Society and social conventions in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia esteemed are essentially liberality, benevolence, friendliness, regard for relatives, readiness, virtuousness and sexual unobtrusiveness. So is conceivable say that these qualities are in relation to the Saudi Arabian convictions, because the conditions that the Saudi Arabian individuals have are because of applying their beliefs and the Islamic Laws. For instance, in Saudi … Read more

The History and Future of OPEC’s Global Influence

Introduction The price of oil is debatably the most influential single price on the global economy as a whole, and the Middle Eastern region tends to have an astonishing amount of influence on the price of oil compared to its influence on just about anything else.  Realizing the impact that these countries share, several oil–exporting … Read more

Field report – Brisbane’s population growth

1.0 Introduction Brisbane, currently home to 2.5 million residents, is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia. Its surging population demands creative infrastructure and transport networks; urban planners must incorporate techniques to avoid urban sprawl into natural environments whilst maintaining the city’s liveability. This report endeavours to examine the impacts of consistent population growth and … Read more

Sand exploitation

The global demand for sand has been increasing exponentially at an unsustainable rate in recent years. Sand is currently the second most consumed natural resource globally after water and it is estimated that 15 billion tons of sand are consumed annually which equates to a value of around US$70 billion. The rapid increase in sand … Read more

Construction of identity and images of the communion in post-colonial Indonesia

Coexist with colonist; Construction of identity and images of the communion in post-colonial Indonesia. Subject area, aims and objectives Subject Area Britain, Dutch and Japan are the three empires which politically colonised Indonesia for more than 100 years. After gaining their independence in 1945, Indonesia began constructing their identity to state their power and gain … Read more

Improving agricultural productivity (focus on Tanzania)

Abstract: Agriculture is the most lucrative factor of Tanzania’s economy. The sector accounts for 26.8% of the GDP, and about 80% of the workforce. However, only a quarter of the 44 million hectares of land in Tanzania is used for agriculture. The biggest aspects of Tanzania’s low agricultural productivity is lack of response to changing … Read more

Recognizing Neighborhood Satisfaction; Significant Dimensions and Assessment Factors

Abstract This study looks at the relation of attributes of the neighborhood and satisfaction with them to evaluate the overall neighborhood satisfaction. The concept of neighborhood has been severely blurred if not lost as a result of the development practices of the last several decades. So research must first come to a conclusion regarding how … Read more

Aquaponics systems

Aquaponics system has been introduced since 1960s but was only popular in recent years due to the public’s interest in plant and livestock activities at home. Aquaponics system is a combination of aquaculture, which is fish farming and hydroponics, which is growing plants without soil. These two ideas rely on each other in a closed … Read more

Vertical farming

By 2050, planet Earth is projected to host around 9.5 billion people. With each individual requiring a minimum of 1,500 calories in a day, we will require another 2.1 billion acres of land, in order to continue practicing farming to meet the food demands (1), and this is not inclusive of land required for grazing … Read more

UAE agriculture, fishing, industry, construction

The country has an area of ​​83,600 km2, of which only 4.7% of its land is dedicated to agricultural use. Of this 4.7%, 0.6% is arable land, another 0.5% is permanent crops and the rest (3.6%) is land dedicated to pasture for livestock. LIVESTOCK The livestock sector in the UAE can be divided into two … Read more

Hydroponic plants

Background Research Rough Draft The great philosopher Aristotle used to believe that the entire world was made up of four key elements: earth, fire, air, and water. After thousands of years, humans now know this to be false, but much of the world does revolve around some of these elements of nature. Without them, life … Read more

How to write a geography essay

Geography being a science that encompasses the study of earths physical characteristics, that is rivers, mountains and their formations as well as human life such as ecology and adjustments and influences we have upon our natural surroundings. Seeing that geography is a wide ranged discipline makes it a tricky essay to embark on hence it requires vigilance when writing it. Having the two main divisions: Human Geography and Physical Geography to choose from, which in turn have many subdivisions under them you need to make an informed choice on your topic.

The following sections offer fundamental guidelines on how to write a geography essay.

Due to a range of topics to choose from, you first of all have to be well informed on the topic of choice. If you chose to venture into ‘human geography’ which is already a broad sub division on its own, you will want to specify your scope of study to maybe linguistics geography or language geography which are subdivisions of human geography. Be sure to make a good judgement on your choice of topic to ensure at the end you come up with an interesting essay. Having prior knowledge on the choice of your topic is also an added advantage as it will ease your work and mind while researching as you will be adding knowledge to what you are already familiar with just more detailed.

Once you acknowledge your scope of study, commence on your research making sure you don’t stray into other subdivisions. Make use of the available course books at your disposal, carry out online researches from known geography scholars and published journals. Geography being a wide discipline is advantageous as research materials from other humanities can be used to cement you research materials.

  • In your research, ensure the materials provided are detailed and factual. This will enhance the credibility of your research as well as providing enough materials to refer to throughout your study and it will be a clear outline of your own personal understanding and knowledge on the scope of your study. Carry out critical analysis on the information from the research before putting it down into writing as this research will be the ultimate foundation of your essay.
  • When compiling the essay from your research materials, it is advisable to use bullet points and short paragraphs when expounding on your points to make it easy to read as well as putting out your ideas clearly. Make sure every paragraph introduced has an independent idea but that overall it backs up your main scope of the study by providing back up information and strengthening your argument or angle of your essay. Use clear language as well as geographical terms when explaining.
  • Time management is an essential quality needed as you embark on research to gather necessary materials and information. Due to its diversity, geography research needs to be given ample time to ensure you come up with the necessary materials, credible sources and supporting materials. Bear in mind that you may need to indulge in other humanities disciplines to get materials from. Make sure you have a clear outline of the time allocated to deploying each task.
  • Have a clear outline of what your study is meant to achieve at the end. This outline will be an ultimate guide to you as you do the research. It will emphasis the essential parts and areas you need to focus your research on. It will also act as cement to your time management program as you will already have a clear understanding of what you want. It will also allow you to stay in focus so as not to stray while researching.
  • Being able to know how to write a geography essay well is an important skill if you want to achieve high grades. It’s not all just about writing the essay though, you need to make sure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s which inevitably means re-reading your work. If you are looking for a specific type of writing strategy then take a look at our writing strategy guide.
  • After writing your final copy of the essay make sure you go through your work taking caution to point out any mistakes you make have made. You may need to adjust the flow of your research if you haven’t outlined your ideas systematically. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will need to be amended also.

Geography being wholly characterised factually; be sure to devise ways to make the essay interesting and appealing to the reader while at the same time execute the thesis of your study.

By bearing in mind the guidelines outlined above guide on how to write a geography essay, you are on your way to achieving the grades you deserve.