Essay: Bias and racial discrimination in organisations

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  • Bias and racial discrimination in organisations
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Culture practiced by an organization is subjective. This is due to the acceptance of cultural practices depends on individual perception within the organization itself. If employees in the organization can not share the culture practiced by other members of the organization, the individual may tend to leave the organization. If the employees can accept the culture will remain and try to adapt the culture in their work. Cultural organizations play an important role in the organization and its members. Knowledge of organizational culture can help organizations build a strong organizational culture and will provide numerous benefits to organizations of which enhance the identification of members.

In this case, American cultural organization associated with innovation. They will create innovation in improving their company’s progress. Americans are embracing capitalism organizational culture, which fosters self sufficiency, and the principle of leadership and feudal culture that emphasizes the dignity of difference, subordinates, superiors and employees. Asian Americans are Americans of Asian descent. They are made up of Filipinos, Vietnam, Korea, China, Cambodia and Pakistan and other Americans than with Asia. The poverty rate, Asian Americans is low and the 3 largest minority groups in the United States by the total population. Understanding organizational culture as a mutual agreement about the values that bind all individuals within an organization should determine the boundaries of normative behaviour of members of the organization. Specifically, the role of organizational culture is helping to create a sense of belonging to the organization, creating the identity of the members of the organization, creating an emotional attachment between the organization and the employees involved in them, help bring stability to the organization as a social system and find the code of conduct as a result of norms of behaviour formed in everyday life. Thus organizational culture has a strong influence on the behaviour of its members.

Solution to avoid biased against Asian Americans employees is knowledge of cultural diversity. Many who witnessed the conflict between the people of the region, and ethnic groups are not majorly due to skin color or area of origin, rather they stem from cultural diversity. Thus if white Americans and Asian Americans will take their time to keenly examine and understand the diversity of their cultures, misperceptions that led to strained relations could be addressed contribute to a harmonious life. This problem can also be solved by avoiding narrow, where individuals see the world from his point of view ignores the perception of others. Someone who will not appreciate the narrow any other way of looking at things and not doing things; he will not recognize the importance of diversity, consequently strained relations. Demand for intercultural communication easier for us to understand and appreciate the culture of others.

Besides that, exposure Solution to avoid biased against Asian Americans employees. Most workers do not have a clear picture of the consequences of any action by it when they act as the agent of continuity, they act innocent. The theory of unconscious bias is a good explanation about exposure among the people that criminals to ethnic discrimination and most perpetrators of discrimination America Asia acting out of ignorance. Exposure would pray a very important role in creating awareness among the perpetrators and the victims. If the effects of racial discrimination will be presented, the subject of the perpetrator and the victim will be more careful in activities that they engage in racial discrimination sometimes lead to violence. If a person is exposed to the cruelty of discrimination, they will think twice before they decide to take any action. Disclosure will also motivate the anti-racist activists to be more radical in the fight against discrimination.

Bias and racial discrimination as evidenced by the white majority in the United States against the small ethnic groups such as Asian Americans can succeed with a great degree of enlightenment. Many people act out of ignorance; it is raised people to get training on the various manifestations of racial discrimination and strategies to cope with challenges. Training should be experienced challenges in the workplace and in society so potential victims can use to resolve the appropriate machinery for dealing with bias and discrimination. There are so many employees that will be exploited ignorant, because they do not know they are being exploited, so awareness is very important for facilitating change towards a better social interaction. Training will also play an important role in exposing the cruelty of racial discrimination. The training will involve case studies to make it clear to the students about the real meaning of such discrimination. Training should be conducted at all levels of the education system, starting from childhood during the process of socialization, for adults. In addition, training will also help the trainees to have a deeper understanding of the cultural diversity that exists. Such knowledge can help people to appreciate the culture of others more. Conversely, when people understand and appreciate other cultures that they would identify common ground thus fostering their harmonious coexistence.

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