compared to those from US Weekly or People. An essay can use just ten sources, which is sufficed.

After developing the thesis for the market essay, it is recommended that you write down notes for each section of the essay in the outline. This outline will assist you in supporting the thesis statement. A marketing essay outline should contain expert framework information, and show how it is applied in a real world business setting. A good way of supporting the ideas and following up on the thesis is to use relevant case study. Multinational companies like Ford or Wal-Mart or other privately owned firms can offer good examples of case study to support a marketing strategy. These provide useful information and demonstrate the significance of the topic to business managers. This is the best approach to start a marketing essay.

A good introduction must summarize the content of the essay, and capture the attention of a reader by creating curiosity of what the discussion of the essay seeks to achieve. When writing a marketing essay, the recommended approach is to conduct research for the topic, as an issue that is significant to the reader, and discuss how knowledge of marketing is important. The opening of a marketing essay should be logical by following an outlined approach to the argument. This allows a good flow of discussion in the essay’s body. A good introduction serves as a guide for the essay. The essay’s body is the important section when writing a marketing essay and it is important that the writer remains focused on the essay outline to effectively discuss the points by allowing the body to present research findings well.

A marketing essay should contain a conclusion that summarizes the discussion of the essay that includes what was learned from the discussion and the expectations according to the stand of the argument presented. A good conclusion needs to develop other thoughts that a reader should think about concerning the topic, and provide recommendations to a problem or discussion before ending the essay.

After finishing writing a marketing essay, an individual is required to revise the paper to identify the areas where one can explore in detail an offshoot of the discussion. It is important that this task is not confused with editing the essay, which entails checking the language used in the paper. However, editing is also important because it allows one get feedback from a peer, which is useful in essay revision. Revising one’s essay allows an individual to come up with a better essay containing new ideas. It is recommended that you set aside enough time to revise your essay to enable you reflect on it. Reflection will enable you to identify something you missed or expand on an idea, which needed elaboration relating to marketing.

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