Is fashion the route to a cultural revolution?

Introduction Examples of how fashion has been used to protest before hand Why fashion is important to change the world What is a cultural revolution? How is fashion translated into action? Photographers and context Fashion and protest have always been associated despite their recognition being insubstantial. Our history is rich with instances by which garments … Read more

Pros and cons of self-driven cars

Introduction A self-driven car may seem like a huge step into the future and something impossible for many people, but these cars have been developed by engineers from Google and many major automobile companies such as Audi, GM, and Toyota since 2002. It was not until recently in 2012 that cars that could drive themselves … Read more

Reflection on career, skills and employability

NETWORKING AND USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA Networking can be defined as ‘A supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest’ ( My generations have had it easy because I was born and living in the era where professional connections can be done online such as with … Read more

Conducting research questions and answers

Answer1) Three reasons to obtain ethical approval are- 1) Protection of participants – It is the responsibility of the researcher to protect the participants from any kind of harm being raised from research. This harm can be physical, mental or psychological which also includes loss of autonomy and loss of self-esteem. As a rule, participants … Read more

My goal is Amor Fati but I cannot reach it (personal essay)

Since the dawning of homo-sapiens existence, man was born with the perfect imbalance of certain default emotions, Happiness. Sadness. Anger. Self-Preservation, all necessary for survival in this rigged game called life. Emotions that make us human, set us apart from the primitive “lesser” creatures. It’s often said our body is our temple, our personal sanctuary, … Read more

Challenges in Phenomenological Design

Phenomenology is a type of a research tool where the researcher pays more attention to the text with the aim of exploring lived experiences. According to Creswell and Poth (2018), “The basic purpose of phenomenology is to reduce individual experiences with a phenomenon to a description of the universal essence” (p. 74). Phenomenology is a … Read more

Reflecting on my thoughts throughout the course of a project (alleviating poverty)

FOUNDATION OF OUR IDEA: “Formulation of a wicked problem is the problem.” (Rittel, H. and Webber, M, 1973). This is a philosophy that captures the spirit of configuring most social problems in our economy, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goal #1 of Eradicating Poverty. While it’s this challenge that’s been knocking our doorstep all … Read more