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Essay: The Coca-Cola Company – overview, mission, vision

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The Coca-Cola Company is the largest beverage enterprise in the world. Through its portfolio of 500+ brands, and the most massive beverage distribution system on the planet, consumers in more than 200 countries and territories enjoy approximately 1.600 drinks a day. Not only carbonated drinks, juices and juice-based drinks, but also coffee, water or tea ready to take the benefit of the company’s commitment to innovating.
Since the year 1886 the pharmacist John Pemberton invented the original famous drink –Coca-Cola, which is the second most recognized word after “okey”, the company has always been aware of what their customers have to say. Today it continues to grow, and aspire to become a total beverage company that responds to the tastes and needs of people, covering all the moments of consumption. In fact, the new road to the future of Coca-Cola focuses on serving the wishes of consumers to have more choices of drinks, less sugar, more information and smaller containers.
A future that should be sustainable for the next generations. From this conviction, Coca-Cola has always tried to generate a positive impact on society. Not only in the purely economic and labor aspect, but also contributing to social and environmental development. We move forward, its new sustainability strategy, sets a range of very specific goals for 2025 in six main areas: beverages. packing, society, water, climate and supply chain.
Since the arrival of Coca-Cola in Spain in 1953, it has been generating employment and directly through its work centers- nearly 100% of beverages it sells in our country are locally produced, but also indirect. With .57% of GDP and employs 0.48% of the active population.
But the influence on Coca-Cola, with 14 brands in Spain, goes far beyond being an engine of employment and progress in the country, since it has always been close to communities generating social value. In 2016, it made an investment in 14,450 projects and sports, cultural, environmental and social events, in which 8.7 million people participated, 19% of the population.
It also focuses its efforts on caring for the environment and reducing its environmental footprint. Therefore, in its environmental strategy it has set important commitments in matters such as packaging, water, climate and suppliers.
The principles that have led Coca-Cola to become, since the end of the 19th century, a global company, but with great local roots, are reflected in the mission, vision and values of the company. With the  aligned their VISION 2020, which seeks to be prepared for a more sustainable future.
Coca Cola’s Mission
Defines the long-term goal of the company, and is the criterion of weight of its actions and decisions it takes to achieve three fundamental goals:

  • Refresh the world
  • Inspire moments of optimism and happiness
  • Create value and make a difference

Coca Cola’s values guide the actions and behavior of Coca-Cola in the world, and they are:

  • Leadership: striving to shape a better future.
  • Collaboration: empower collective talent.
  • Integrity: be transparent.
  • Accountability: be responsible.
  • Passion: be committed to the heart and mind.
  • Diversity: have a wide range of brands and be as inclusive as they are.
  • Quality: search for excellence.

Coca-Cola’s Vision
It is the framework of the work plan that describes what needs to be achieved to achieve maximum sustainability, quality and growth. With it, it is intended to achieve objectives adapted to different areas:

  • People: Being a good place to work, that people feel inspired to give each day the best of themselves
  • Beverages: offers a varied portfolio of quality products that anticipate and satisfy desires and need of consumers.
  • Partners: develop a network of work to create a common lasting value.
  • Planet: be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping to build and support sustainable communities.
  • Benefit: Maximize performance for shareholders while keeping the general responsibilities of the company in mind.
  • Productivity: to be an effective and dynamic organization.

A winning culture will define the attitudes and behaviors that will be necessary to make the VISION 2020 of Coca-Cola a reality. In the market they focus on the needs of the consumers, customers, and franchises. They physically go to the market, listen, observe and learn, which makes them have a global point of view. They focus on the execution in the market every day, being able to work intelligently.

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