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  • Urban planning - road freight transportation
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Urban planning is a design of the uses of space that can help the efficiency of flowing goods and services. There are five different freight transportation to deliver a goods and services. The freight transportation include rail, road, air, maritime and pipeline. A good urban planning will prevent traffic, high cost of new infrastructure and pollution.

Cargo transportation now demonstrating the impacts of poor urban planning however traffic and regulatory burden.

In this essay, the main topic that will be discussed is a road freight transportation since it is the most transportation that felt the effect of urban planning the most and freight transportation will always depend on the land transportation.

A recommendation is available that may helpful in the future to make a delivery goods and services process be more effective and efficient.


There is a developing collection of proof that Australia significant urban areas are experiencing some fundamental changes in character and structure as we move into the twenty first century (Wiley 2018). Nowadays, Australia population is 24.3 million and the fertility rate is 1.83 births per woman and in 2045 the population is estimated to be 33 million ( Australia has the highest rate of population growth in OECD nations. Furthermore, more than seventy five percent of the development is in four urban areas: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Yet, urban making arrangements for this development is frequently insufficient. Planning a good urban planning to make delivery process of goods and services be more effective and efficient provides significant challenge.


1. In the future Australia will be more crowded than today. It clearly seen in Australia population pyramid that in the next twenty years the Australia population will reach 31 million. An expanding populace attempts more work-related trips, and the demand of goods and services will increase as well. Definitely congestion in our urban communities will increase. The congestion issues have been on the development of individuals. Cargo development has either not been incorporated with the general reactions or has taken after as an idea in retrospect. Many cities in this world have serious traffic problem. In some country such as the United States, a solid cargo rail advertise has kept truck activity through urban areas at sensible levels. Somewhere else, for instance in Europe and Australia, cargo rail has lost the greater part of its piece of the pie. This has prompted larger amounts of truck activity and increased traffic congestion. In a few urban communities, the accentuation on traveler rail has restricted cargo limit and aggressiveness.

2. With the increases of population in Australia, the demand for delivery goods and services will increase as well. In Australia, the main transportation to deliver goods and services is road and rail transportation. Freight transportation will always depend on the land transportation infrastructure, a good infrastructure for land transportation will help the delivery goods and services process be more effective and efficient. More than 70 percent household travelers using road transportation. Based on this trend, congestion will increase every year and it keep getting worst without a good infrastructure. Mostly people use trucks services to deliver goods and services. Survey proves that in 2030 truck traffic will increase by around 50 percent, which means the pollution will increasing that may cause global warming. It means that if government does not make an improvement in infrastructure there would be a massive congestion in 2030 and the order fulfillment timing will be delayed due to traffic congestion.

3. Poor urban planning can cause flood, some part in Australia such as Southbank, Elizabeth street, Richmond, Yarra known as the part of the city that most likely to be hit by. As we know this area are located in the heart of the city, and this area usually crowded with transportation every day. This could be a challenge that should avoided before it is happen, because if the flood happen all the road will definitely close and it will affect the routing of deliver goods and services. In the 2011, most of Southbank area inundated with up to 20 centimeters of water. Sean Rogasch (2017) describe that in the 2100, Southbank area could have inundated with up to 2 meters in most areas. When flood happen the business activity especially the freight transportation will be delayed or maybe stuck in some road.


1. Traffic congestion that caused by overpopulation is one of the biggest challenge in Australia. So, it is necessary to do something to minimize the traffic congestion. The first thing to do is we have to maximize the use of CCTV on the roads, CCTV junction allow traffic managers to see the cause of congestion and then they can work together with highways Australia, police and major road users, this can guarantee traffic managers get a step ahead to prevent the congestion. The other thing that can prevent traffic congestion is widen the roads so there will be a lot of space for a lot of car, and improving public transportation may minimize the congestion if car user will prefer using public transportation rather than personal cars. Nowadays, congestion pricing (A strategy to reduce traffic congestion by charging an expense to road user during peak hours) has been proposed by many organization (Planners, Economist, and Policy makers). Through this congestion pricing, road users will avoid using congested area. The charge can change anytime due to the change of congestion level (The higher the congestion level will increase the charge), the user who is using congested area will pay directly through a user charge.

2. Several innovations are under investigation to prevent this problem. One of the innovation is the Cargo Cap framework, this model being arranged in Germany. This system includes completely automatic transport vehicle, that is why it is called caps, each cap stacked with two pallets and it is operating in underground pipelines with a 2 meters’ diameter. It is autonomous of above ground traffic congestion and climate conditions. Another innovation is TEAL (Tube Enclosed Air Levitated System). This include bigger tube like cargo modules that ready to transport standard containers in the bigger underground tubes, instead of the Cargo Cap which is smaller than TEAL. The other solution of this challenge is we have to change the demand of people who prefer using truck services into using rail transportation. Because one train can deliver goods and services up to 50 trucks at the same time. So, with this innovation there will be less truck in the road and it is mean less traffic congestion, less pollution, and the delivery goods and services process will be more effective and efficient.

3. Floods cause more harms than some other natural disaster in Australia. The harm and disturbance causes by surges can be disturbing business especially in the road transportation area. Flood is a natural disaster that cannot be stop, and we have to understanding the flood risk in some area. When choosing a shipment route, we have to check the weather and the situation in some area to prevent a distraction on the road. When we know that some area is flooding we have to prepare another routing option to stay away from flooding area. The other thing that possibly can prevent flooding is a construct building have to above flood levels. For instance, all new building has to construct within one meter from the ground. The government should improve the flood defences (Flood defence system is a system that design to take out the water from the road immediately after flood happened), so when the water pooled the road, with this system the water will pumped immediately to the sea and not disturbing the activity for a longer time.


In conclusion, urban planning is a major problem for most country. Planning a good urban planning can help a country to achieve sustainable development and improving their economy. Nowadays, Australia as a develop country feel that delivery goods and service, and transportation are very important for their life, every year the demand for delivery goods and services is increasing. With an improvement in this sector the process of delivery goods and services will be more effective and efficient. In the other side, having a bad urban planning may increase the cost for maintaining the country and effect the economy in the future. As the increasing on demand of delivery goods and services, the Government have to improve the transportation sector and decreasing the traffic congestion to make it easier for people when they using the services and fulfill people expectation on delivering goods and services. All of the solution and innovation that has been given all have in common that they all seek to avoid the traffic congestion and make a better future for the country.

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