Essay: Business Intelligence use of Data Collection Collected from Business Applications

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  • Business Intelligence use of Data Collection Collected from Business Applications
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When occupying the position of a manager within a business, it is important for the manager to know exactly what is going on not only with their specific department, but within the entire company. This is extremely true when this department works directly and indirectly with other departments to keep the company’s business flowing. This is one of the benefits of a company implementing Business Intelligence (BI) within the company. BI is a broad category of applications, technologies, and processes for gathering, storing, accessing, and analyzing data to help business users make better decisions (Rainer, Prince, & Cegielski, 2013).

Implementing BI to a company can help the company to understand information that is throughout the different departments of the company and how they complement each other. In the case of Mary’s MediBracelets, implementing this technology can process the different information that comes from the different departments to get an understanding of what they are doing and what they could be doing better. This is the case for most businesses. In order to become better, one must know what is working for them, and what is not working in order to go higher. Even when things are going well, a company should always be seeking ways to become better and this is not just against its competitors, but with itself.

When a company is started, it is important for the managers to have data within the company that they can use to compare themselves to their competitors. Having this information not only helps the company become greater within itself, but helps them have an advantage over their competition. If a company does not have access to the get accurate information from the various departments within, it will be hard for them to become a better servicing company for their customers, but it will also be difficult to have a competitive edge in their industry. Utilizing BI will help Mary’s MediBracelets to decipher the data that is within the company in a more effective and efficient way.

Improving an Organization’s Competitiveness

One BI tool that Mary’s MediBracelets can incorporate into their daily business plans is Excel. This is a tool that can be used within the different departments to easily breakdown data. The manager can have different sheets in one Excel sheet for each department. This is a quick way to have data in one location for each department. Not only is it a quick way to access the information, but it also can calculate the different numbers in a faster time than that of a human, with only a push of a button. This is one way to compute data for the company in an effective and more efficient way. This can also keep down the numbers of human error. Even though a person is inputting the numbers, the program is going to calculate what is put in so at least you will have correct calculations. So a person just has to make sure they are inputting the right numbers for the data. Having this type of BI tool can help increase a company’s competitiveness by them simply having access to accurate data within their company. You cannot compete and go higher than your competition with wrong information.

Another tool that a company can incorporate to increase the company’s competitiveness is a good decision maker. This is extremely important, because even though a company can implement all of the state-of-the-art equipment and systems, if they do not have someone in place that can take the data that is being produced from the equipment and systems and make sound decisions that are beneficial to the company, then all of the investing in those things will be gone down the drain. So having a great manager that can make the best decisions for the company when it comes to being the best against their competition is imperative for the sustainability of the company.

So in the case of Mary’s MediBracelets, if this company has a great decision maker and uses programs such as Excel to breakdown the data within the company and use it to help the company stand out amongst their competition, the company will be on a great start. Having this information up front will help the company know what is going on within itself, within the desired industry, as well as where they stand against their competition. This information will help the company to see if they are below their goals, at their goal, or above and be able to adjust accordingly.

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