Appropriate planning & effective promotion is key to the success of festivals

According to Bowdin (2011, p.121) “the time frame in which an event strategic plans operate will vary from destination to destination, but 5-15-year planning horizons are not uncommon”. The author arguments that the event organiser needs to make a preliminary feasibility report in the initiation phase, which includes de viability of the event and the … Read more

Critically analyse & discuss conferences as a component of corporate events in London

Introduction Events are different in terms of their size and the impact they have on a business and the community at large (Getz, 2013). They are categorised based on their type or sector such as public, association, sporting, and business or corporate events among others. The business or corporate events can be further subdivided into … Read more

Can Dark Tourism Be Employed as a Teaching Tool to Improve Positive Feelings in Tourists’ Mentality?

  Abstract Significant focus has been directed to dark tourism in the recent past since some people are attracted to sites with somber past events. Such areas include apartheid memorials, Civil War battlefields, and genocide sites. However, the use of dark tourism in teaching tourists and influencing their feelings and mentality has not been researched … Read more

Millennials do not know how to provide true hospitality (Argumentative Essay)

Hospitality in its early definition refers to any businesses and services whose primary objective was serving people out of their own home (Barrows, 1995) which constituents generally agree that it is a large, fragmented industry with its own set of challenges that can only be counteracted with enough training and education to work in such … Read more

Dark tourism: Bermuda

Tourism is undeniably one of the world’s largest industries, and in parallel with its enormous growth is the rise in popularity of new and unusual forms of travel (Gębarowski, 2019). Although people have long been attracted to places of historical tragedy and catastrophe, the concept of Dark tourism, a phenomenon which encompasses “the act of … Read more

Managing Operations In Tourism & Hospitality Industry

Marriott International Inc. operated and franchised 3,800 hotels properties, 19 hotel brands in 2012. Marriott furthermore presented 1,850 appointed corporate and business real estate rental items. In the 85+ years since company’s beginning, Marriott has established a culture and a custom of innovation, service & leadership. The hotels having portfolio and timeshares are consisting of … Read more

Tourism in the Philippines

Tourism is recognized as an important industry in the Philippines. Its significance as main driver and contributor to socio-economic growth is acknowledged in Republic Act 9593 or the Tourism Policy Act of 2009. It has seen an increasing direct contribution to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and employment over the years and peaking in … Read more

Elements deemed paramount to the understanding of how an individual is influenced during the travel planning process

Literature review In this section of this dissertation the author will discuss various elements that were deemed paramount to the understanding how an individuals is influenced during the travel planning process, by looking at the roles and activities of the destination management organisation, the perceived image of the destination and the effects of Word of … Read more

What strategic elements need to be implemented to gain long- term support from supporters of third party actions?

PROPOSAL Company: War Child Holland Hand in date December 31th Word count: 7355 words NHL Stenden – Hospitality Management Leeuwarden The Netherlands Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements of the degree Program Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality Management)Abstract Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 1.1 of the research describes and explains the context, problem description and … Read more

Tourism in North Cyprus

Turkish people might be the most frequent visitors to North Cyprus but certainly not the only visitors because in 2013, so people from the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands visited North Cyprus. These four countries were the top four whose nationalities stayed in the tourist accommodation establishments (see Table 8 ). Table 8: No. … Read more

Surf Resource Sustainability Index

Chapter 1 Introduction This chapter is composed of nine parts. The background of the study, problem statement, theoretical framework, conceptual framework, research objectives, hypotheses of the study, significance of the study, scope and limitations, and definition of terms. The following will thoroughly explicate the significance of serious leisure qualities and economic index indicators in the … Read more

Decisional Factors of Malaysian Tourist from Kuala Lumpur in Choosing Airbnb over Budget Hotels in Bangkok

Background of Topic a) Budget Hotels The difference between the budget hotel and hotel is focused on the rooms and meals which is reserved at the economic cost. Hotel is a building that provides a room to sleep with a certain management standard in term of serving their customer. Their facilities, services, and amenities determined … Read more

Galway tourism

1. Executive Summary Galway has been named the European culture capital 2020. Having beaten off stiff competition across the continent, the challenge is to rise to the occasion with a marketing plan that exceeds all expectations and showcases all that Galway has to offer specifically to culturally curious tourist based in the United States of … Read more