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Question 2

2.1) Nowadays businesses are operating in an unstable environment in which they must be innovative in order to find new effective path to work in a healthy way. Orientations programmes should include introductions to the organization, a job description, an appropriate evaluation system and a feedback flow( humanresources.about.com). Companies which have an effective orientation system have improved both the effectiveness of their organization and the quality work of the job. The framework in which employee operate, give an initial process that helps to have an access to basic information, programs and services and also allows new employees to take an active role in their organization.
Every orientation program is designed in order to build a positive environment and assist the employees to have the appropriate attitude with valuable motivation. The basic advantage of having a successful employee orientation program for a company is that it can reduce turnovers and helps company to eliminates costs. The main objective for an organization is to make the new employees more familiar with the company, its organizational structure, its history, its policies and procedures, and to enable them to get a better understanding of their benefits.
In order to survive and modernize their performance, companies should create a new digital form of their workplace. The new digital type of style of operation could help organization to customize the organizational structure and prepare their employees to emphasize to adopt new ways of performance. An organization which adopts this kind of systems could make their personnel feels more comfortable and productive. In more simple words we could say that a modern digital workplace is a path for a company to deliver a more consumer type of style to their employees in order to operate in a more  innovative and flexible environment.
From what we referred previously we must also consider the ‘S’ Factors which consists four design levels (www.sloanreview.mit.edu):
a) symbols,
b) space,
c) systems and
d) social
and two management levels:
a) sustaining leadership and
b) systemic learning
The digital workplace emphasizes to build a critical view for the employees to use technologies which could easily facilitate their work. An effective system have several important consequences not only about where people work, but how the crew are formed and how people operates together to solve immediately problems (appirio.com).Moreover, it can also close the gap of the communication between top management and workers by giving both equal digital accesses on information. Nevertheless, organization that will be successful in the future will be those who could assimilate the four design levels and the two management levels which the key factor that it has in common is that they can really simplify working life in an unstable business environment. At the end of the suitable adjustments, a new employee orientation programme it will be successful if it can eliminate the barriers between people, workplaces and technologies and be helpful for the employees to be productive and creative.
2.2) For an organization a successful digital workplace must conclude a game plan which help the company to adjust to the new digital era. Moreover we could emphasize in the meaning of the digital workplace which give to a company a business strategy for maximize employee effectiveness and analyzing the business benefits of consumerization (www.aitp-la.org). For an organization a digitalization of their processes focusing on the appropriate culture which gives into the company growth opportunities for their employees and aiming for an effective business performance.
Many companies have not a clear perception of the quality progress that training and development could impute to the business performance. Nowadays enterprises are more interested to eliminate costs and expenses in order to survive from the European crisis. Organizations are in need to create a learning culture in order to help their employees to accomplish the goals that have been established (trainingtoday.blr.com). Moreover companies must prepare their workers, developing successful programme training for them in order to recognize the future leaders who will give the absolute advantage to the company to reach profitability.
The main problem these days for companies is that they are not facing properly the globalization which has impact in their procedure of transformation of the workplace. Organizations simplify information flow and use the appropriate policies in order to help workers communicate, operate and share data. Technological development gives a competitive advantage and right tools to enterprises to face strategic goals and maximize productivity (www.strategyand.pwc.com).Moreover companies must realize the benefits that digital workplace give to aspects of the associations such as training in which focuses to the challenges of the strategic plan of the company. The digital workplace enable the development of the business, having the necessary alteration of the procedures, innovate the existing staff and attracting new employee with talent.
The basic advantage for a company to affiliate a digital workplace is that it could be helpful for the top management to identify the benefits which gives the development and the training to the entire corporation. In an unstable economic environment, rapid development in technological tools (collaborate using social media) have transformed the workplace and changed the way of communication and collaboration. The digitalization also helps the company to be productive adopting the right tools for their employees in order to deliver the direction of the company, give a guide to the staff to address new or existing challenges and provide business value. For every organization that would need to stay competitive, it must build a digital path with business in order to stay healthy and adjust to the modern type of economic development.

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