Challenges in Phenomenological Design

Phenomenology is a type of a research tool where the researcher pays more attention to the text with the aim of exploring lived experiences. According to Creswell and Poth (2018), “The basic purpose of phenomenology is to reduce individual experiences with a phenomenon to a description of the universal essence” (p. 74). Phenomenology is a … Read more

Professional Development – reflective

The portfolio accomplished for the Professional Development Program is a reflective portfolio on the improvement of expert abilities upgraded as the year progressed. The portfolio contains reports that demonstrate both scholarly and proficient advancement improvements through the reflections. The SWOT Analysis is directed on myself, that surveys my qualities, shortcomings, opportunities and threats, further breaking … Read more

Basic life support

Check for Danger The most important part of Basic Life Support is the safety of the rescuer – you won’t help the situation by becoming a casualty yourself! The first thing that you must do is assess the safety of the scene and whether it is safe for you to approach. Remember to look out … Read more

Generation Representation through Dance

Part 1: The kind of dance that I believe best represents my generation is hip-hop dance, which is a social dance. Popular hip-hop dances include the Drop, the Whip, and the Dab, and hose are only a handful of all the types of hip-hop dances. It allows for people to incorporate attitude, individuality, gesturing, and … Read more

Military View on Minority Groups

For many years, there has been controversial stances regarding African-Americans, women, LGB members, and now transgenders given entry into the United States military service. Since this transition between genders may not be accepted by all, an overwhelming amount of discrimination has been evident when the thought of a transgender person serving our country is brought … Read more

Tipping Becoming the Social Norm in North America

Tipping is the Social Norm in North America, especially in the Hospitality industry. This Idea paper will analyze the trend about tipping in North America, and the social factors mainly involved when it comes to customer tipping, this paper will consist of a thorough analysis of this social trend combining surveys and interviews to restaurants … Read more

Military Drafts

Military drafts are great when it comes to having people in the military for the time when our country needs to be protected, or if one of our allies need help. But do we really need the draft? Just think about it. Our country hasn’t needed to use the draft since the Vietnam war, and … Read more

Student exchange program from Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship to Guangdong University of Foreign studies, Guangzhou, China

SUMMARY The Student exchange program from Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship to Guangdong University of Foreign studies, Guangzhou, China was held between 28th December 2018 to 14th January 2019. The 17-day program was spread around 5 major places around China, namely Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Macau. The program commenced with sight-seeing, business … Read more

Weaponary used in World Wars

Although many considered World War I a tragedy, it would become an opportunity to learn about modern warfare with many concepts of strategical military tactics from that war being used again in various ways in World War II. However, many have confused the difference between tactics and strategies. A tactic, by definition, is the actual … Read more

Federation of International Basketball Associations

Introduction The Federation of International Basketball Associations, also known as FIBA, is a “sports federation that governs international competition in basketball” (“FIBA,” n.d.). FIBA was established on June 18, 1932 in Geneva (One FIBA, n.d.).  Two years later after FIBA was established, it was then that the game of basketball was recognized by the International … Read more

Army values

Everyday in life it is a battle, not necessarily a battle between good or evil, but a battle between making decisions, more or less choices. We are constantly presented with choices in our lives and whether we make the right or wrong choice is up to us. Since humans are not perfect we often make … Read more

St. Mary’s Hospital

St. Mary’s Hospital was built in recognition to the need for high quality healthcare service, to provide the population appropriate medical services and reduce the need for patients and their families to travel far and to foreign countries. This strategic plan is to provide direction to this institution on its journey toward healthcare quality excellence. … Read more

Colin Kaepernick (speech writing example)

General Purpose: The general purpose of this speech is to inform the audience about a specific person and give tribute to them. Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will have a better understanding of Colin Kaepernick and how he has become so controversial in today’s society. Introduction: I. Attention Getter: Jackie … Read more

The role of communication in aviation

Communication is an integral component in any organisational activity and yields success in any endeavours, including the aviation industry. (Reference) It provides a pathway for successful operations and acts as a prerequisite to safety. However, communication has long been proven to be a critical concern in the aviation industry and has resulted in many catastrophic … Read more