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SME Corp,(2017) Malaysia provides assistance and support for business startups at different stages of growth and strives to build a vibrant start-up landscape where innovative start-ups can flourish and grow in a sustainable manner. Definition of Startup is the business that is run in less than 6 months in operations.
1.7.2 SKILL
Bygrave, (1993) Skill is defined there as general management skill involving oral presentation, use of power, diagnosis, and decision making. It involves managing established resources in established settings. In comparison, we conceive of new resources skill as relating to resources that are new to the organization. The entrepreneur’s skill with integration, or systematization, of resources may makes or break a start-up. Indeed, entrepreneurship has been described as the acquisition, combination, and redeployment of resources to provide new product and services through new organizations to new market

Johnson and Sherraden, (2007) “Money related ability is both an individual and basic thought. It consolidates a man’s capacity to act with their chance to act. Along these lines, individuals can comprehend, evaluate, and act in their best budgetary intrigue” to be in money related capacity, individuals must be approach monetary items and administrations that permit demonstration in their best budgetary premium. Together, capacity and openings add to a man’s money related working in ways that prompt enhanced monetary prosperity and life shots.

Jaskiewicz and al., (2015) Families support is promptly trade, offer, and process encounters and data, encourage the amassing of involvement in various ranges, promptly help each other, and hence use the effect of instrumental family bolster towards the acknowledgment of the entrepreneurial activity. Zahra, (2012) It is learning business people originating from firm families may feel a solid good commitment to quicken their sorting out exercises to respond the social and money related support offered by relatives.
Kelantan’s student in their challenges in starting their business and explained the scope also significant of the study about this research. The first section describe the background and the relevant of business start-up among the students. For the second section, is about the statement of problem which deal with the measurement of student’s challenges in starting the business. There were three objectives in this study which is to examine the existence of barriers for UMK student in starting their business, to identify the opinion of the UMK students regarding the obstacles that we list in starting a business, and to finds the solutions in helping UMK students in addressing this issue. While, the significance of the study also are stated. Last but not lease, is described the operational definition of the variables used in the conceptual model.


2.2.1 SKILL
According to A. Basu and M. Virick, (2008) for the lack of skill are contact to entrepreneurship studies is a certain impact to the students’ attitude for the students toward entrepreneur and intention to choose it is as their jobs in future. Moreover, also pointed out the connection of exposure education and perceived behavior control or entrepreneurial self-motivated, for the factor that affects the formation of individual intention, which will be set later in this research.
After, according to N. Q. Mai and P. T. Anh, (2013) the influence of the content of undergraduate programs to entrepreneurship is mentioned. The author said that training programs were very important to the students went they have end of the studies in University.
For the new resource skill in the studies, went we have a new resources skill in business, we can set up the business and we can grow an organization. Bhide, (2000) Entrepreneur’s new resources skill involves finding capital and human resources and set-up new operations and new systems. The successful entrepreneurs should know how to search for and acquire financial and human resources shortages, and extreme uncertainly
We can see that the new resources skill and organizational skill is the same in the studies as studied in Baum and al., (2001) furthermore, general management skill involving oral presentation, use of power, diagnosis, and decision making is a organizational skill. It involves managing established resources in established settings. As relating to resources that are new to the organization we can conceive of new resources skill. Bygrave, (1993) the resources may break a start-up that entrepreneur’s skill with integration, or systematization. Indeed, acquisition, combination, and redeployment of resources to provide new product and services through new organization to new market is the meaning of entrepreneurship. Moreover, to arrange and organize resources are predictors of new venture success suggested by Smith and Smith (2000) for the entrepreneurs’ successful effort. Indeed, the researcher said experience limited growth because students and entrepreneur lack new resources skill or fail to employ individuals who are skilled with resources Timmon, (2000). Thus, we hypothesized direct effects upon venture growth.
Taking after earlier research, we quantified entrepreneurial encounter as the quantity of past endeavors established Stuart and Abetti, (1990). In particular, a solitary overview thing requested that respondents report “the quantity of new pursuits begun preceding the establishing of your present business”. Forbes, (2005) we utilize the genuine number of new pursuits begun as our review variable. Zhao and al., (2005) this approach was taken in light of the fact that some extra learning ought to happen each time a business visionary begin another new pursuit. As such, information of the entrepreneurial procedure ought to build each time that an individual continues through establishing an extra new pursuit Wright and al., (1998).
According to the Fatoki, Olawale Alufunso, (2010) young people is most of the failure in business because they lack of business skills. Most of the fresh graduates have not the required managerial skill said by Papulova and Makros, (2007) Graduate entrepreneurs, be they technicians, accountants or social researchers, requires skills in the field of management and these skills, especially technical skills seem to be lacking when it comes to business development over the long term. Reduced management capacity in new firms in South Africa has been confirm that lack of education and training by the Herrington and Wood, (2007) one of the reasons for the low level for the entrepreneurial creation and the high failure rate of new business. Development of managerial competencies does not been promote in term of quality and context of the educational system. According to Herrington et al., (2009) the local entrepreneurs and graduate entrepreneurs have poor business and managerial skills because of the quality of entrepreneurship training apart from academic qualification is poor.
Azyyati Anuar et al., (2013) there are a few reviews has been done corresponded to business and entrepreneurial aptitudes and particularly about boundaries to fire up among understudies. Giocamin, Janssen, Pruett, Shinnar, llopis & Toney, (2010) has found that lack of financial, lack of knowledge and experience are clearly identified as the barriers to start-up the business among the Indian students compared to the Chinese, Spanish and Belgian students. Robertson et al., (2003) towards the obstructions to fire up the business among Metropolitan Leeds University has coming about around 22 percent of understudies does not have expectation to open up the business because of absence of thought or chance to put enthusiastically.
Though they lack of knowledge, but still they have guts and entrepreneurial spirit to make an effort. Giocamin, et al., (2010) had purposed, based on their findings that entrepreneurship education programs in India place an emphasis on the support services available to aspiring entrepreneurs and to strengthen students management skills. Linan, (2008) on his research has suggested education and exercise initiatives trying to increase entrepreneurial potential in the participant should include workshops specifically addressed to the development of those entrepreneurial skills. In this way, if an understudy begun without preparation, private venture can be an extraordinary source of data and useful involvement concerning maintaining a business and enhancing the business abilities.

According to Aris (2007), the important went we have a sufficient capital to start-up the business. With the huge capital, particularly at the start up stage, must have the capability to produce product, marketing, and managing the business.
The idea of finance means capacities and openings: Financially individuals have both the capacity and the chance to enhance their monetary prosperity by acting to their greatest advantage Johnson and Sherraden, (2013) implies that who’s that have money related ability can go the following stride of beginning their business. In support of the Pikketty’s hypothesis on finance capacity. General population that are not able and influences the intergenerational degrees of profitability.
In business start-up, the entrepreneur are contribute not only by his managerial skills able, but also contribute with his financial capital. The theory of transaction costs defined by Williamson, (1988) implies that the specific assets generate quitrents for start-up the business. The asset specificity for start-ups gives rise to two main problems. The first is related to the lowest net asset value. The second is related to the “hold-up problem” due to the specific human capital which gives rise to the opportunism problem. In business start-up, the entrepreneur will contribute not only by his managerial skills but also contribute with his ‘financial capital’, his knowledge and his human capital.
In the same note, Fleming, (1996) in her longitudinal study on Ireland University students’ attitudes towards business ownership process argued that several obstacles that militate against entrepreneurship, such as lack of experience, or lack of finance, which hinder the path towards university students preferred future career choice
As per the examination in logical writing Mueller and Thomas, (2001), reasons and deterrents for youth’s unwillingness to work together as well as get required in enterprise can be partitioned into two gatherings: The first are inherent elements, including social mental, statistic and social-monetary variables, and in addition individual’s attributes, values, abilities, observation and conduct; The second one are extraneous elements, brought about by market (fund, work advertise, data) flaws. Zidonis, (2012) to take out these impediments different EU support and youth enterprise cultivating measures are connected, such as, the utilization of finance building instruments mitigates the absence of money related capital by youngsters to some degree, while the association of enterprise preparing lifts business person’s notoriety in the general public and advances business creation as a vocation open door for youth.
Assessment of Youth Entrepreneurship Encouragement Measures, (2012) with changes in the labor market, youth is in a less advantageous position than the rest of the society in a sense of involvement in the labor market and business due to a lack of knowledge, abilities, financial and social capital, as well as professional experience.
Atherton, (2012) Though equity gap is not a directly important condition of efficient functioning and development of business start-ups in the market, bad proportions in the structure of start-ups financing is the real problem. Here is a very important question: does a limited access to venture capital funds effectively reduce the creation and development of start-up companies? The answer is not so obvious. The financing gap, understood as a lack of funding opportunities for companies in the early stages of development, certainly is a factor strongly limiting or even excluding the activities of start-ups. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that the role of the VC is so exceptional. Geronikolaou and Papachristou, (2012) proved the development of financing needs in innovative start-ups provokes a development but the development of start-ups is definitely not the result of the activity of VC funds.

Sánchez, (2013) Initial, a person’s mentality toward a specific sort of conduct cannot decided their expectations. This is seen as the weighted whole of the apparent outcomes and the likelihood of various outcomes from that conduct, including inherent prizes. The second variable is seen social standards. This implies the convictions of important gatherings and performers, for example, family and companions, will influence one’s expectations to wind up plainly an entrepreneur.
Pruett, Shinnar, Toney, Llopis, & Fox, (2009) with through our journal found that businesses that have a family member or a close relative who is or was a business owner increase the likelihood of self-employment for these individuals can serve as role models. This not only applies to the family or next of kin, but to set one’s close friends and acquaintances. This may be because they can take a closer look in the travel business. Those who have family or close friends who are involved in business will gain exposure directly and indirectly through the experiences of those who have no business background would be less interested in air commerce as considering it too risky. Exposure to entrepreneurs not only provide someone with familiarity, but with an experienced network who can provide advice, insight, and encouragement.
Spender, Corvello, Grimaldi, & Rippa, (2017) In view of what you comprehend from perusing, their entrepreneurial intentions decrease in business understudies as they advance in their reviews and their nearer contact with business reality. Be that as it may, the expectation of enhancing understudy enterprise regarding business understudies when they select the alternative of working an alternate future for work out in the open organization. Buang & Yusof, (2006) as the closest environment, the support of family can create the interest in joining business field. The family plays a pivotal role in inspiring children to choose entrepreneurial careers; parents also tend to encourage their children to take a more challenging career that allows self-freedom and independence. In choosing that the individual is impacted by different elements, for example, work involvement, inspiration, identity, family condition and the standards of society, and different impacts of both has been the principle center of the clarification of the development of new organizations set up by non-part economies and it is this approach has been received in our examination of the inspiration for the foundation of new organizations.

In conclusion, as the mentioned above all the dependent and independent variables are supported each other. The further explanations of the variables will be explain in this chapter. Through this chapter, we will know which independent variables are the stronger related to the dependent variable.

This section is about how the researchers carried out this research. This section includes the population and sampling, and analysis plan. It will explain in detail about each stage in running this research. This section will give the readers more understand how this research was conducted by the researchers. In this research, the researcher will describes the method and technique that use to achieve the aims of this study which includes research design, research instrument, population, sampling design, source of data and also analysis technique. The data is collecting using the quantitative method.

DV: Start-up new business
IV: Skill challenges, financial challenges, and family support challenges

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