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Essay: Google’s success can be attributed to their culture

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Google LLC is a multinational technology corporation which provides in Internet related products and services. Google headquarters located in Mountain View, California has one of the most popular search engines in the world that includes online advertising technologies, cloud computing and software.  My purpose is to analyze Google’s culture and the impact it has on its company’s performance.
Google’s observable culture is what makes the company standout. Moreover, the first thing that comes to mind has to be the founders’ of Google; Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Page and Brin were Stanford grad students that built a search engine while working in their dorm rooms and later upgrading to their first office: a garage in Menlo Park, California. Eventually their company grew so large that it moved to its current location the “GooglePlex”. However, the stories that people hear about working for Google is what makes them one of the companies that people really want to work for. Since the majority of my life that I’d live in Silicon Valley I would here stories of how wonderful of a place it is to work at Google, more importantly is how lenient they are with the employees, like the dress codes; don’t necessarily have to work with a suit and tie. Not only that there are many other perks when working for Google, According to the video, “The ‘Google’ life” John Blackstone reported that employees get free rides to work everyday, they provide free meals, massages, washers/dryers, place to workout, and other exterior activities.
When it comes to organizational leadership Google’s organizational structure is not unusual compared to other organizations like a hierarchal structure. However, Google’s culture gives employees significant leeway to expand new ideas minus the excessive oversight. According to the article, “Google’s Business Leadership and Organizational Culture” Scott Thompson states “all Google employees follow a rule called the 70/20/10 rule” which they are expected to commit 70 percent each day to work on projects that are given by management, 20 percent of every day to work on new ideas that correspond to their projects, and 10 percent to pursue any new ideas that they want to follow. Google’s important core values are to provide openness, fun, freedom, empowerment, and avoid micromanagement, therefore helps motivate workers to keep the tech company up-float in the industry. Programmers, salespeople and executives are given the free to express their creativity to help produce many of Google’s new products and services. Moreover, Google’s chief executives schedule meetings with employees where they can pitch new ideas directly to top executives. Nevertheless, freedom and creativity gives Google the framework take their business the next level.
Google’s success can be attributed to their culture. In addition, their main mission is to keep their employees happy and maintain productivity. Google each year gets over 2 million applicants. Moreover, when interviewing for Google applicants receive questions like:
“How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?”
Google doesn’t really care about if the answer is correct or how fast think under pressure, but to find the smartest, thoughtful candidates. The perks that Google has to be able to conduct business according to “The ‘Google’ life”, Laszlo Bock states “the one thing they believe is that they want to make an environment that’s efficient to people, so that in their personal lives they can enjoy and have a great time and then they are working to focus on getting their work done.” To sum it up perks equal happy employees and happy employees equal to more productivity. Google adds these perks to keep workers from not being diverted to get their drycleaners, go to a gym etc. therefore, they pretty much don’t have to go anywhere, but stay on campus and work. In addition, the cafes at Google are designed to get people from different departments to talk with one another and bring up new ideas. In all, Google strives maintaining employees through freedom and happiness to bring about great performance.
If I was a veteran employee at Google, the advice I would give to a new employee is that to just be themselves. I think it a key component for working in this culture because that person doesn’t need to hold back their ambitions and uphold their obligations to the point. I would also tell that person to relax and don’t need to stress over the project that are assigned to them. Also, I would say to don’t be afraid to speak up about ideas that they might have that they are really passionate about.

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