Reasons behind Britain’s ratification of the CAT despite significant opposing factors.

Thesis proposal Intense scholarly debate regarding why states ratify human rights treaties continues as the international condemnation of torture becomes increasingly codified. The first comprehensive international criminalisation of torture occurred with the entry into practice of the UN CAT. International relations academics have, for some time, tried to explain why states commit to such human … Read more

Do human rights activists have a right to concern over developments in robotics inc AI

Human rights and the fight for human rights has occurred since the very existence of man. Nelson Mandela very famously quoted,” To deny people their human rights is a violation of being a human.”(Mandela 1994) Firstly what are human rights? Human rights is defined by (Hutchings 2010) as,” The rights that we as human beings … Read more

Does the UN Primarily Reflect the Interests of the Most Powerful States? (Human Rights Governance)

Does the UN Primarily Reflect the Interests of the Most Powerful States? Discuss using the Case of Human Rights Governance. The aim of this essay is to discuss whether or not the United Nations (UN) primarily reflects the interests of the most powerful states. This issue will be considered in the context of human rights … Read more

African Human Rights System

Despite the fact that African countries have both produced and hosted refugees for a long time, when the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) was created in 1963, it had limited interest in human rights other than with regards to racial discrimination and the fight for self-determination from colonial rule . In fact, the African Charter … Read more

Whether current human rights law adequately solves the homelessness situation in England

Introduction The topic of this paper invites the reader to consider whether the current human rights law adequately solves the homelessness situation in England. There no single threat which sufficiently defines homelessness but for the purposes of this paper, the statutory definition of a homeless person, as outlined in Part VII of the housing Act … Read more

Critical evaluation of whether the law adequately protects the interests of individuals with mental disorders in light of the Human Rights Act.

PART 2: Critical evaluation of whether the law adequately protects the interests of individuals with mental disorders in light of the Human Rights Act. The following critically evaluates, in particular, the Human Rights and the Mental Capacity Acts, to determine whether the law adequately protects the interests of individuals with mental disorders in light of … Read more

Children’s human rights in an educational context for LGBTI

“Children and young people in Scotland want a Scotland that is safe, that treats them fairly, where they are respected and where they are included” Tam Baillie (Education Scotland Speech 2012) This essay will look at issues surrounding children’s human rights in an educational context, for the minority group known as LGBT(I). LGBTI stands for … Read more

The development of Human Rights in Jordan

Background The development of Human Rights in Jordan was highly influenced by occupation, underlying cultural values, and external pressure from the international system. Before delving into Jordan in the modern period, it is important to note that Jordan has a deeply-rooted tribal structure that is reflected in current legislation. This structure stems from the mass … Read more

Regional integration – human rights

Historically, there were two opposite reasons for countries to pursue regional integration: where they had similarities and seek to collaborate to leverage shared values, and where nations had nothing in common but integrated to complement what lacked in one but was abundant in the other (Scuira 2017:110). The Organisation of the American States (OAS) was … Read more

How far has the Apex legal in India made progress in defending Human Rights in the light of our Constitutional order

The privilege to authorize Human Rights as gave under the Constitution of India is Constitutionally secured. Article 226 enables the High Courts to issue writs for implementation of such rights. Also Article 32 of the Constitution gives similar forces to the Supreme Court. Another methodology has risen as Public Interest Litigation (PIL) with the goal … Read more

Political science and human rights

Philosophy, ethics and law are often considered at the forefront of human rights. Owing to the interdisciplinary nature of human rights these approaches have taken a stronger presence in the field, therefore noting a lack of political dimensions. This neglect of human rights in the discipline of political science was seen between the adoption of … Read more

Privacy Rights in America

The landmark case that set precedent for school prayer was Engel v. Vitale. The argument originated in the Herricks school district and was decided by the Warren Court in 1962. The conclusion was that public schools are not allowed to hold prayer, regardless of whether participation was required or not or religious affiliation. The policy … Read more

The Relevance of the Constitution

The Constitution, formed by the founding father of the United States on September 17, 1787. The Constitution was written to be used as an outline for our country, and to show how this nation should be governed and structured in many years to come. In past centuries these amendments and articles have helped this country … Read more

Spain and its views on the LGBT

The lgbtq rights of citizens around the globe has been a controversial topic for many centuries. Persecution of the LGBTQ community is an ongoing issue, and many countries including the delegation Spain has vowed to terminate this type of abuse. In early July of 2005, same-sex marriage was legalized in Spain, and since then, members … Read more

Elizabeth Eckford

Elizabeth Eckford Elizabeth Eckford was associated with the Little Rock 9. The Little Rock 9 were 9 black kids who were the first to attend Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1954, Brown v. Board of Education was ruled to where segregation in schools is deemed unconstitutional. Well these 9 kids … Read more

Truth commissions

Truth commissions are defined as “an ad hoc, victim-centered commission of inquiry”, formed based on two purposes; (1) investigating and reporting impacts from “severe violence of repression” that occurred during a time of conflict or illegitimate rule, (2) creating recommendations to rectify these mistakes, as well as prevent future wrongdoings (Freeman, 2006. Pp.14). Many consider … Read more

Declaration of human rights

“[W]ith no distinction given to their race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.”-Article 2 of UDHR of the United Nations, 1948. Historically, laws came before human rights, but it has been argued that one law which grants us rights, has been there since the … Read more

The United Nations and Human Rights

One criticism against the United Nations  structure is that it does not always engage in constructive  discussion of Human  Rights issues in the real sense of it, but a forum for politically  selective finger pointing and criticism. The states with problematic  human rights records in the actual sense of it makes up the Security Council … Read more