The Importance of Statistics in the NBA

Advanced statistics in the National Basketball Association serve a special purpose, especially for players and fans. For players, their individual and even team statistics allow them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and for fans, it allows them to do the same and gives them ammunition for any playful or not-so-playful arguments about their favorite … Read more

History and popularity of basketball and the NBA

Abstract In modern life, the increasing use of physical exercise is not aimed at achieving high results, but at increasing their health effects on the broad masses of the population. To solve such a global problem, the most effective means are, first of all, sports games. Modern basketball is in the stage of rapid creative … Read more

Impact of sporting programs on adolescents’ social development

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Theorists Teens in today’s society undergo many challenges that require adaptation. Psychological, intellectual, and physical changes attribute to the many obstacles adolescents are faced with overcoming. They must learn to cope with the overarching theme of responsibility that may include balancing acts of school, jobs, and extracurricular activities (Gholamzadeh, Jadidi, & Donyavi, … Read more

What is sleep and is it important for athletic performance?

We’re teaching our players: Sleep is a weapon. ~ Sam Ramsden, Director of Player Health and Performance, Seattle Seahawks Abstract Overview of the project This review was undertaken to understand what sleep is, its function and to explore its role in athletic performance. Good sleep, balanced nutrition and regular exercise are the three pillars for a … Read more

eSports should be considered as real sports

If I say that video games should be real sport, people would laugh. Around the world, gaming and eSports are considered as a real “sport”. Today video games have become one of many world’s watched tournaments on TV. Personally, I’ve competed and played in many eSports tournaments at the age of 16. ESports or anything that takes hours and hours … Read more

Impact of coping strategies during an athlete’s recovery on improving confidence

Background: Psychological factors have been demonstrated to be associated with sports injuries and the recovery period (Ardern et al., 2012). This quantitative study aimed to investigate coping strategies used during recovery to improve confidence upon return to sport and identify if the implementation of a coping strategy had a significant impact on confidence levels. Research … Read more