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Career clusters is a system that provide students to build their safe career and create and explore planning tools in schools, colleges, learning groups, learning societies and organizations across the nation. This system matches a person education and career development or business.
Recognizingbusiness interest areas or career clusters
This system is a collection of similar businesses and activities. When counsellors, social workers, coaches, and parents’ guide teens adults and college students they firstly recognize a person interest area and do analysis which profession is be well suited for them according to education and a person’s interest. This analysis identifies and recognizes the highest safe profession area for them. The interest areas for teens, adults and college students involved:
‘ Public administration
‘ Business, management and administration
‘ Marketing
‘ Information technology
‘ Human resource
‘ Finance
‘ Health science
‘ Hospitality and tourism
‘ Engineering
‘ Food production and natural resources
Exploring business and occupations zones:
When the business area is identifying, the teens, adults and college students make education plans. The tools which are used in making educational planning include:
‘ Complete and comprehensive business database.
‘ Replicas
‘ Advertising material
‘ Trails
‘ Planning of study in high school
‘ Interest and Skills Capacities
The Louisiana Integrated Skills Assessment (LISA) is an internet program which provides the comprehensive professions building resources. LISA helps person to explore their skills, abilities, capacities aptitudes, and training requirements and any more. The steps involved in LISA program are:
First of all you choose a profession area then select a career group, you will see diverse careers. In step 3, you will see the job description, education and training requirements, abilities, knowledge, codes, task work values.
LISA is a remarkable program to choosing the best and safe future business path.
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