SWOT analysis of the Liberal Party (Canada)

Keeping the goal of the liberal party in mind, it is important to construct a critical analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the upcoming election. This means taking an unbiased look at the parties leadership, the current political climate, key campaign issues, the prior 2015 election results, fundraising, candidates, and target ridings. … Read more

The Racialised discourse surrounding Brexit

Introduction The Racialised discourse surrounding Brexit is evident through the strong anti-immigration and nationalist narratives that drove much of both the Brexit campaign and the recent General Election of which Brexit dominated. Whilst there are certainly elements of ‘imperial nostalgia’ in this discourse, it is argued that the term simply fails to account for the … Read more

Conservative & Labour fiscal strategies & how these impact management of the public sector

The main recognized difference between public and private organisations is their ownership (Rainey et al 1976). The public sector ‘consists of governments and all publicly controlled or publicly funded agencies, enterprises, and other entities that deliver public programs, goods, or services’ (Dube & Danescu, 2011). Whereas ‘private firms are owned by entrepreneurs or shareholders, public … Read more

Could all countries be a democracy?

When thinking about democracy, it is a common perception that we tend to think of an ultimately ideal governance system. It is, in essence, practical; everybody in a country has a say of what goes on in a country and how it will go on. Authoritarian power is limited and the people determine the direction … Read more

The stigma around mental health and benefits

There is a link between the government’s approach to cutting the benefit bill and negative attitudes towards disabled people and people suffering with mental health problems. For example, Theresa May’s advisor says disability benefits should go to ‘really disabled people’, and not to ‘anxiety sufferers’. Conservative MP, George Freeman, was in favour of cutting £3.7 … Read more

The changing image of and support for the IRA

Directly after Bloody Sunday, the narrative of victimhood emerged in the nationalist movement, emphasizing the lives lost during the march and the bloodshed caused by the British army. That was one of the pivotal events that created a cycle of violence between the unionists and nationalists, especially with the resurgence of the IRA. However, despite … Read more

The Full Monty

Peter Cattaneo’s 1997 film The Full Monty was released during a time of political turbulence in the UK; for the first time in eighteen years the sitting Prime Minister was a member of the Labour party, the general election won in a landslide after Tony Blair’s rebranding, and despite her not having been in office … Read more

Immigration on the border (US)

At the forefront of U.S politics, immigration on the border continues to be a pressing, yet complicated political issue. Although politicians consistently debate over what path our country should take towards our borders, a bipartisan solution seems completely unforeseeable in the near future. While Democrats work towards a less restrictive, more welcoming national landscape, Republicans … Read more

Comparative Government: The UK

The United Kingdom was the first country in Europe to develop a limited monarchy, achieved gradually so as to maintain stability. Truly the name “Great Britain” applies to her many accomplishments. Britain is adjusting to its new reality as one European country among many, and yet the nation’s influence remains strong. In this strength still … Read more

Conflict in Myanmar

The root cause of the destruction that storms upon Myanmar begins with the persecution of the Rohingya; an oppressed group of Muslims faced discrimination from their native country as well as their neighboring state. Buddhist nationalist groups such as the Mabatha regularly boycott Muslim shops, ban Muslims from Myanmar, and strike against Muslim communities. After … Read more

Western influence in Arab regimes

Throughout the past couple centuries, our world has seen an unparalleled trend towards democratization. The Western influence on the rest of the political world was stabilized after the end of the cold war and breakdown of the USSR, however one part of the world remained untouched by western influence. In this paper I will seek … Read more

Locke’s Two Treatise of Government

In 1689, Locke introduced his Theory of Government which was controversial to British thinkers, defending and summarising bourgeois rule and its new system in theory. The whole book is divided into two parts, which separates in to critical and constructive. The rationalism spirit which differs from his philosophy empiricism has laid the keynote of modern … Read more

British Palestine: A Region Wreaked by Imperialism

In the late 18th century, the Ottoman Empire became threatened by two land-based empires with imperial aspirations, Russia and Austria. Along with their goals of imperialism, two sea-trading empires, Britain and France, rivaled in the aspirations of imperializing the Middle East. There was a competition between European countries with one goal in mind, controlling the … Read more

Annotated Bibliography – Yugoslavia / communism

Annotated Bibliography Antic, Ana. “Heroes and Hysterics: ‘Partisan Hysteria’ and Communist State-Building in Yugoslavia after 1945.” Social History of Medicine, vol. 27, no. 2, May 2014, pp. 349-371. EBSCOhost. This article largely discusses Hugo Klajn, a Vienna educated Belgrade psychoanalyst who is the main character in the researches about the ‘Partisan hysteria’ that tormented the … Read more

Success and failure of the Libyan intervention

Introduction The killing of Libyan despot Muammar Gadhafi was supposed to cease months of bloody fighting but instead marked the prelude to Libya’s disintegration. The capitulation of Libya has been solely accredited to Western powers for seemingly using the cover of ‘humanitarian intervention’ to instil regime change in a volatile but sovereign nation. Gadhafi’s mobilization … Read more

Franklin D. Roosevelt first inaugural address

Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered his first inaugural address on March 4, 1933, in the midst of the Great Depression. Before the onset of the Great Depression, the prices of food fell, industries did not make profits due to foreign competition, and banks had problems. Banks allowed the use of credits, and people could loan money … Read more

9/11 fear and distrust

In popular media, the portrayal and aftermath of 9/11 resulted in stories and documentaries depicting people distrusting “the other” and even their own governments. After 9/11, many people felt paranoid that intruders from other countries would continue to bring war on US soil. This prompted many US citizens to sign-up for the draft and fight … Read more

How to write a politics essay

Term papers, essay questions, research papers, and project reports are typical components of most political science students.

Instructors always ask students to write essays and term papers in order to assess their grasp of the course. Political science essays offer the professor an opportunity to evaluate your skills as a writer of political content. The essays, on the other hand, are a perfect way through which students can apply the various theories learnt in class. Political essays, are thus, an important ingredient in the course work of a political science and international relations student.

Understanding how to write a politics essay involves thinking in ways that you may not have done before. A political essay writer should apply critical thinking in presenting his political ideas. As a political science student, you should be able to show a reflection of the concepts learnt in class. Writing a political essay presents an opportunity to address some of the pertinent issues affecting society. In this effect, you should address the fundamental essay question with a critical mind as you grapple with the same wide issues that has informed the work of professional political scientists since time immemorial. A politics essay should connect its arguments and claims to theoretical frameworks, and should strive to relate issues to democratic principles. Here we seeks to present some crucial guidelines and rules for writing standard politics essays.


Strict deadlines and time constraints may prove to be a challenge in writing a politics essay. This calls for strategies aimed at saving and using time wisely, while ensuring that you come up with a quality politics essay. Having a time plan is one of the most effective strategies for coming up with a good essay. This stage involves designing the procedure of activities required for a high quality paper. You should aim to write a good politics essay to attract high marks from the instructor.


Initial planning should focus on the topic of the essay. Thus, you should carry out a preliminary reading on the chosen topic. Carefully choose the topic if there is a list of several topics. You should pick the topic you are most comfortable with as this will ensure a free flow of ideas in the course of writing thus save on time. Choosing a comfortable topic will also guarantee that you will also secure data sources more quickly. Provide an outline of the main points that you intend to discuss . The points will act as the compass, offering you direction as you write. Failure to secure a highlight of the main points before writing the essay leads to time wastage in the course of thinking of more ideas. One is bound to fall short of arguments and claims. The points should feature from the strongest points to the least strong. This ensures that the essay reflects a certain flow while reading it. After highlighting the main points, data collection stage follows. The nature of data collection method depends on the type of essay. The data collection stage for a politics essay involves the collection and classification of claims, arguments, ideas, knowledge, and past research on the topic you intend to write about. Collecting and classifying this information will ensure a swift reference while writing your essay. You should avoid visiting random sources as this will shift your focus and waste your time. This calls for a sufficient data collection and classification stage.

If the essay is in an exam essay or in an exam setting, there probably will be no opportunity for making referrals, or even collecting data. In such situations, you should read the essay topic and plan on the ideas you are going to discuss. Planning in such situations involves highlighting the main points of discussion and thinking of as many points on the highlights as possible. You can create a draft on which to measure the validity of the points.


The way you introduce your essay sets the pace and tone of the rest of the body. A politics essay should be critical and reflective. A politics essay writer is encouraged to employ rhetorical questions to make the reader more involved. The introduction should introduce a debate, presenting both sides of the essay question. Provide strong arguments in the introduction section and support the arguments by citing possible references. The introduction acts as the synopsis of the essay and should offer a strong point of view on the topic. The last part of the introduction should have a thesis statement. This statement presents the position of the paper with respect to the topic and its features as the reason for coming up with the paper. The thesis statement also acts as a source form which you will extract your arguments, claims, evidence and deductions.

After introducing your main points, the main part of writing the essay follows. The body of the essay contains the main arguments, claims, explanations, discussions, and various evidences. It should reflect a critical analysis of the topic. The various positions offered in the essay should acknowledge existing knowledge, while at the same time testing their validity. To ensure a good flow, employ the use of topical sentences. Topical sentences appear at the beginning of a paragraph and they present the main point of view or argument in the paragraph. Using topical sentences is one clear way of securing the attention of your readers as they read along with your essay. It helps them to easily comprehend your day.

When learning how to write a politics essay you should know what you need to write and where. A politics essay should have a clear statement of facts reinforced by examples. A politics essay is a reflective essay and touches on the daily happenings in the society. More so, the past events feature as future knowledge, and some societies adopt historical occurrences to form crucial components of laws and policies. Consequently, when analyzing a historical event, or in your effort to connect current events with historical, documented occurrences, it is vital to provide examples and instances. Description is a useful way of writing politics essays. Describing the nature and form of events and occurrences enhance the comprehension of the reader and the instructor, as well. The way the paragraphs are arranged offers a good flow for the politics essay. You should always bear in mind that the validity and strength of each claim and argument forwarded is determined by the consciousness, validity or rationality of your arguments.


A politics essay should be well forwarded according to the right formatting style, as stipulated by the instructor. The most common formatting style associated with politics, international relations, and related disciplines in the APA formatting style. The title page should be separated from the rest of the essay and labeled accordingly. The structure of your sentences should be highly appealing to sustain the flow achieved at the introductory stage. The essay should have simple sentences, compound sentences, and a mixture of the two. These three types of sentences should feature in your essay to achieve and sustain a smooth flow as one reads along. The planning stage is crucial as is determines the length of the essay, the number of paragraphs, the tone of the essay, and other factors.

Apply your knowledge

Another crucial factor to consider as a politics essay writer is that your personal opinions are more than just opinions. The examiner sets essay questions to determine if students can apply the knowledge acquired in class. The instructor is also interested to see whether the students can repeat verbatim what they have learnt in class. However, in order to solicit informed views and arguments, you should have mastered in the course. In this effect, you should strive to offer your personal opinion. This is why is always advisable to choose topics that you are most comfortable with.

Following the above guidelines will guarantee the creation of a logic, clear, on-point, and well formatted essay. You should ensure that you present strong clear arguments without shying away. Every fact should be supported by evidence. The last paragraph should offer a conclusion of the arguments presented in the essay.