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Essay: An effective recruitment strategy

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Recruitment is the process of looking for suitable candidates willing to offer services to an organization. Organizations usually invite a good number of aspiring employees judged as qualified from which the best candidates are then selected to fulfil the job requirements.Recruitments provide opportunities to departments to align staff skill sets to initiatives and goals, and for departmental and individual growth. Proper planning and evaluation of the need will lead to hiring the right person for the role and team. There are 2 situations when we can discuss about a vacancy: when an employee leaves the company or when a new position is created. In order to take in consideration recruitment, forecasts must be made for predicting the number of employees necessary to perform regular activities.A position description is the core of a successful recruitment process. It is used to develop interview questions, interview evaluations and reference check questions. A well-written position description provides a first impression of the company to the candidate. The evaluation of job requirements is called ‘job analysis’. In order to obtain the information needed, the HR staff interviews employees and managers about their daily tasks and required skills. When the job analysis is completed, the job description is developed. Job description is a formal statement where are described the tasks required by the job and working conditions. Almost in all cases, the job description is followed by a job specification, where are mentioned the skills, previous working experience or education needed for the job.
Step 3: Recruitment strategy
An effective recruitment and selection process starts with attracting the right candidates for the position. Therefore, the human resource department pays attention to the number of applicants as well as the quality of the candidates applying for the job. The job advertisement should give an opportunity to a good number of candidates. Carefully choosing the channel of advertisement must be made in order for the targeted labor force to be attracted.

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