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  • Entrepreneurship and the role of entrepreneur
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Question 1) After reading the case study examine the concepts of entrepreneurship and the role of
entrepreneur in establishing and developing small business ventures, and relate these concepts and
roles of naked bus operations.
Concepts of Entrepreneurship: –
Naked bus entrepreneur comes up with the unique idea in New Zealand where entrepreneur has clear
vision of low cost bus service linking the main towns and cities of New Zealand. Naked bus system works
like customers have to book a trip ticket by online or call or can book ticket by physically site visit. Naked
bus normally runs on a smaller route and timetables are monitored through a cell phones system
checking with system which links with the computer naked bus computer system.
Roles of Entrepreneur: –
1) Time Management: –
ï,· Naked bus could not afford to dispatch empty vehicles or have buses due to that driver unable
to reach on destination on call and entrepreneur unable to reach customers deadlines.
ï,· System is crashed so that employee’s tries to print out hand written tickets due to that
customer stood in long queues.
ï,· In naked bus there is an improper trip management for reserving the passenger seats where as
those improper management entrepreneur earn lower income.
ï,· Naked bus staff unable to reach to customers on call or at site for trip bookings which connects
to lower bookings as well as down sized income.
2) Risk Taking : –
ï,· Naked bus managers decided to introduce a new software booking system which is big risk
taking factor because employees don’t have knowledge to use the system.
ï,· Terminal workers have very less high school education and due to that workers are unable to
use the new computerized system. Hr department thinks that organization should give proper
training to all employees for using the system that costs a lot to organization
ï,· A naked bus has serious problems with the computer software system for booking the tickets
and because of that employee is not able to give good customer service and income goes down.
ï,· The number of passengers jumped sharply and the rivals continued to pick off Naked Bus
dissatisfied customers.
3) Clear Vision : –
ï,· To install a new system software for easy way of process to book a ticket and to provide a good
customer service. If entrepreneur install a new system he can increase their income by fast
paced process.
ï,· Entrepreneur has vision to provide a good customer service, cheap rates for trip, effective
services to customers, make ticket buy more convenient, provide customers to reserve space on
specific trips.
4) Innovation : –
ï,· Entrepreneur needs to update the technology so that employee can give best customer service,
easy access for employee to book tickets.
ï,· As terminal manager said that in naked bus low income passengers did not have credit card or
even telephones to use trips so for them entrepreneur should overcome that problem.
ï,· By installing new system based on hugely successful transport that cut the overhead costs from
the ticketing process by providing internet only ticketing and eliminating needs of ticketing
Question 2) Imagine you have taken over the Naked bus operation and seeing the current situation of
the company use the entrepreneurship models for naked bus operation.
The entrepreneurship models you need to include but are not limited to —
Intuitive Risk taking is bigger intuitive for entrepreneur because Naked bus supervisors
Psychological Terminal managers warned that many of naked bus low income passengers did
Classical A classical entrepreneur is a stereotype entrepreneur whose aim is to maximize
Management The entrepreneurs born with these management skills come from a rare breed of
Leadership A Successful entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily have to be a good leader as long as
Intrapreneurship Intrapreneur is an entrepreneur within an already established organization. In big
Question 3) As you are in charge to take decision how would see the organizational expectation of the
role of managers and entrepreneurs.
 Managers and entrepreneurs both play an important role in the business community. Many of
them share some of the same characteristics, but some differences exist when it comes to the
basic traits of manager and entrepreneurs. Managers play an entirely different role than an
entrepreneur — unless, of course, an entrepreneur is managing his own business. In that case,
the entrepreneur takes on some the traits of a manager out of necessity.
 The focus of an entrepreneur and a manager tend to be different when it comes up with their
overall purpose in a naked bus operation. An entrepreneur is someone who is concerned
primarily with the necessary components to start up a business. A manager is typically
concerned with sustainability, and has to focus on what can be done to achieve organizational
goals. In naked bus operation manager will look forward to improve the computer system for
making more booking ticket convenient, increase income by giving special pricing to customers.
 Both managers and entrepreneurs are concerned with business growth. An entrepreneur begins
with the idea of the business from its inception and its potential for growth in the long run. An
analysis of the market and available resources in relation to the original idea plays a primary role
in his business decisions. A business manager is focused on engendering growth based on
available resources. A manager must get employees to perform at optimal levels, and must
make use of non-human resources to create additional growth beyond basic sustainability.
Naked bus operation is mainly dealing with management issues in terms of customer service,
technology due to that organization growth is down sized, to overcome that problems manager
should introduce a new system and make easy access for employees, provide a better training
for customer service and for using a newly install system as well.
 Entrepreneurs tend to be visionaries. They see a trend or a potential market for a product and
turn their vision into a reality. A manager has to concern himself with the vision of someone
else. Entrepreneurs are often innovators in the industry into which they delve, whereas
managers will typically rely upon tried and true methods for running a business. Managers can
be innovators, but they do not start new business or open new markets.
 An entrepreneur just takes blind risks, the risks are often calculated, but he does have to pull
the trigger and give the go ahead from time to time. An entrepreneur operates in an
atmosphere of uncertainty, whereas a business manager can only take risks within parameters
established by the employer. Managers are risk management specialists who assess probability
for an entrepreneur or business owner. They make calculated risks also, but have the assurance,
in most cases, that their job will be there the next day. Manager is introducing a new software
system for booking tickets which is big risk taking factor because employees are not able to
utilize that system so before using the system manager should give them proper training and
understanding of software. Ref:- (lewis, 2001)
Question 4) how the roles of managers and entrepreneurs differentiated?
Differentiated roles of managers and entrepreneurs
The venture for his individual satisfaction and has personal stake in it whereas a manager provides his
services in an enterprise established by an entrepreneur.
An entrepreneur and a manager differ in their Risk, An entrepreneur is the owner of the organization
and he bears all the risk and uncertainties involved in running an organization whereas a manager is an
employee and does not accept any risk.
An entrepreneur and a manager differ in their objectives. Entrepreneur’s objective is to innovate and
create and he acts as a change agent whereas a manager’s objective is to supervise and create routines.
He implements the entrepreneur’s plans and ideas.
An entrepreneur is faced with more income uncertainties as his income is Contingent on the
performance of the organization where as a manager’s compensation is less dependent on the
performance of the organization. A manager may cheat by not working hard because his income is not
tied up to the performance of the organization. Entrepreneur has required having certain qualifications
and qualities as high accomplishment motive, Innovative thinking, risk-Bearing ability etc. it’s mandatory
for a manager to be educated in the fields of management theories and practices. Manager brings fresh
perspectives, ideas and approach to trouble shooting which can be invaluable
In summary, for the naked bus operation entrepreneur has invested money to start up the business
whereas the manager is handling the naked bus operation in terms of management, financial
responsibility, organization supervising responsibility. Entrepreneur will look forward to all the
management issues and increase capital in business and due to that manager will solve the problems
such as installing software, bus services. Manager is dealing to overcome management issues in the
organization by providing training to employees for effective customer service, generating revenue by
customer satisfaction and rolling out new system for ticket booking, implementing new innovative idea
in bus by adding some music system for customer attraction and building up website includes with all
new facilities and making more convenient for ticket booking, online payments, reserving seats online.
Ref: – (praveen, 2012)
Question 5) What are the areas of overlap and potential areas of conflicts in naked bus business?
While the fundamental ‘classical’ interpretation of entrepreneurship is goal focused at all costs; whereas
the manager is more systems focused and ensuring the survival of the business.
In naked bus operation as entrepreneur knows that the management team is facing problem with
management issue regarding software system, online ticket booking but entrepreneur is very well goal
oriented so he needs that things done quickly whereas the manager said to entrepreneur that
employees are not highly educated and able to utilize the new software system so he needs some time
to get things to be done. At this stage conflicts have been made and later on manager has started to
make things done quickly by providing training to employee to get used to with system and give a good
customer service as well.
In addition to that entrepreneur is a risk taker and he needs a whole naked bus full no matter what
situation is going on and manager has to follow that instruction where as manager has explained that
they have issues with the ticket booking system due to that customers are dissatisfied and they won’t
come as much as expected. That’s the stage where conflicts have been placed between entrepreneur
and manager. To fullfil that goal, the manager has decided to install a system and give an extensive
training to employees to use the system effectively and give customer satisfaction. Manager has a
decision making power and he decided to give a promotion or special discount on ticket price to attract
the customers.

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