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Global Competitiveness
Intricate planning of spaces with the consideration of accessibility, circulation, flexibility, segregation, comfort and design of the building in consideration of aesthetics, daylighting and ventilation, sustainability and temperature or humidity. The Philippine research institute for archaeology and anthropology will also feature laboratories with the necessary equipment’s for surveying, mapping, analysis, data gathering, etc.
Temperature or Humidity
The research institute is composed of different laboratories with their own kind of research. With this temperature or humidity needs to be controlled for storage of archaeological and anthropological or ethnographical collections.
Accessibility in a research institute is a must, from the design of services and environment for persons with disabilities in compliance with the BP 344 or the Accessibility Law of the Philippines to the easy access of laboratory personnel or staff to corresponding spaces. Private and public access should also be considered.
According to the National Academy Press on Laboratory Design, construction and renovation (2000) access to research laboratories, teaching laboratories and support areas have to accommodate people and also large, bulky and potentially hazardous materials.
The relationship of spaces and the way people move and interact from one place to another is an important factor for a research and learning center. The process or how the work flow inside an anthropological and archaeological laboratory, the relationship of each corresponding archaeology and anthropology laboratories, the relationship of laboratories and classroom and or other spaces.
Maximizing flexibility has always been a key consideration in designing laboratory buildings. It gives the ability to expand easily, to readily accommodate reconfigurations and other changes and to permit a variety of uses. The flexibility engineering system where in it provides flexible engineering services like supply and exhaust air, water, electricity, voice/data, vacuum systems that are extremely important to most laboratories. The engineering systems may need to be designed to enable fume hoods to be removed or added, to allow the space to be changed from a lab environment to an office and then back again, or to allow maintenance of the controls outside the lab. (Watch, D., 2012)
The handling and storage of materials and equipment found in laboratories and support areas carries high risk of exposure to illness and injury. The segregation of laboratories and non — laboratory activities or areas is important.
Daylighting and Ventilation
Making good use of natural lighting in a building can improve the overall attitude, satisfaction and well-being of its occupants. This can be achieved by using low-e (low emissivity) glass windows. “The glass is simply a windowpane coated in microscopic layers of metallic oxides. The coating appears invisible to the naked eye, allowing as much natural light into the house as possible. However, though transparent, this coating also protects your home from unwanted Ultra violet rays.” (Dickinson, M., n.d) and natural ventilation can be a cost effective alternative to mechanical ventilation with air conditioning. In order to maximize the use of natural ventilation, passive cooling techniques will be incorporated. An example would be …

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