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Essay: Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
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Companies within the hotel industry should report on their corporate social responsibility projects, programs and initiatives on a regular basis so that they can show that they are committed towards the practice of responsible and ethical business. The various aspects of corporate social responsibility, such as best practices in human resource management, sustainability initiatives and role in social and economic development should be reported. Hotel Groups should also stipulate specific guidelines, such as workplace rights, which demonstrate that they are committed towards the needs of their employees. Through this, unethical practices within the workplace, such as discrimination in human resource management and employee relationship processes will be prevented.
Responsible business practices within the hotel industry are depicted by collaboration between hotel groups and non-governmental organizations, such as Greenpeace and Oxfam to promote environmental sustainability and socio-economic wellbeing in the society. Global hotel groups should also work with communities within which they operate in the implementation of social, cultural and economic initiatives in order to demonstrate their commitment towards responsible business practices. This includes working with community groups, such as churches, learning groups and health care organizations to promote social growth and wellbeing, economic development, education and health. This recommendation is based on the importance of such initiatives in helping a hotel group to demonstrate how it is different from other hotel companies, leading to an increase in performance within the competitive hotel industry and market.
Companies within the hotel industry should also align their corporate social responsibility initiatives and programs with their operational policies and corporate culture. This is important in ensuring that all operations, such as production, distribution, sale and delivery of hotel and spa services to consumers are environmentally sound. Incorporating corporate social responsibility into organization culture entails the implementation of effective leadership, which will influence employees across all sectors of the supply chain to adopt and implement sustainable practices, such as green marketing and production.

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