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Essay: e-Business and Internet banking services

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The literature review will address three research areas related to e-Business and Internet banking services. In the first section, research studies related to the basic concept of e-Commerce and e-Business will be addressed. It explains the type of e-Business models and framework of e-Business. The second section will focus on the review of research studies related to research problems and e-Banking services in India.The third section outlines various factors that affect customer??s perceptions towards e-Transaction services of SBI and ICICI.
The Indian businesses are facing tough competition in the global markets due to liberalization of the economy. In the new millennium, the e-Business has rapidly changed the trends of business environments worldwide by changing the consumer view and shape of markets It has reduced costs and improved services and customer relationship management. The e-Business applications are divided into three major categories such as e-Commerce, e-Procurements and e-Collaboration. There are numerous applications of e-Business. The major applications of e-Commerce are e-banking, e-tailing, e-marketing and e-advertising, e-auctions, e-publishing, e-Learning and e-Booking. However, for the study purpose, the researcher is focusing only e- Transaction banking services. The Internet technology has significant role and benefits for shaping e-Marketing, e-Business and e-Commerce trades. The internet technology has globally transformed and still transforming the rules and regulations of old fashion business. The e-Business still requires attracting customer attention, developing relationship, building trust, and offering satisfaction. The commitment of customer service quality and relationship over internet seem to be different as compared to old fashioned personal relationship and hence require special attention to pay.
The e-Commerce and e-Business are two different terms interrelated to each other, so it is important to understand the difference between these two broad terms. The e-Business is a broader term of e-Commerce and this can be understood from the following definitions.
E-Commerce: It is often simply referred to buying and selling products and services using the Internet. However, e-Commerce includes both financial and informational electronically mediated transactions between an organization and any third party it deals with (Chaffey, 2004). This includes non-financial transactions such as customer support enquiries about products and orders are also considered to be part of e-Commerce. For the Airline Company, e-Commerce activities would include customers checking for flight times and availability, online ordering, enquiries about tickets and baggage, and also the company buying online services (Chaffey & Wood, 2005, p.44).

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